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The Content Strategy Game Plan


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Byron White from Writer's Access describes key steps for developing a content marketing strategy during this BuzzSumo Experts Series Webinar

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The Content Strategy Game Plan

  1. 1. The Content Strategy Game Plan BuzzSumo June 7th, 2017 #ContentStrategy
  2. 2. Byron White CEO, WriterAccess Chair, Content Marketing Conference
  8. 8. CED IS A TEAM SPORT Sales Marketing Customer Service Product/Service
  11. 11. HOW TO CREATE A JOURNEY MAP Discover Investigate Consider TrialPurchase Perceive Connect Recommend
  12. 12. DISCOVERY “Feed my curiosity and thirst for information on a topic I’m interested in”
  13. 13. Will outsourcing writing services deliver the quality I need? Is it affordable? Who are these writers, editors and strategists, and are they qualified? I have had “bad” experiences with competitors or UpWork (bigger providers). How does it work, do I send orders out to the crowd, or work one-to one with writers? Is WriterAccess like an agency? How is it better than an agency? How can WriterAccess help with content? Will these writers have the needed domain experience within my industry and how will they know how to “speak” our corporate language? How dependable are these writers? Can I interview them and work with the same ones on an ongoing basis? Will I own the content or do I have to attribute the writer? How can I be sure my personal/company information remains private when working with one of your writers? Can the writers help me come up with topics? I often run out of great ideas. How can I make sure the copy created by the writers is 100% unique? WriterAccess prospects understand that content is critical for marketing and sales success these days. However, creating all the content needed to achieve marketing goals is challenging. WriterAccess is just one of the solutions customers explore at this stage, and many clients work with agencies that offer creative, design, PPC and/or strategy exclusively, leaving it to customers to create their own content solutions. 14 Discovery Stage Research DISCOVERY STAGE RESEARCH SUMMARY CUSTOMER STATEMENTS AND QUOTES
  14. 14. 15 Discovery Stage Content Assessment CONTENT TOUCH POINTS • Ads • Articles • Posts: Micro Form • Posts: Short Form • Posts: Long Form • Books • Brochures • Case Studies • Catalogs • Emails • Mobile • Newsletters • Postcards • Presentations / Webinars • Press Releases • Product Descriptions • Product / Service Guides • Radio Spots • Speech • Tools • Video • White papers CHANNEL TOUCH POINTS • Blog • Conference (Speaking) • Downloads • Email • Facebook • Instagram • Live Chat • LinkedIn • Media: Paid/Earned • Mobile App • Pinterest • Radio • Snapchat • Tradeshows • TV • Twitter • YouTube • Website CONTENT ASSESSMENT/RECOMMENDATIONS C+ GRADE WriterAccess has a fair volume of content assets available to customers at this stage of the journey. The website was recently re-designed, and the blog content is well organized for customers. The explainer video is to hard to find, but educational for this stage. The resource center is packed with information that certainly would appeal to customers in this stage.
  15. 15. DISCOVERY STAGE TOPICS FOR CONSIDERATION Dos and don’ts of hiring a freelance writer Top 10 pitfalls of content creation platforms you need to know about What are the best freelance writer websites How to vet a freelance writer and make them love you at the same time What to expect when you pay more for writing 4 essentials to make a writing platform work well 10 things to know before outsourcing Guide to hiring freelance talent How to search and find the best writer for a project 10 Reasons to outsource freelance writing rather than hire internally What your freelance writers should know about SEO Testing 1,2,3… Secrets to finding the perfect writers for a project How One Person Operations can scale their business with freelance writers How the WriterAccess workflow saves you tons of time. How to synergize your internal and freelance writing teams 16 Discovery Stage Content Topics
  16. 16. SHARE “My experience on all fronts motivates me to share my experience, recommend X to colleagues and write public reviews supporting the business”
  17. 17. I love my Content Success Manager. How can I put my friend in touch with her? This is a great service. I know so many other people who could use it. I wonder if you are working with my competitor, that bothers me. I don’t want to share. WA is my best kept secret. This content is performing well, and I love the service, I’m going to recommend it to others. I would like my agency to act as a partner with WriterAccess so I may let others know about your platform and in exchange have my agency services displayed. I made wonderful connections at a recent WriterAccess event and left with lots of takeaways. I would like to make sure my friends and colleagues within the industry receive an invitation next time. Will WriterAccess be at X conference so I may meet Byron and my Content Success Manager in person? I would like to include CMC on my list of industry conferences, who do I contact to receive more information regarding the event details? 18 Sharing Stage Customers publically praise the products, service and/or support team, recommending and referring WriterAccess to their friends, colleagues and/or fans in their social sphere. Shares are genuine and unsolicited (without any compensation or benefits), and referral bonuses are paid with the WriterAccess referral program. RESEARCH SUMMARY CUSTOMER STATEMENTS AND QUOTES
