The Rise of Visual Content Marketing


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Find out why content marketing is important! Why visual content is better? Types of visual content that you can integrate into your marketing strategy, channels to share your visuals, how visual content affects SEO!

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The Rise of Visual Content Marketing

  1. 1. The Rise of Visual Content Marketing -visual-content-marketing/ Back to list 26 Feb2014By Helen Mere in Content Marketing Please consider sharing Every company knows that content marketing is important but if a business wants to be successf ul online, it needs to understand the connection between regularly updated, relevant content and higher traf f ic and user engagement. Most businesses want this to be super easy. They just put up a static website and don’t pay any attention to it f or another year until its time f or updates. Websites don´t work that way. They are like your children you must take care of them all the time! As the world of online marketing is constantly changing, the importance of content f or search and social media marketing has exploded the recent years. This is driving another trend within that sector called visual content marketing. For example there are more than 350 million photos shared on Facebook every day!! By far the most important part of our brains taking in new stimuli is visual. Approximately 65% of the population is visual learners – Mind Tools, 1998 The brain processes visual inf ormation 60,000 times faster than text – 3M Corporation, 2001 90% of inf ormation that comes to the brain is visual – Hyerle, 2000
  2. 2. The rapid acceptance of smartphones, widespread availability of WIFI networks and decreased cost of data uploads are all responsible f or the visual web growth! What this means for marketers? This, of course is a great challenge f or all marketers as there is a need f or new platf orms, inf rastructure and processes to manage it all! However, the visual content gives businesses a chance to be inspiring, engaging and entertaining. This really means, at the basic level, teaching. It is important that your audience understands the inf ormation you are sharing. The consumers often carry out a thorough research to help them make the best decision, of ten considering multiple sources, so you want to influence their decisions. Why is visual content better? Content overload – your audience is drowning in content. Time – your clients don’t have the time to read everything. Sharing – images are more shareable than text. Types of visual content can be integrated into your marketing campaign Comics Memes Inf ographics Photos Videos
  3. 3. Visual note-taking Channels to share your visuals Pinterest – gif s, memes, comics and inf ographics Flickr - images of your events, of f ices, production centres Instagram images, videos Facebook images, memes, comics and inf ographics YouTube - videos Slideshare - PDFs, PowerPoint presentations How will this affect your rankings on Search Engines Let´s look at a competitive search term that you have not been raking f or. Google search page will show you search results that you could probably optimize your site f or. But also there are photos and videos showing which have now become your extra chances of being more visible though these sharing options. Let´s say you sell running shoes. You may never beat Nike or Adidas f or those top results but if you have a video about them in YouTube or images in Instagram then these visuals have a huge potential to be showing on that page 1. These visuals will bring you traf f ic as people’s eyes are more drawn to visual content than text. The big picture There are many websites out there that have great visuals but the written content lacks important inf ormation and vice versa. So ultimately the question is: should a site emphasize one over the other? The answer is No. The two need to support each other and if you don’t get that right then the website will not serve its purpose.
  4. 4. Every website needs to have the f ollowing: In terms of SEO, Google values good customer experience. All the material must be straight to the point, in terms a reader and viewer can understand. Well-written copy and reinforcing visual material are a must. You will def initely get brownie points f rom Google f or getting this right! All essential material must be there – a slogan, tagline or headline, and the old who, what, when, where, why and how. Conversion design- logical and easy navigation so that the customer is able to f ind what they need or want to know. Don’t f orget that the number of mobile users is increasing so you need to make sure your site is mobile-device compatible. Our f avourite platf orm is def initely WordPress! A clear call to action. Conclusion Search engines now rank content based on social sharing and not just your website alone. You can use social media to increase engagement and ultimately inspire viral marketing. The rise of platforms like Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram shows how visual content is becoming an increasingly important f orce f or communication online. The era of visual consumerism has started, make sure you make the most of it! 15 WAYS TO IMPROVE YOUR WEBSITE´S CONVERSION RATE” DOWNLOAD YOUR FREE WHITEPAPER HERE ” Back to list