bba notes imba notes osmania university bba ou notes principles of management mba notes be notes ou notes ou bba notes pom notes ou business economics notes ppt of principles of management pom material i sem bba hrm business environment business environment notes ou imba notes reverse logistics. international logistics 4pl 3pl logistics in maximizing profitability and cash flo development of integrated logistics strategy developing the logistics organization for effectiv internal and outbound logistics in scm inbound bba iii sem notes human resources management hrm notes economics notes customer profitability retail marketing retail management retail mgt business quiz business law notes unit-2 - 2019-20 batch factors influencing organizational culture porter’s and lawler model of motivation vroom’s expectancy theory mcgregor’s theory-x-theory-y herzberg motivation-hygiene theory alderfer’s erg theory maslow’s need hierarchy theory theories of motivation motivation organizational behaviour marketing notes logistics management hrm osmania university hrm notes ppt on hrm himalayan 750 cc 700 cc 500 cc electra x thunderbird bobber bullet royal enfield history of ads technology skills forecasting skills training and mentoring skills planning for major customers need for sales organizations sales organization skills for sales managers mba ppt sales management sales management note sales management notes sales management - unit-1 market structures notes osmania notes market positioning price leadership kinked demand curve syndicating in oligopoly oligopoly.featuresof oligopoly price discrimination monopolistic competition monopoly and abnormal profits perfect competition market concept of market structures market structures and pricing general objectives of fiscal public expen taxation budget taxation and expenditure decis union budget - 2021-22 2021 economic survey concept of value added tax direct and indirect taxes present tax environment fiscal policy economic survey& union budget types of regional trading blocs industrial licensing deregulation beginning of p highlights of the lpg policy india’s foreign trade and agreements with tradi india’s foreign trade regional trading blocks globalization and role of wto concept of lpg process of lpg followed in india (lpg) in indian economy globalisation privatisation liberalisation imba - osmania university economies of scope economies and diseconomies to the scale experience curve long run cost curves short run cost curves break even point break even analysis cvp analysis cost classification cost concepts business economics - unit-4 - osmania university economic policies of india notes policies on foreign investment and trade (exim). competition law policy of public sector and its role in the e and mncs role of ssus industrial environment and policy economic policies of india ounotes o notes problems and prospects of indian capital market debt and equity market. secondary components of capital market—primary components of capital market capital market regulatory function of rbi with special reference non-banking and unorganized sector. money market and the role of banking money market and environment. institutions markets elements of indian financial system evolution and structure of indian financial indian financial systems gdp gni per capita income indicators of economic growth macro environment factors micro environment factors agriculture and tertiary sectors. industry investment recent trend in the growth of national incom analysis of india’s national income. economic growth and economic development. business environment and its impact on differ composition and scope of business environment nature business environment and analysis production and cost concepts theory of production business ecenomics ppts demand concepts & elasticity of demand : concept o features of business economics business economics nature and scope concept of opportunities cost- incremental cost- t introduction to business economics-characteristics crm metrics road map (rm) performance: measuring crm performan crm implementation roadmap challenges of crm implementation information technology tools in crm issues and problems in implementing crm crm planning and implementation: crm in mass markets crm in manufacturing sector cu call centers practice of crm: crm in consumer mark crm and marketing strategy crm marketing initiati planning desired outputs relevant issues while pla planning for crm steps in planning building custom web based customer support. customer relationship customer satisfaction measurements enterprise marketing management customer lifetime value. customer experience man customer loyalty customer retention customer acquisition customer centricity customer satisfaction customer expectation crm concepts customer value customer relationship management unit-1 imba osman crm and relationship marketing crm and cost-benefit analysis future trends in crm scope of crm types of crm benefits of crm framework of crm crm process factors responsible for crm growth emergence of crm practice evolution of customer relationship crm-definitio retail audit developing a research methodology human resources and executive information systems retail technology and crm retail management information system and retail re retail managers must continue to motivate their em and online retail categories. standard operating online retailing designing performance programme using strategic resource model in retailing retail operations and e-tailing: store operating and advertising in retailing. micro marketing in retailing direct marketing customer relationship management retail marketing mix strategic positioning retail marketing and advertising retail marketing forecasting and replenishment(cpfr) collaborative planning vendor managed inventory(vmi) supply chain integration supply chain management in retailing merchandise performance merchandise buying process of merchandise planning factors affecting retail merchandising basic an in-store merchandising plan the rights of merchandising layout selection – chief considerations types of store layout significance/importance of store layout three elements of a good design steps involved in choosing a retail location key areas of retail store planning retail merchandising design and layout store planning retailing formats steps involved in developing a r emerging trends in retail trends in retailing history of retailing in india functions of retailing scope of retailing retail strategies. characteristics of retailing retailing formats prospects of retailing in india retailing scenario-india retailing scenario – global definition and scope of retailing risk-return analysis. ************************** ad little. shell international ge diversification strategies. product portfolio anal interactive growth strategies intensive generic product development process. new product models of npd theories of npd product and brand management unit-2 product market business law notes blaw notes transfer of ownership - sale by non-owners and its rules of transfer of property business law unit-3 - sale of goods act 1930 and c retail theories conflict theory and concept of life cycle in retai cyclical theory legal issues in franchising in india. theories of advantages and disadvantages of franchising franchising – types of franchising emergence of malls in india bba - osmania university retail formats and theori reatail management - unit - 2 osmania bba notes fdi in indian retailing. functions and activities of retailing. emergence a characteristics of retailing relevance and trends - introduction to