  18. 18. 19 CONTENT TOUCH POINTS • Ads • Articles • Posts: Micro Form • Posts: Short Form • Posts: Long Form • Books • Brochures • Case Studies • Catalogs • Emails • Mobile • Newsletters • Postcards • Presentations / Webinars • Press Releases • Product Descriptions • Product / Service Guides • Radio Spots • Speech • Video • White papers CHANNEL TOUCH POINTS • Blog • Conference (Speaking) • Downloads • Email • Facebook • Instagram • Live Chat • LinkedIn • Media: Paid • Media: Earned • Pinterest • Radio • Snapchat • Tradeshows • TV • Twitter • YouTube • Website CONTENT ASSESSMENT/RECOMMENDATIONS A- GRADE WriterAccess customers do share their feedback with public reviews. NPS scores confirm an 89% rating of a 8, 9 or 10 score.. The yearly Content Marketing Conference attracts hundreds of customers that attend and share the experience. Open feedback for talent in the form of recommendations and reviews offers more sharing opportunity of their experience. The referral program is in the midst of change with new features and incentives to share. Sharing Stage Content Assessment
  19. 19. SHARING STAGE TOPICS FOR CONSIDERATION Our secret to making the Inc. 5000 list 3 years in a row Need a free ticket to Content Marketing Conference? Spread the word. Top 10 (Funny) reasons you should refer your friends that need content to WriterAccess The Secret to how we WOW customers with surprise and delight: The WOW Periodic Table Free Template– Create a Customer Journey Map for your Business Free Template– Create a Keyword Map for your business Free Template– Create a Buyer Persona for your business Free Template– Create a Creative Brief for your business Free Content Analytics– How to setup content analytics and track content performance Free Content Planner– Map out your content strategy Case Study: How Susan doubled traffic in 4 months as a one woman band Case Study: Top topics our customers are buzzing about on our Forums New Tools: New topic research tool “all the rage’ by our customers Beta Testers Wanted: Need help with content strategy? Join customers beta testing our new strategy products Why You Should Share the WriterAccess Secret with Your Friends and Fans New Tools: Content grader helps to validate the star rating of the content you purchase 20 Sharing Stage Content Topics
  21. 21. CONTENT TYPES AND THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY Product/ Informational/ Thought Services How To’s Leadership • Discovery X • Awareness X • Trial X • Purchase X • Experience X • Share X
  22. 22. DISTRIBUTION AND THE CUSTOMER JOURNEY Owned Paid Earned • Discovery X • Awareness X • Trial X • Purchase X • Experience X • Share X
  24. 24. DEVELOPING BUYER PERSONAS Take me back to when you made the decision to purchase, what were you thinking?
  26. 26. GOALS
  28. 28. SITUATION Michael explained that he leads a small marketing team at a mid-sized cloud security company, developing the content strategy, creative direction, planning and management of a team that cranks out hundreds of campaigns a year. He recently lost two in-house content creators and asked his assistant to put together a list of the options, based on research on the web and talking to team members for references. MICHAEL’S STORY IN A NUTSHELL • Married • Young Kids • Masters Degree • Suburban • Data Driven • Director • Midwest • Analytical • Informed • Efficient • Straightforward • Innovative • Tradeshow • Research Online • Spend: $2,000/Month • Publishing Daily COMPLEXITY Michael noted that he is super-quality sensitive and looking for writers with similar skills and proficiency to the two writers that left the business. He is not experienced using content creation platforms, but one of his team members has used WriterAccess at another company, managing the process of finding writers, placing orders, and managing the workflow. And love it. Brian’s boss however was old school, looking to hire local people after numerous interviews. SOLUTION Michael did not have time to mess around. He saw we were on the Inc 5000 list 3 times in a row which helped build confidence, and influenced his decision. He searched while in trial mode and found writers with similar skill and proficiency of the writers he was replacing. Within hours of sign up, he received a phone call from a WriterAccess sales rep, that offered a free demo of the platform. He quickly gained confidence the writers work is guaranteed, the platform looked easy to use, and dedicated support that comes with Plus Service would save time, all 100% guaranteed. Michael Director of Marketing We asked Michael: “Take me back to the day you signed up or made the decision, what was going through your mind?”
