The 3 P's of Avoiding Social CRM Failure


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Slide deck of SugarCRM's Chris Bucholtz at Social Biz Atlanta 2013

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The 3 P's of Avoiding Social CRM Failure

  1. 1. The Three P’s of Avoiding Social CRM Failure Chris Bucholtz @Bucholtz
  2. 2. Schadenfreude n. pleasure derived from the misfortunes of others@Bucholtz
  3. 3. We’re Smack-Dab in the Social Age • Pew Institute Study in December 2012: – 67% of adult Internet users used Social Media Sites – 67% use Facebook – 20% use LinkedIn – 16% use Twitter – 15% use Pinterest – 13% use Instagram – 6% use Tumblr@Bucholtz
  4. 4. Social Age = A Shorter Time To • Success Facebook fans and Twitter followers say Over 50% of they are more likely to buy, recommend than before they were engaged • 44% of consumers said that exposure to technology products in social media positively affects their likelihood of purchase. • 65% of the most successful salespeople believe social media is an integral part of their sales success. • 74% of consumers rely on social networks to guide purchase decisions • 59% of B2B buyers engaged with peers before making buying decisions@Bucholtz
  5. 5. Not what we’rehere to discuss
  6. 6. Social Age = A Shorter Time To • Fiasco Jeep • Burger King • Applebee’s • Wal-Mart • Chrysler • FedEx • American Red Cross • Qantas • United Airlines@Bucholtz
  7. 7. Social Media failures are avoidable@Bucholtz
  8. 8. How? Concentrate on the Three P’s: •Policy •People •Paying Attention@Bucholtz
  9. 9. People • American Red Cross: Employees Tweet about getting drunk after work • Casey Movers: Sales VP threatens a Yelp! Reviewer with legal action • Stubhub: Social media manager Tweets that his job is a “Stubsucking Hellhole” • Kitchenaid: Says horrible things about the president’s dead mother on Twitter@Bucholtz
  10. 10. People • All of CRM starts with hiring • Customers can now contact everyone in your business • Trust is a major part of the SCRM world • Bottom line: why would you hire people you don’t trust?@Bucholtz
  11. 11. Policy • Applebee’s gets pounded after firing a waitress for posting a snarky customer note on Facebook • Club 24 fired an employee for things she said about her bosses on Facebook – and was then sued (and lost) • HMV leaves its Twitter account open to employees who have been laid off. Their next job? Going bananas on Twitter@Bucholtz
  12. 12. Policy • Give your employees a written policy explaining what is and is not permitted on both company and personal accounts • Create internal policies for managing your social media accounts, including password management and account controls@Bucholtz
  13. 13. Pay Attention • Qantas launches its Twitter “#QantasLuxury” campaign during a contentious labor dispute and flight stoppage • FedEx waits to respond to video of a delivery man tossing a monitor over a fence • United broke a guy’s guitar, then ignored him@Bucholtz
  14. 14. Pay Attention • Monitor Social Media • Define and prioritize what’s most important to respond to • Assign people to defined social media tasks • Listen to all your employees for early warning@Bucholtz
  15. 15. How CRM can help • Provides a place to store information you’ve picked up while listening • Allows you to spot trends and take action • Gives you tools to filter social media traffic to find what’s important to you@Bucholtz
  16. 16. SugarCRM Confidential
  17. 17. One last thing: try to be nice • Don’t be intentionally provocative (RyanAir) • Don’t be insensitive (American Apparel) • Don’t prolong problems (Applebee’s)@Bucholtz
  18. 18. CRM for EVERYONE See you in New York for SugarCon 2013!