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Published in Technology , News & Politics
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  • 1. Blended Search, Baby !
  • 2. I want hyper information Clicks equal money (dontcha know?) but my patience is precious And If I won’t click for Google… … why would I click for you?
  • 3. I like my Search as I like my coffee: Freshly Blended With some sugar And maybe a biccie It’s the same thing with Google: Thanks for the pic, SEOmoz 
  • 4. gimme gimme gimme Integrated Search Verticals “ Only 19% of search engines users report that they have not clicked a news, image, or video search result within the blended search results. This compares to 35% who have not used vertical search ”, Thanks iProspect for your 2002 – 2008 search surveys!
  • 5. When is she hottest? In Photos? In Books? (yah, right) In Videos (probably) In News? I dunno, I dunno…. and come to think of it, Google… Digg’s kinda got the idea, but not quite… Just deliver all of ‘em and I’ll click the result at the top? Highly ranked digital assets = brand equity
  • 6. Oi! SEOs… Optimise your clients’ digital assets - take an inventory Implement keyword optimisation process and promotion to relevant channels Alternative text for images Descriptions for audio and video files Precise widget titles Flash works! Check all your tags videos, images, podcasts, news releases, blogs, RSS feeds – syndicate! You stand to gain: Multimedia indexing Increased PageRank – traffic – popularity A wider audience whose original intent may not have lead them to you… Increased links back Brand visibility
  • 7. make me a mashup… … .and I might make it my home page Mashup = web app that combines data from more than one source into a single integrated tool
  • 8. Digital Asset Optimisation Dynamise your web environment With And