  29. 29. INTEREST • Arts & Entertainment • Beauty and Fitness • Books & Literature • Sports • Business & Finance • Jobs & Education • Law & Government • Autos & Vehicles • Computers & Electronics • Games • Science • Food & Drink • Health • People & Community • Home and Travel • Hobbies & Leisure • Garden • Travel Michael Director of Marketing TIME ONLINE DAILY • 0-1 Hour • 1-4 Hours • 5 – 10 Hours • 11-15 Hours • 16+ Hours LOCATION • Northeastern • Southeast • Midwest • Southwest • West CAREER STAGE • Entry Level • Professional • Mid-Level Mgmt • Senior Mgmt • Director • C-Level FAMILY STATUS • Single Adult • Married No Kids • Married Kids • Young Children • Teenage Children • Empty Nester EDUCATION • High School • Some College • Bachelors • Masters Various sources combined to create the profile including Michael’s interview, analytics and team member discussions. HOME • Rent • Own URBANICITY • Urban • Suburban • Second City • Town • Rural MICHAEL’S STORY
  30. 30. BEHAVIOR AND INFLUENCERS PURCHASING INFLUENCES • Ads • Re-marketing • Explainer Video • Tradeshows • Downloads • Webinars • Podcasts • Research Online • Product Demo • Service Demo • Proposal EXTERNAL INFLUENCES • Friends • Online Reviews • Thought Leaders • Strategic Partners • Advisory Board • News • Blogs • Trade Shows Michael Director of Marketing ENGAGEMENT STYLE • Phone • Email • LinkedIn • Facebook TOP BEHAVIORS • Data Driven • Demanding • Informed • Independent • Fast Talking • Slow Talking • Dependable • Time Sensitive • Audience Loving • Skeptical • Efficient • Straightforward • Creative VALUES • Predictable OR Innovative • Analytical OR Emotional • Directness OR Storytelling • Twitter • Live Chat • Help Desk Tickets The customer service team members provided information about Michael’s behaviors and influencers.
  31. 31. PUBLISHING FREQUENCY • Daily • Weekly • Monthly PUBLISHING CHANNELS • Blog • Conference • Facebook • Instagram • LinkedIn • Live Chat • Media: Paid • Media: Earned • Pinterest • Radio • Snapchat • Tradeshows • TV • Twitter • YouTube • Website TYPES OF CONTENT ASSETS PURCHASED • Ads • Articles • Books • Brochures • Catalogs • Emails • Guides • Mobile CONTENT TACTICS • AB Testing • SEO • Clickbait • Internal Link • Image • Optimization • Personalization SALES BLUEPRINT Michael Director of Marketing INHOUSE TEAM • Account Manager • Animator • Analyst • Copywriter • Chief Content Officer • Content Strategist • Designer • Newsletters • Presentation • Press Releases • Product Descriptions • Radio Spots • Speech • Video Scripts • White papers • Director of Marketing • Editor • LPO Specialist • Lead Gen Specialist • SEO Specialist • Writer • UX Professional The sales team members provided information about the blueprint that was created for Michael over time. SPEND $/MONTH • < $500 • $1,000-$2,000 • $2,000 - $5,000 • $5,000+
  32. 32. Discovery Investigation Consideration TrialPurchase Perception Connection Sharing CUSTOMER JOURNEY Michael Director of Marketing Marketing, sales and customers service conclude Michael’s active in the following stages of the customer journey.
  33. 33. FORMATS • Analogies • Bullet Points • Interview • Links • Metaphors • Quotes • Subheads • Images/Captions STYLE • Action • Authoritative • Basic • Casual • Common Speak • Conservative • Conversational • Creative • Descriptive • Elaborative • Enthusiastic • Humorous • Impressional • Informal • Inspirational • Instructional • Journalistic • Judicious • Laconic • Light • Neutral • No Fluff • Objective • Ornate • Personal • Persuasive • Playful • Sincere • Whimsical • Witty/Funny • Witty/Smart TONE • Business Formal • Business Casual • Journalistic • Everyday Formal • Everyday Informal CREATIVE BRIEF Michael Director of Marketing COMPREHENSION LEVEL • General • Knowledgeable • Specialist • Academic • Genius OBJECTIVE • Inform/Educate • Motivate to Purchase • Engage and Entertain We reviewed Michael’s orders at WriterAccess, including the creative briefs, requirements and specifications. READABILITY LEVEL • < Grade 9 • Grade 10-12 • Grade 13-16 • Grade 17-18 • Grade 18+
  34. 34. BUYER PERSONA SUMMARY AND TIPS • Analytics: Discover content source of traffic and navigational pathways. • Search Box: Track what prospects are looking for and how they find it. • Surveys: Ask for feedback on your content, navigation and methodology. • Help Requests: Review help desk tickets to find the pain points. • Demographics: Dig for the personal information about customer.
  37. 37. KEYWORD MAP
  41. 41. KEYWORD SILO
  44. 44.
  45. 45. THANKS