5 Charts Every Retailer Should Be Looking At


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Retailers use data to make critical decision every day. But is the information being presented in the most effective format? Are there hidden sources of data retailers could be using or even new ways of analyzing existing sources? This presentation walks through five charts that every data driven retailer should have on their radar, including:

• Category Comparison
• Neighborhood Demographics
• Planogram
• Shrinkage Analysis

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5 Charts Every Retailer Should Be Looking At

  1. 1. 5 Charts Every Retailer Should Be Looking At
  2. 2. Category SMALL MULTIPLE Chart 1 Regional Sales
  3. 3. Small Multiples help you quickly COMPARE MANY ITEMS AT A GLANCE 1 Product Category Performance Store by Store, Region by Region Comparison High Sales, but Low Margins?
  4. 4. Why it WORKS 1 Sales Many DISCRETE things listed and easily COMPARED VERTICALLY…
  5. 5. …as well as HORIZONTALLY… Why it WORKS 1 Regional Sales
  6. 6. Why it WORKS 1 Regional Sales …even using an additional METRIC Regional Sales
  7. 7. Neighborhood DEMOGRAPHICS MAP 2 Store Location Public Transit Hub Public Transit Hub
  8. 8. Mapping the demographics surrounding your retail locations REVEALS THE LAY OF THE LAND 2 Unexpected Customer Base Hidden Boundaries Advertising Opportunities
  9. 9. Why it WORKS 2 Clear picture of your LOCAL and IMMEDIATE market Store Location
  10. 10. Why it WORKS 2 SEE how physical distance to your location is or isn’t a barrier to your location Store Location Public Transit Hub Public Transit Hub
  11. 11. Why it WORKS 2 SPOT potential COMPETITOR markets Store Location ?
  12. 12. Shelf PLANOGRAM 3
  13. 13. Planograms let you understand the EFFECTIVENESS OF PRODUCT PLACEMENT AND INVENTORY. 3 Adjust Product Mix Out of Stock or Out of Place? Shelf Location is Everything
  14. 14. Why it WORKS 3  KNOW when items are popular, FASTER
  15. 15. Why it WORKS 3 LEARN your customer’s preferences ? ?
  16. 16. SEE which items are historically best sellers vs. chronically taking up space Why it WORKS 3
  17. 17. Shrinkage HEATMAP 4 Store Layout
  18. 18. Pinpoint WHERE ITEMS GO MISSING and help show potential SECURITY BLIND SPOTS. 4 Adjust Surveillance Patterns Relocate Easily Pocketed Items Targeted Items or Opportunity Theft?
  19. 19. Why it WORKS 4 SEE DIVERSITY & FREQUENCY of store theft quickly Store Layout
  20. 20. Store Layout Why it WORKS 4 Work to address shrinkage from a DEPARTMENTAL approach Electronics Shoes Groceries
  21. 21. Why it WORKS 4 Understand the HISTORICAL TRENDS of total theft at a location Unit Theft Over Time
  22. 22. Store METRICS on MOBILE Devices 5
  23. 23. Store managers MAKE DECISIONS ON THE FLOOR, not in front of computers. 5 Confer with employees while also checking the numbers. Delivery question on the loading dock? Answer it. Continually seem to be selling out of a name brand product? Check to see if that’s true.
  24. 24. Why it WORKS 5 COMPARE what the data says to what you see on the shelves
  25. 25. Why it WORKS 5 Your store’s performance overview is never more than a TOUCH away
  26. 26. Why it WORKS 5 Get to GRANULAR details when you need them
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