Increasing the visibility of your construction product website in search engines


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Presentation given by Pritesh Patel at RIBA Insight Consultancy Event in Manchester and London in 2011.

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Increasing the visibility of your construction product website in search engines

  1. 1. Increasing the visibility of your construction product website in search engines RIBA Insight Oct 2011
  2. 2. Q. When you write specifications, which of thefollowing information resources do you use? g y
  3. 3.  Internet searches and manufacturer websites most used sources forinformation
  4. 4.  So Google effectively becomes your homepage. People will use Googleto find you, sometimes even if they know of you already. What will theysee in the results pages? Good news? Bad news? Reviews? Videos?
  5. 5.  Google is constantly evolving. How often do you update your website?
  6. 6.  So if Architects & Specifiers are looking for products, will you be visibleif they do not know of you?
  7. 7. “At any one time you rank #1 or #8 or #40 based onwho is searching, where they search, and whatis happening in the world, country or region orsector”
  8. 8. The Specifier Personalised search means results will vary depending on where theSpecifier is located, previous web history, time spent on other sites andwho they are connected to socially (online)
  9. 9. Google suggestspopular searchterms as youtype your searchphrase. A you h Arevisible for thesesearch terms?
  10. 10. Another popularsearch term?Have you optimisedyour technicalinformation so it cani f tibe easily found viaGoogle?
  11. 11.  Above pie chart shows ‘seo ranking factors’ (source: SEOmoz) andidentifies ‘social metrics’ as a ranking factor. In other words, how manytimes has this web page been shared on Twitter? Facebook? LinkedIn?
  12. 12.  Lots of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’ means this content is valuable which meansGoogle may rank your case study page higher in its search result pages
  13. 13.  Google now includes people within your online network who haveshared content with th i networks. Will this influence what listing the h d t t ith their t k thi i fl h t li ti thArchitects or Specifier clicks on?
  14. 14.  A search for ‘Rainwater Harvesting tanks’ also throws up some brands.Popular brands which Google has identified as a ‘related search’. Is youbrand displayed for y p y your related searches?
  15. 15.  Your marketing efforts should also include trying to get people toGoogle your company. This is where brand awareness comes into play.
  16. 16. Was this the start of an Is this when your PR ad campaign? campaign kicked in? Google Analytics to measure brand awareness by looking at visits toyour website via Google for those who used your company name as asearch term. Does it increase over time. Look at 6 months minimum, 12months or 18 months months.
  17. 17. Your product Use Google Analytics to measure visits from Google for your productnames or type of product. Is it increasing over time? Is this increase dueto an extensive product advertising campaign?
  18. 18.  Build good authoritative links to you website Remember its about website.quality not quantity!!!
  19. 19.  Let your website visitors share your good content with their networks.Google likes content that has been shared with others. This is wheresocial media matters!
  20. 20. Before Optimisation After Optimisation Measure your SEO for ‘non-brand search terms’ and try and increasetraffic to your website for those who do not type in your brand names intoGoogle.
  21. 21. Measure Goals Most importantly, measure your SEO efforts against ‘goals’ or‘outcomes’ such as downloads, enquiries, registrations, subscriptions etc14,322 visits from Google means nothing! But 4.31% of traffic fromGoogle turns into enquiries or data capture means much more.
  22. 22. Summary y SEO is changing fast, no longer just about rankings Use search to drive content. Remember YouTube is 2nd largest searchengine so use video for product demonstrations or installation guidance Social activity is a major part of a search optimisation strategy SEO is not a 1 month activity, it’s forever on-going Create content which people and other businesses will want to link to
  23. 23. Further Reading gWhat is link building and how can I build more links?: [Click Here]Calculating your website’s ‘share of search : [Click Here] website s share search’:How to Create Content Using Search and Google Analytics: [Click Here]Don’t just focus on rankings, focus on quality & conversions: [Click Here]6 tips for optimising your construction product pages: [Click Here]
  24. 24. My Digital Insider TV y g Check out our You Tube channel for more resources!
  25. 25. Social Media Ebook Download our FREE ebook on all things social media JustGoogle for ‘Pauley Creative social media ebook’!