Building Relationships with Social Media


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Today’s SOCIAL consumer wants to work with entrepreneurs and companies who create a powerful and enduring emotional connection – and that requires TRUST.
Building relationships and trust on social media is no different than doing it in person. It is about being your authentic self and then consistently sharing your story (including your values, passions and vision), connecting and listening.
This presentation will share tips, tricks, and truths on how to do all of these things efficiently and intentionally on social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn... with mobile apps infused whenever possible!

Values Exercise Link:

Presented at Carrington Real Estate Services #fuelRE event in Dallas and Houston, TX.

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  • Today’s SOCIAL consumer wants to work with companies who create a powerful and enduring emotional connection – and that requires TRUST. Delivering consistent customer experiences that people want to talk about positively with others takes effort, focus, a strong foundation… and most importantly, it is remembering it is about serving people.We are going to cover FOUR Be’s today… So let’s start with the first BE!
  • Building relationships online is just like in person.Be yourself.Attract people who want to work with you.Do business with them.Do life with them.Do more business with them and their sphere…You get the idea.The issue is that you have to TELL it … not just LIVE it… for people to KNOW it online.So, how do you do that?NSYou share your story.
  • Building relationships online is NOT about selling. It is about sharing, connecting, and listening.We all know that people LOVE to hear stories… But what is YOUR STORY?when we hear this, most of us – freak OUT.I hear – no way, I am NOT a storyteller… no idea how I would even start!To which I reply – you have two ways to tell your story:you do it – every single build a solid foundation (you want this anyway), create exceptional experiences (surely you desire this already), and nurture relationship both online and off… and OTHERS will tell your story for you.Most go for #2 – so that is where we are going to focus today.In the end – what we are seeking is to share (and have our stories shared) to connect with and inspire our world.but do our friends and clients KNOW our story? what are they sharing?Have we armed them with the right words? shared the right information?Where do we start?NSINSPIRE PEOPLE with radical passion
  • Friends and family have CHOICES on who to work with… LOTS OF THEM.So, the new consumer INCLUDING our sphere has made it very clear that they want to be INSPIRED to work with you.They want to KNOW YOU, be delighted by an EXPERIENCE that inspires them to buzz about you online.To engage, inspire, and lead audiences – YOU must have (NS) a solid foundation.
  • There are a few elements I would like to inspire you to reviewFirst is(NS)What is your purpose… your WHY.
  • Define WHY you are in RE. (click to surround WHY)What drives you to do what you do every single day? This is not about money – that’s the reward for work well done.This the fire in your belly. The essence of YOU… and… (NS)What do you get LOST IN? Passion?
  • What do you get lost in?What FIRES YOU UP?Define what you are passionate about and What do you do to add spice to your life? Hobbies? Wine, golf, music???For so long we have focused on gas in the tank… not filling our personal tank!infuse that EVERY DAY.Then…(NS)Define your values and revisit that list every year.
  • Define your values and revisit that list every year. Values (mostly the order) can change… marriage, divorce, babies, layoffs….. illness.Adventure looks different and maybe places different after you have children or the nest is empty! do I have to do this? Well, it all informs how you answer some key questions in every day life that help start the buzz you desire!NS#1 question?
  • The #1 question asked in the USA when people meet for the first time?What do you do for a living? How you answer THIS question really starts a conversation about Real Estate – correct?So, how do you answer?(group discussion)In recent years- when you say real estate that is followed byOoooh… how ARE YOU DOING? Are you okay?? Thankfully - Now – not so much! ****Encourage WHAT DO YOU DO FOR FUN? Instead…. For RE agents, that is followed by – what QUESTION??(NS) How is the market??How you answer these questions determines how YOUR community views the RE Market.
