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Social Selling by Nurturing - Your Personal Brand & Professional Network

Social Selling by Nurturing - Your Personal Brand & Professional Network



Social Biz Atlanta 2013 presentation by Nimble founder Jon Ferrara

Social Biz Atlanta 2013 presentation by Nimble founder Jon Ferrara



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    Social Selling by Nurturing - Your Personal Brand & Professional Network Social Selling by Nurturing - Your Personal Brand & Professional Network Presentation Transcript

    • Social Relationships Made Easy™ Social Selling by NurturingYour Personal Brand & Professional Network Jon Ferrara | CEO Nimble, Inc.
    • ProfessionalNetworking
    • The First CRM?
    • The First CRM?
    • Door to Door Salesman
    • Day Timer
    • While You Were Out
    • Sales Forecast
    • • Company Founded on $3,000 • Zero funding - Bank, VC, Seed, Angel • No Marketing Dept. for 1st Five Years • #1 Rated Product for 10 Years • 2 Million Users Worldwide • 5,000 VARS • 500+ Third Party Apps • DefinedThe Roots of SFA/CRM
    • Take time for family
    • Swimming the Social River
    • People walls say who they
    • Our contacts, communications and activitiesare scattered all over the place
    • Contacts
    • Calendar/Activities
    • Email
    • Twitter
    • Facebook
    • LinkedIn
    • Google+
    • Foursquare
    • Pinterest
    • Social Listening Platforms
    • Social Listening Platforms
    • Who Can Work This Way? I Can Not. Can You?
    • CRM Systems
    • Before: Today:Some data. All your data. Manually. Automatically.
    • The Old Sales 1.0 Process• Identify prospect• Do homework• Send Email/Cold Call on Phone• Schedule Meeting• Ask Questions to determine BANT• Educate on Products/Services• Close Deal
    • CustomerEngagement
    • The New Sales 2.0• Customer 2.0 doesn’t need Education Process• With Web 2.0/Social they educate themselves• They Ignore Your Slick Marketing Material• They use Peer Recommendations• They make decisions w/o calling/taking calls• They yell at companies & expect a response
    • Customer 2.0 Expectations• Be Honest, Authentic & Responsible• Understand my business goals• Listen before proposing a solution• Display knowledge of my industry• Be Prepared before any Meeting• Do Your HomeWork!
    • Managing the Customer LifecycleBusinesses need to Acquire and Maintain Customers
    • Is the New Funnel a LifeCycle Loop? Businesses need to Acquire and Retain Customers Confidential 43
    • Professional NetworkReach out to your Community
    • Building Your Personal Brand?Influence is “the capacity to have an effect on the character, development or behavior of someone or something”
    • Why Build Your Brand?• Help your company grow• Grow your existing profession• Connect with other influencers• Protect your reputation• Promote and sell products and services• Find a new career
    • Building Your Brand• Be Relevant• Be Authentic• Be Personal• Support Others• Pay it Forward• Content Attracts• Sustainable Community
    • Personal Branding• Create Your Personal & Business Social Identities• Identify Communities• Listen to Others• Add Value• Educate & Engage• Connect & Nurture
    • Building Your Personal Brand
    • Foursquare
    • Instagram
    • The 5 E’s of Social Business• Educate with Content• Enchant by being Relevant• Engage with Authenticity• Embrace with Intent• Empower Your Customers
    • Educate with Content
    • Content Zite
    • Content Pulse
    • Too Many Notifications
    • The 5 E’s of Social Business
    • Map Social profiles
    • Social Relationship Manager
    • Listen & Engage
    • Listen & Engage
    • Engage Effectively
    • Map Social profiles
    • TrackCommunications
    • Reach out & Connect
    • Listen Carefully
    • Build a Network
    • Grow your Network
    • Nurture your Network
    • Network & Nurture
    • • There are gems in your Social Graph• Listen & Engage• Stay Top of Mind• Nurture Relationships• Mine the nuggets in your network• Build Your Brand
    • Network & Nurture
    • Network & Nurture
    • Network & Nurture
    • Network & Nurture
    • Network & Nurture
    • Don’t forget to pick up the phone or Skype
    • Remember What Mama Taught You
    • Share with others
    • Say Thank You
    • • Check Twitter -in the Morning and Twice Daily Respond when necessary. Follow the @replies that Afternoon make sense.• Check LinkedIn. Reply to emails and comments when appropriate.• Scan Twitter followers for relevant conversations to join.• Check your businesss Facebook Page for questions and respond when necessary.• Scan Google Alerts for brand and company mentions. Respond as
    • Social Relationships Made Easy™ Jon Ferrara - CEO & Founder - Nimble, Inc.