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7 Trends in the Cloud

Cloud computing is becoming the norm. People are no longer asking why they should go to the cloud. Instead, we hear customers asking insight on what’s working and what they should be thinking about.

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7 Trends in the Cloud

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  3. 3. ?£:3.A‘I'; : l: I‘ I; Ii Ii 2"’ . - . ~l _ I? » J‘ Igl‘ , l One of the biggest changes emerging in the cloud market is the attitude of IT. Successful cloud applications such as Salesforce and Workday. and cloud infrastructure leaders like Amazon. gained early traction with business groups looking to bypass IT roadblocks. Today however. IT is often the chief sponsor of transitioning to the cloud. Why? Well. the single most important consideration for IT when talking cloud is security And this change rnearis that IT is getting more comfortable with cloud security. Cloud vendors can provide 24/7 support. scale. and test and apply patches quickly. That‘s harder for internal IT departments to support. Oncv they get comfortable with security in the cloud, IT departments start to take advantage of the opportunity to get out of the business of setting up and maintaining physical hardware. instead they get to focus on larger strategic initiatives like prototyping cloud data ecosystems and enabling 5€*II'5&l'V| ct‘! analytics within than organizations For men. see this excellent article in Wired by Peter Kmlzman: I'I’OorisilnerizzttovI. T|Ie chad. and'l'teAl| eg! dDeathoftheGt0.
  4. 4. |n the ear| y day5_ cloud ana| yfic5 was for cloud A5 organizations adopt a hybrid data architecture. they are demanding that analytics . I I - - f I r vendors support both cloud data and on-premises data Cloud services like Burst and data New C oud ana ytlcs '5 or a‘ you data Tableau Online offer advantages when connecting to data in the cloud. but also allow you no matter where it “Ve5- to work with critical ontpremlses data For more. no Daumaml: mucking tho Rapld Rm In Cloud Analytics.
  5. 5. With more vendors offering software that spins Whil~Ih« !7‘ir! [lc! b_3'HlI»J! ' : H‘ll’tr1dllll| ‘~U<IllDl| (1fUVP Vl| lLlc1lm. —l: :l1lil>r‘: ‘stillf&1llHEI‘IU’r~i ri'sl(>m~: 'i up easuy on virtual machines in the Cloud the hosted -anvlionmenls otlarrcl by lnliaslruclure—as—a—¥-err/ li: e players olfra: an attractrw _ _. _ ' . -ill-; -rrialiv-:10 btrulflg up [JNy5l"; l‘ servers ‘ in house infrastructure :5 increasingly in the cloud as well‘ For trgui-es. see Gartnerl Thomas Batman: some Perspective onthe Expiosion ol VMI In the Cloud.
  6. 6. Platform prices keep dropping, like rain from the sky. Barely a quarter goes by without an announce- ment of lower prices from the major cloud platform vendors. - In May. Google Cloud Platform announced price redtictioris of 5%- 30% - In Decernber Amazon Wet) Services annouriced reduced rates tor data transler - In September. Microsoft reduced prices tor several Azure services At this point in the industry lite cycle. a stamer irrg amount of computing power is coming online. at lower and lower prices. This otters .3 great tradeofl to companies leveraging the cloud, New products also offer oipnortunities to save money For example. Goggles Preemptitile VMS give you a better price tor | obs that run on Google's schedule. not yours. Likewise. Amazon Web Services‘ acquisition 0! startup Clusterk‘ bodes well for companies that like to use EC? Spot instances (unused AWS compute resources that can be bid on below market price) since the fledgling tech company helps streamline resource usage. For further reading, sue Business Insider: This one Chart Show: The Vicious Price War Going On In Cloud Computing.
  7. 7. ‘: l=li‘I: it . t'; ‘=L'<li'li . iii Ii. .‘i-it riifllt . l » . _ '“'r. ':«ii"; :'e The cloud is in an extremely creative period. New services are coming online all the time. and fast~moving customers can gain incredible advantage. But as in any pet ind rrl creativity. thew ix ; itsi. niestriii: tioii Sinattwr <It)l'HlI-cillltfb will latter as the market conscilidat>: :s. . The '. v-saith of olierrngs trom the pialfor m vendcirs will | |kt‘. NlSr‘r be ratiorialized Luckily. one oi the main advantages ol the cloud is its st: -in—Lip. SDIHAUDV-‘I1 nature This will ultirriateiy come to the rescue of customers Over time. as with every great wave of ln| '?O‘v/ ¢1tiOl1.W't? Ii st -: zar ly adopters convr. -rgie on winning solutions. and the orirly nuiority will llock to those. Forbes noentiy published a list ottbe top 100 cloud star-tum according to a Mon2yTtee report.
  8. 8. ‘fliwlx : I: ll f‘ | l|‘, Il'~‘1 . . In the last age of enterprlse software. an employee's adentlty lived in ActlveDirectory. As data and applications move to the cloud. so will identity. Orgemlzatlons wall 5>i‘>3 Slngle Sign On (530) as a critical component of cloud servlces. lo avucd having employees need to srgn on in rnultlple places ln the course of one wot kllow ldentlty as-a-sen vlczas conlparne-: . llke Ping. Okla and Of]-‘: ‘L0gll‘l ans pushing forward products that pvovld. =.- SSO across appllcatlons. both cloud and on rnenvlse. wlth r: redentlal<. » 510465 In the cloud. For more. read CRN: when Identity Access Mlnngment Fhtfonns nun‘! Rudy hr the Cloud.
  9. 9. Ii i i ; >'. ‘l''’ 3-! ‘~‘l i i ic- I if: :-"I : “-T I I ‘*1? ll‘ . “- l’. ’..7’-. it‘3| Building a data fortress used to be the go-to model for companies trying to do analytics. but cloud infrastructure solutions have introduced a wholly different approach. lr1'. «'. -.= ;ii't<. ifa-, . "igl-A riaminotli ': ySlHT -. l>‘. .Hlgll‘él, l to t: -nth stole . —il'i(| prone-: .«« ilsita. t'| uil~. l options r-. r;w let da: arI:5l-:1»: - apart lroni compute lr. ‘SDU[CF: S l-: ir {‘_-Pnfiliffi on the dollar Tn-: ~ lTle! ¢IllS at the flip ul (I '; it'/ Il_l2l1. >, "lr. ’ll the must iriassive of data iisezets r an lyr: inuverl intn ll| _U_h'COl'T1pl. |lf. ‘ dataprocresslng [: Ilpr3llHES loi everythirlg lrom data clis. cover'y to the tteaviesl of data transformation lutis Cornpuiiies ni_r. v get to Cllflot-E wlieri they '-‘/ dtll to pay high: -i pi ice pier-bytv costs for U1Cll data and for how long For more. see Werner Votel. the cm oflmann. an All Things Dlstrbuted: Observations on the Importance cl cloud-based Analytics.
  10. 10. About Tableau ant ‘. ‘lri‘ 'illil7, ll ; ‘: rin nil‘: ' rw l-i ‘. ~ l_l 1‘ l: i: 1 t‘/ »". ‘l“ ‘l r i. l:l-: -——t*. l--: I: -J: -' . <‘ l See how Tableau Online can help your organization. :ilnwww. !nbtaau. com/ trlnll ~'»l‘l' 3.‘ " '~~'lN'l A . .-. .. ll . g.t. n.l . An. ‘ Dun. Ill ~¢*++ bl - -++. ,_ a ecu