Mobile strategy for community news and engagement


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Amy Gahran's presentation on how local or regional news and info projects can use mobile technology to engage communities: where to start, what to focus on. For the Knight Community Info Challenge bootcamp, Sept. 24, 2012.

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  • How many are doing something with mobile. \n\nThen pick a couple of them and ask them to do their pitches (we're trying to get a lot of pitch practice in)\n\n\n
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  • This is already true in much of the rest of the world, of course.\n
  • April 2012 BIA/Kelsey research: local search is going mostly mobile\n\nVery important for community projects\n
  • You don’t have time to make mobile an afterthought. \n\nPut it right up front. Lead with it.\n
  • These numbers just out a couple weeks ago from Pew Internet\n\n2/3 US adults under 30 own smartphones\n- nearly 60% of ages 30-49\n\nWho here considered people aged 50 and under to be a key demographic you want to reach?\n\nAnd they are on them all the time.\n\nAre you?\n
  • And while smartphones are cool, mobile isn’t just about smartphones.\n\nText messaging: most popular non-voice activity across all phone types\n- even iPhone users text a lot\n\nJust over half of US handsets in use are not smartphones -- more in underserved communities.\n\nTell Oakland bus story\n
  • Since most of you are starting with new projects, that’s a good thing. \n\nMakes it easier to put mobile first.\n\nHow many of you are already planning for mobile aspects of your project?\n\nIf most of your planning and resources are going into a website meant to be accessed via computer....\n
  • \nBefore long your audience will look like this.\n\n(Look familiar to anyone from the newspaper business?)\n
  • I want to show you why mobile is such a power medium for broadcast and interaction.\n\nThink about everything you use -- AND NEED -- your phone for\n\nThink of everything important or sensitive that’s stored there\n\nThink of how often each day you hold it in your hand.\n\nmaybe it stays on your bedside table at night\n\nNow...\n\nHAND IT TO SOMEONE YOU DON’T KNOW!\n\nDo it!\n\nHow do you feel?\n
  • Serve people well via their phone -- strong relationship building, engagement\n\nFrustrate them, annoy them, keep them waiting and guessing: THEY WILL HATE YOU!\n\nSo be very careful...\n
  • This is how you’ll start to get into the mobile mindset\n\nThis includes signing up for some text alerts, watching videos, getting news, social media, more.\n\nHow many people already use their phones a lot?\n- What do you use it for?\n
  • The phone what everybody will have, everywhere they go.\n\nTablets are really mobile-ish: portable, but moly a sit-down (or lie-back) experience, mostly on wifi.\n\nDON’T BELIEVE ME? Do your own local mobile market research\n
  • So, where do you start with your mobile strategy?\n\nYou need an iphone app, right?\n\n\n
  • NO!!!\n\nExplain: “Native” app\n- platform-specific\n- costs more-hurdles\n\n
  • Apps are really cool for some things. But too often they’re overkill\n\nYou may get there. Some of you definitely will get there.\n\nBut I almost guarantee you that an app is not where you should start with going mobile.\n
  • This is where you want to start: A mobile-friendly website\n\nThis is how looks on a smartphone web browser.\n\nVery action focused\n\nPeople click a link from anywhere, and it launches. They don’t need to find, install or launch anything.\n\nEasier and cheaper to develop. Works on any mobile device.\n\nExplain auto-direct script\n
  • You don’t need to build a native app to deliver really cool, useful functionality\n\n“near me” button triggers OS location permission request\n\nDatabase returns results\n\nNO TYPING!\n
  • This is what the full site of Planned Parenthood looks like. \n\nIf they weren’t mobile friendly, their efforts to serve women would be dead in the water.\n
  • Another big reason you need a mobile-friendly site: People share, and receive, links on mobile devices\n
  • Take out your phones and look up the website of your project or organization.\n
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  • National campaign\n
  • When you sign up, you get these autoresponses\n\nThey also have a way to sign up completely via SMS\n
  • RedOxygen or Textmarks\n
  • Tools: \n- SMS vendor\n- Interactivity toolset:\n- Also available via MobileCommons -- but pricey\n
  • Downside: Twilio doesn’t offer shared shortcodes; handled through regular phone numbers. Could get dicey for larger lists.\n\nMobileCommons does, but it’s pricey\n
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  • Obviously, share mobile-friendly links via social media whenever possible\n\ne-mail needs mobile friendly links too!\n- Give people text-only e-mail option\n\nBut consider Instagram. It’s pretty popular, both Android & iOS.\n\n\n
  • Instagram also connects well with social media, and geotags images.\n\nIf you’re not already using Instagram, you definitely should.\n
  • Not all apps have to be downloaded & installed\n\nAsk yourself: how likely is it that people will only use this once in awhile\n- Or get it via a link from a friend?\n\nWeb app makes sense for those. Here’s one.\n\nThis is how it looks on the full web\n
  • This is how it looks on a smartphone browser\n
  • Just released\n\nThis is where a native app makes sense:\n- Integrates with FB login\n- Stores info offline, built-in newsfeeds, videos\n- Makes it handy for voters to take to the polls, esp. in church basements where mobile data access may stink.\n
  • If you’re going to offer this kind of functionality, you need the security & reliability a native app can offer.\n
  • If you want to have native apps that allow people to do, share, or report stuff, you may not need to build your own.\n\nSeeClickFix issue map, report\n\nYou can also get a custom widget for your site.\n\nTrain community members to use it, tags, etc.\n
  • Reporting forms\n\nSeeClickFix left\nMePorter right\n
  • OK, the “create a comparison graph” function doesn’t quite work in mobile browser right now, but it can.\n
  • How will people find your mobile presence?\n
  • Mobile doesn’t have to be about your whole project. \n\nYou can make special mobile efforts or focused mobile presences\n\nTumblr is great for crowdsourcing or community story sharing. Very mobile friendly\n
  • Google Glasses? Augmented reality is coming\n\nIf that technology looks familiar, well...\n
  • Of course, this is ultimately where mobile is heading.\n
  • Lisa, I didn’t let you down.\n
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  • Mobile strategy for community news and engagement