retailing - retailing management - unit - 1 -osmania universit brand management practices. brand equity repositioning strategies and brand loyalty brand positioning product modification and deletion. brand managem packaging product line product mix objectives policy product and branding decisions: product product positioning strategies. target marketing strategies marketing mix bases for segmentation of industrial markets bases for segmentation of consumer markets positioning model targeting stp model of strategic marketing approach- segment career anchors. career planning process of training design designing training programs reasons to conduct management training inside of t factors influencing employee t&d select t&d methods determining training and development needs role of training & development concept of training & development developing human resources hrm - unit-3 notes bba osmania university modi's nep nep modi governement's national education policy national education policy by mr.narendra modi gove national education policy - 2020 integrity attitude sustained perception table manners dining etiquette ending the meeting during the meeting starting the meeting meeting etiquette - before the meeting conference calls telephone etiquettes business communication interaction: listening skills mental rehearsal grooming appearance initial and sustained perception perception equals reality the golden and platinum rules etiquettes for bba and mba students consumer protection councils. rights of consumers consumer dispute restrictive trade practices definition of unfair trade practices 1986 business law unit- 4 - consumer protection act the rules for auction sales sale by non-owners conditions and warranties rules of payment of price rules for delivery of goods rules for transfer of property in goods features of contact of sale of goods 1930 business law unit- 3 - sale of goods act the sale winding up by national company law tribunal (nclt) business law unit-v - winding up of companies mean osmania university notes - bba- 3rd year personal selling and sales promotion unit-4 advertising theories of personal selling. personal selling pro role and importance of personal selling introduction to personal selling achieving organizational effectiveness. organizati organizational effectiveness - indicators of organ morale- concept and types of morale. managing conf distinction between organizational culture and org conflict and effectiveness : concept of organizati : organizational culture chapterisation of project hr projects finance projects marketing projects bba projects hyderabad project guidance for bba students - osmania univer leadership effectiveness. leadership continuum managerial grid william ouchi's theory-z ob - osmania university syllabus images of famous business personalities image quiz new noble degree college business quiz images indian brands logo's rolex logo's logo quiz mba quiz bba quiz bquiz business quiz for bba and mba - 2020. logo's of co contract of sale: essentials of valid sale - sale self responsibility self esteem self management resilience communication personal empowerment interview skills resource management goal setting stress management career management employability skills decision making learning to learn activity based learning problem solving critical thinking creativity self awareness learning skills ex-situ conservation conservation of biodiversity hotspots of biodiversity biodiversity nitrogen cycle and energy cycle oxygen cycle carbon cycle water cycle energy flow in the ecosystem food webs and ecological pyramids food chains consumers and decomposers producers ‘keystone’ species. living/biotic component ecosystem renewable resources non-renewable resources evs environment management - meaning - characteristics - functions introduction to functions of management: managem bases for segmenting industrial markets. target ma bases for segmenting consumer markets target market and product positioning: levels of m market segmentation types of damages. remedies for breach of contract breach of contract modes of discharge of contracts discharge of contracts rules of contingent contracts features of contingent contract contingent contracts rules regarding minor’s agreement. capacity of parties essentials of valid consideration consideration revocation of offer and acceptance essentials of valid acceptance acceptance essentials of a valid offer or rules regarding val kinds of offer proposal or offer classification of contracts essential elements of a valid contract managing conflicts with the subordinates . managing conflict with peers/colleagues managing conflict with the boss how to manage conflicts in an organisation causes of conflict managing conflict achieving organizational effectiveness indicators of organizational effectiveness organizational effectiveness types of morale morale organizational culture the ego states transactional analysis technological aids to decision-making decision-making process group decision-making group cohesiveness factors that influence cohesion determinates of cohesiveness cohesiveness high-performance teams self-managing teams multidisciplinary teams functional work teams work teams informal groups types of groups and teams the development of work teams processes of groups group dynamics organisational behaviour- unit-3-bba- osmania univ managerial grid. theory-z importance of motivation ob notes ob bba perceptual interpretation. perceptual organization perceptual mechanism the perception process factors influencing organizational behaviour/key e teams and team work. participation and empowerment systems theory od models: kurt lewin and burke – litwin models o theories of leadership entrepreneurship leadership style likert’s four styles of leadership leadership styles formal & informal leadership importance of leadership difference between managers & leaders in-store advertising. surrogate advertising covert advertising reasons for advertising types of advertisements factors determining promotional mix promotional mix consumer decision process. adopter categories consumer adoption process reasons for new product failures product development process new product categories npd new product development logistics management notes performance appraisal – methods and needs for perf rewarding human resources marketing marketing research expressive techniques construction techniques completion techniques association techniques projective techniques steps in preparing questionnaire te=to+4tm+tp /6 steps involved in pert calculations pert pessimistic time most likely time optimistic time(t0) estimating activity times program evaluation and review technique procedure jit inventory as an element of customer service inventory policies inventory management in supply chain – role and im creating and managing supplier relations group purchasing reverse auctions e-procurement global sourcing – issues and problems sourcing of material organizational development corporate social responsibility organizational change csr knowledge management talent management tqm total quality management emerging issues in management standing orders industrial disputes industrial relations labour management developing human resources ou bcom notes general notes ed&be enterpreneural development & business ethics pom notes bba 1 sem notes bba notes osmania university marketing basics bba i semester notes bom notes ou basics of marketing human resources good ppt presentation effective powerpoint presentation effective ppt presentation fundamentals of marketing
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