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Plan b 3.0 preface slides
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Plan b 3.0 preface slides



Published in News & Politics , Technology
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  • 1. Note: This video series can easily be downloaded and turned into mp3’s for studying on your IPod.Watch the description this vid for link to powerpoint
  • 2. “Lester Brown tells us how to build a more just world and savethe planet . . . in a practical, straightforward way. We should allheed his advice.”
    —President Bill Clinton
  • 3. Contents
    1. Entering a New WorldI. A CIVILIZATION IN TROUBLE
    2. Deteriorating Oil and Food Security
    3. Rising Temperatures and Rising Seas
    4. Emerging Water Shortages
    5. Natural Systems Under Stress
    6. Early Signs of Decline
    8. Restoring the Earth
    7. Eradicating Poverty, Stabilizing Population
    9. Feeding Eight Billion Well
    10. Designing Cities for People
    11. Raising Energy Efficiency
    12. Turning to Renewable EnergyIII. AN EXCITING NEW OPTION
    13. The Great Mobilization
  • 4. Preface
    Mobilizing to save civilization
    Failing states early sign of failing civilization
    Peak Oil
    Grain now pegged to the price of oil
    Grain production now falling below world use
    Peak Everything
    2030 China will be consuming twice todays world
    Throw away society won’t work anymore
  • 5. The challenge of our generation is a renewable economy
    Powered largely by renewable sources of energy
    Has a highly diversified transport system
    reuses and recycles everything.
    And to do it with unprecedented speed.
  • 6. Four Overriding Goals in Plan B 3.0
    Stabilizing climate
    Stabilizing population
    Eradicating poverty
    Restoring the earth's ecosystems
  • 7. Heart of the climate-stabilizing initiative
    Cut carbon dioxide emissions 80 percent by 2020
    Raising energy efficiency
    developing renewable sources of energy
    expanding the earth's forest cover both by
    banning deforestation
    planting billions of trees to sequester carbon
  • 8. Can we phase out coal-fired power plants before the melting of the Greenland ice sheet becomes irreversible?
    Can we gather the political will to halt deforestation in the Amazon before its growing vulnerability to fire takes it to the point of no return?
    Can we help countries stabilize population before they become failing states?
    We are in a race between tipping points in nature and our political systems
  • 9. We have the technologies to restructure the world energy economy and stabilize climate.
    The challenge now is to build the political will to do so.
    To not use extreme measures in the face of extreme danger is insane, sub-human. Start Loving.
  • 10. The challenge of our generation is a renewable economy
    We all depend on the same grain, same resources
    Reuse and Recycle Everything
    Plan A is destroying the economic supports
  • 11. Plan B 3.0
    Stabilizing Climate
    Stabilizing Population
    Eradicating Poverty
    Restoring Eco Systems
  • 12. Cut carbon dioxide by 80% by 2020
  • 13. Climate Initiative
    Raise efficiency
    Renewable energy
    Restore forests
  • 14. Race between tipping points
    Phasing out coal plants or do glaciers melt first
    Can we raise the political will in time
    Can we stabilize population before too late
  • 15. Slight hope – Citizens are stopping US coal plants
    Needs to expand
    Needs to phase out existing plants
  • 16. Wind power
    Scale is expanding
    Texas is leading the wind farm expansions
    23 coal plants equivalent
    Plug in hybrids now coming to markets
    We have the technology
    We need to raise the will
  • 17. If you don’t study, learn, and spread Plan B 3.0… Why?
  • 18. www.earthpolicy.org