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Personalizing Customer Engagements Through Smarter Analytics And Omni-Channel Driven Marketing In Asia

How to leverage the 3 pillars of omni-channel marketing; mobile, social and online!

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Personalizing Customer Engagements Through Smarter Analytics And Omni-Channel Driven Marketing In Asia

  1. 1. Intelligent Customer Engagement™ Suite Personalising Customer Engagements through Smarter Analytics and Omni-Channel Driven Marketing in Asia Presenter Name: Anant Choubey and Aurelia Leopold Date: 20th June, 2014 Right Channel, Right Message. Right Now
  2. 2. Single Customer View Intelligent Data Capture Intelligent Customer View Intelligent Campaigns Let’s quickly recap - Foundations of ICE 20 June, 2014 Intelligent Customer Engagement
  3. 3. 2 Intelligent Data Capture • InStore • InTouch • Social Connect Single Customer View • Conquest RDBMS • Conquest Query Intelligent Customer View • Customer Intelligence • Life Cycle Marketer Intelligent Campaigns • InStore • InTouch Foundation contents
  4. 4. POS Integration Intelligent Data Capture 20 June, 2014 Social Media Paper Based SM S £ $ Map Transactions to Individuals Reward Schemes Clienteling Record Matching
  5. 5. Single Customer View 20 June, 2014 Multiple Data Types, Sources & Formats Customer Records Sales/ POS History Product Master Campaign History Other data that might help identify & predict customer behaviour Transfer Hosting Mapping Health Check Cleansing Consolidation Meta-data ReportingSecurity Integrated single view of all files in one optimised data model De-duplicationManagement
  6. 6. Intelligent Customer View - Analysis 20 June, 2014 Lapsation Cluster Lifecycle Campaign Performance Customer Lifecycle & Loyalty Channel Performance & Basket Analysis RFM & DashboardsLatencyDrop Rate Product Life Cycle Segmentation Repeat Purchase Profile, Cross Selling
  7. 7. Intelligent Campaigns 20 June, 2014 ROI Projections Predicted and Forecasted Conversion Rates Frequency Campaigns Email, SMS & Direct Mail Social Media Real-time Clientelling Offers Data CaptureResults Integration PrioritisationRecommendations Real-time Offers at POS
  8. 8. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Customer Buying Journey Inspire • Photos • Recommend ations • Sales Focus • Search & browses • Reviews • Availability Locate • Store locations • Hours • In stock Obtain • Locate store • Find sizes • Variations Evaluate • Price comparison • Reviews • Detailed information Act • Save • Buy • Abandon • Share
  9. 9. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Decision Influencers Information from the brand (adverts, sales people, promotions, events) Get information by themselves (friends, family, reviews) Before
  10. 10. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Decision Influencers Information from the brand (adverts, sales people, promotions, events) Get information by themselves (friends, family, reviews) Today
  11. 11. Private and Confidential 8/11/201 4 10 Customer Buying Journey Take another look Inspire • Photos • Recommendations • Sales Focus • Search & browses • Reviews • Availability Locate • Store locations • Hours • In stock Obtain • Locate store • Find sizes • Variations Evaluate • Price comparison • Reviews • Detailed information Act • Save • Buy • Abandon • Share As consumers increasingly prize the opinions of friends and family, it is important to monitor and understand the pulse of various channels like social media, digital communities and mobile footprint
  12. 12. Let’s go to where It all starts Private and Confidential 6/20/2014
  13. 13. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 •Intelligent data capture •Single customer view •Intelligent analytics •Intelligent campaigns •Personalized customer experiences •Increased loyalty •Additional sales •Increased engagement •Higher customer satisfaction What bridges the gap? An Omni-channel Customer Company Intelligent Customer Engagement
  14. 14. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Three pillars of Omnichannel marketing Mobile Social Online Get them right to get your right customers Store
  15. 15. Mobile Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 1
  16. 16. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 • Smartphone users to grow by 25% in 2014 (as compared to 2013) • 57% of users wont recommend companies with poor mobile site • SMS coupons are redeemed 8 times more than emailed offers • 59% people find mobile search ads useful Why Mobile – What Asian statistics speak
  17. 17. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Let’s take an example: How mobile intelligence facilitates real time personalization By following a 3-tier algorithms, you can find the right customer to target with the right promotions at the right time and place so that your costs are minimized and your customers’ delight are maximized! RELEVANCE RATING POPULARITY RATING MAPPING THE RIGHT LOCATION AND TIME
  18. 18. Social Media Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 2
  19. 19. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 • Over 52.2% of the world’s social media population is from the APAC • 92% marketers say their social media efforts have generated more exposure for their brands • Visual assets will be the key to customers’ minds - 70% marketers geared to use more memes, videos and infographics • In 2013, 52% of marketers acquired customers from facebook, 36% from Twitter and 43% from LinkedIn Why Social - What Asian statistics speak
  20. 20. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 How can you leverage Social Media to your advantage? Connectstore&social media Instore Recommendations Targeted Campaigns Instant Rewards Monetizeyoursocial base Viral referrals Loyalty displaysPlan right investments Socialengagement platform Realtime engagement Location based engagement Generate constructive engagement Conversation Suite Single platform Single click. Multiple channels Save time, cost and effort