    1. 1. Mobile Strategies forNews and Engagement
    2. 2. Amy @agahran
    3. 3.
    4. 4. My ZeroDivide white paper:Funding Mobile Strategies for Social Impact
    5. 5. Do you want to have an audience? They’re on their phones!
    6. 6. Mobile is Everywhere!
    7. 7. Mobile is taking over“By 2015, more U.S. internet users will access the Internet throughmobile devices than through PCs or other wireline devices.” IDC, September 2011 forecast
    8. 8. Local search is going mobile
    9. 9. Mobile: Not just smartphones!
    10. 10. Mobile: Core part ofyour digital strategy...Not an afterthought
    11. 11. Dude, where’s my audience?
    12. 12. Take outyour phones!
    13. 13. Mobile is PERSONAL!
    14. 14. I DARE YOU:Try using your phone for EVERYTHING for one week
    15. 15. Smartphones & texting are more important than tablets (for now)
    16. 16. Where do you start?
    17. 17. Mobile-friendlywebsite
    18. 18. Why you need a mobile site
    19. 19. Check out your websiteon your phone
    20. 20. Responsive web
    21. 21. Text alerts & interactivity
    22. 22. SMS services cost $• “Free” SMS services often get blocked by carriers• Twitter fast follow works, but you don’t own the contact list• Reliable SMS vendors with shared shortcode most affordable, reliable place to start
    23. 23. SMS
    24. 24. SMS interactivity tools• SMS & voice interactivity, customization. Huge developer community• Includes SMS and other tools. Comprehensive but very pricey, intended mainly for large orgs/ projects
    25. 25. products
    26. 26.
    27. 27.
    28. 28. Social Media: Instagram
    29. 29. Web
    30. 30. Native app:VotoLatino
    31. 31. Use existing apps forreporting, awareness
    32. 32. Mobile friendly (sort of) data
    33. 33. Mobile doesn’t stand alone. Support it with: • Print/broadcast media (your own and others) • Advertising (from flyers to TV PSAs) • Other websites • Events, trainings, meetings • Business cards, marketing materials
    34. 34. Mobile special
    35. 35. Future of mobile
    36. 36. You will be assimilated
    37. 37. Amy @agahran
    38. 38.