  21. 21. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Here’s How: A day in your brand’s social media life Understand when your target customers visit you on social media Post an offer/ details on new feature at the right time Your customer likes the post but leaves no comment or message Wait for a day to give them time to respond After 24hrs, send them personalized message on their wall giving more details on the offer/ new feature Customer likes the personalized interaction Makes use of the offer / tries the new feature Shares her experience with her friends with #yourbrandname Your social media engagement just earned you satisfaction of an existing customer along with some new ones
  22. 22. Online - Ecommerce Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 3
  23. 23. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 • 36.5% of worldwide B2C ecommerce sales will come from Asia-pacific in 2014; this is expected to reach 39.7% by 2016 • Estimated ecommerce sales in Asia-pacific is $525.2 Bn in 2014 and is expected to increase to $1052.9Bn by 2017 • Multichannel selling bring big returns • Mcommerce traffic will take over ecommerce this year • And BTW – China is the greatest online spender! Why Online – What Asian statistics speak
  24. 24. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 • Combine globalized product offerings with localized selling experiences • Make your business mobile payment friendly • Go omnichannel by merging the data on your customers from all your touch points • If not doing already – engage at realtime (with relevant messages) with your customers online • Personalize digital experiences by leveraging intelligent customer engagement How can you leverage the world of Online to your advantage?
  25. 25. Okay so I’ve said a lot. What is the one thing you need to know at the end of the day? Private and Confidential 6/20/2014
  26. 26. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Mobile Social Online Great customer experiences! An Omni-channel to better engage with customers is a must have for your business today Store
  27. 27. The Future of Retail: Experiences and Relationships What it was Transaction Based Silo-ed Cumbersome – Paper Based Bulk Messaging No Feedback No Virality Shoppers Yesterday With customers evolving every day, Shopper Engagement needs to shift to cater better to their needs, create incredible experience and build deeper relationships Or Or What it will be Relationship/Li fecycle Based Closed Loop –tracking external interactions, feedback and social Listening Personalized Seamlessly Omni- Channel Easy Transaction Across Multiple Channels Easy to Share Experiences, Preferences, etc Shoppers Today 6/20/2014Private & Confidential
  28. 28. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 • Identify how you can improve your offerings • Confirm if your strengths are actually what you think they are • Understand what should be included, excluded, emphasized, and/or de-emphasized from the upcoming marketing material • Social media (especially Twitter) is an ocean of sentiment data • And obviously – to make customers more loyal to your brand! Why Customer Sentiment and Satisfaction Analysis Matters
  29. 29. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Net Promoter Scores is a starting point! •Maps loyalty form a single question •Simple to execute, measure and analyze •Quick follow ups possible •Enable you to strategize more relevantly
  30. 30. Make it All Happen With Big Data 6/20/2014Private & Confidential
  31. 31. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 • Make sure you are staring at the right metrics • Map where your customers are visiting from – mobile, tablets or PCs • Use big data to acquire more customers, up-sell to existing ones, and increase the retention • Your analytics should be – Simple – Accurate – Actionable – Yours! Digital Analytics
  32. 32. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 I’ll just do that with Google Analytics, Microsoft Excel and those spare hours I always have on Friday afternoon! … Yeah Right!
  33. 33. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Here is how it would work True power of analytics comes from integrating internal and external data footprints Analyze what your customers buy, from where and what time from your data Track their social media footprint with the help of a GA or Hootsuite You see that your customer is talking about her new favorite song Merge this insight with your existing pool of insights Send a ringtone offer to your customer Watch the customer delight increase and her sharing the experience wit her friends online
  34. 34. You have all the data and have done your analysis Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Now what?
  35. 35. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Right Product Right Customer Right Offer Right Channel Right Time By integrating the unstructured insights you gleaned from your data, better decisions can be made on what to offer, when and to whom, based on probabilistic assessments of offer options, and affinity
  36. 36. Private and Confidential 6/20/2014 Targeting right customers Brick & MortarE-Commerce Understanding the vertical of the client Stage 1 Stage 2 Stage 3 Stage 4 Organization Order based Visit based Recency Recency of Customers Identifying Bands of Customer Groups based on Recency – further customer segmentation Finding the right to time to target by seeing the behavior of repeat customers/product latency Identifying Best Product for Active customer, Offering for the Customers – Cross sell Right Customer Right Product Right Time Right Offer Stage 5 Customer Group + Best Product + Right Time = Right Offer
  37. 37. Anant Choubey Vice President, Asia-Pacific +65 (9005) 7483 25-01,OCBC Center Chulia Street Singapore – 049513