  • How is the market??How you answer THIS ONE questions determines how YOUR community views the RE Market and shares about it.Whether you answer it in person or online… it MATTERS how you continue this conversation.So, how do you answer this question? (we used to say – wonderful, “unbelievable”, and so on)Now it seems we start with – depends on if you want to buy or sell…Then talk about Inventory, Days on Market… – (maybe Interest Rates)… BUT – those things don’t usually “inspire” people… they have heard them before.ADD IN:What you love about your community!ONE amazing stat about local growth, new schools being built, building permits on the books… you get the idea.Something specific… This clarity sets the tone and vision for your business and conversations both offline and ONLINE.…(NS)Now you have your solid foundation set… it’s time to start sharing
  • we talk about photos as a way to share our stories, build and find new connections and ultimately – create solid relationships…so let’s dive in here.What does this look like in RE?NSCapture fun experiences
  • If you have a client/community group…Introducing them with a photo like this will get the conversation GOING!So, we have discussed WHY you should tell these stories…What you can share to tell them… Even who to involve!Remember, it is NOT just about selling real estate… this is about YOU sharing your world!NSLook at these collages… a mix of work and play.
  • do you see a mix of work? play? passions?THIS is what you want to build… your own story boards for people to CONNECT WITH.So, WHERE should you start?NS30 day challenge
  • 30 day challenge…We all love a good challenge… so how about a photo challenge?Go out… take pics of various things in your worldHow do we make this easy? Taking it from your SMARTPHONE… with some key apps – you can make them MEMORABLE!NSApps to the rescue
  • SO MANY TO CHOOSE from…Here are the top apps to try!focusing on top two:iphonedroidNS:Camera+
  • Click for RAW picone button option: CLARITYvoila!NSCamera Zoom fx
  • Cool Droid option… lots of tricks in this app!Click for examples in ZOOM!Okay…. We have heard that a picture is worth a 1000 words!Windows users…. the Nokia 1020 NSPix with words are worth 2000!
  • NSMake your own meme!
  • NSHow? Cool apps! Over
  • Over foriOSPhonto for AndroidNSOver examples
  • Super simple… snap-type-share!NSWhere should you share your story?? Start with IG
  • Instagram… an entire social network around PHOTOS…Best part is… if you only go to IG once a day you will be adding content in SEVERAL places – all in on!NSy
  • Click thru stepsThis is YOUR view… of course – you can also share your other stories here.Sharing your story with photos only STARTS with taking the photos… this is what will get the conversations started… you have to keep them going!
  • We have talked about being RADICALLY PASSIONATE building a solid foundation about what you do, why you do it… revisiting your values and being BOLD with your vision…sharing those stories to let people IN with your words and photography.Now, let’s dig into Nurturing and Building Relationships… by engaging on social media.The first thing is (NS)Understanding the different platforms
  • What is your business objective to finish 2013 STRONG?What do you want to focus on in 2014?Could be:Creating deeper connections with your sphereFinding NEW connectionsBuilding your referral and corporate biz…NSLet’s start with creating deeper connections
  • Swipe for logo This is Facebook’s sweet spot.– and again for OUT.Connect with your sphere.NSWHO ARE THEY?
  • A+ Champions IRL Friends (in real life) Family ClientsProspects Colleagues Competition InfluencersNSFilter…. LISTS
  • I don’t have time is one of the biggest complaints about FB!I would hope to inspire you to see that you Don’t have time to NOT have time for FB.So let’s talk about FILTERS.#1 filter = LISTSstart adding your current friends to a list.seem overwhelming… use the birthday list as your guide… add them to a list after you have wished them happy birthday.Not a happy birthday poster…(next slide)150
  • Start with your 150.(NS) Dunbar’s NumberDUNBAR’s Number = 150 people with whom one can maintain stable social relationships… Want to connect ONCE A MONTH… that’s 5 personal touches a day. That can be ANYTHING.HW notes, FB messages, email… text. It is about being personal – not GRAND and definitely not generic.Do you know your 150?Write them downAdd them to a general list… and a 150 listMake sure you have all of their contact infoWith over a billion people on FB… it is likely that your 150 are there.FIND THEM CONNECT WITH THEM.PUT THEM ON A LIST on FACEBOOKNow…(NS)FOLLOW.
  • FOLLOW WHO??? In addition to RE Influencers, coaches, bloggers, etc think about following…Local Leaders – Mayor, Senator, Association/MLS HeadsLocal Biz Owners you want to get to knowPeople you met at a networking event you would like to work with, but are not ready to “friend”Leaders of RE vendors you use… know more about WHO you are working with?Favorite Author, Newscasters, etc….Following pages = likeNote: NOT EVERYONE HAS THEIR FOLLOW ACTIVATED… Now that you are connected to all of these people… now what?Make sure to set your NOTIFICATIONS how YOU want them…Not sure how to do that? Go to the help section and type in NOTIFICATIONS (NS)Power of the GROUP – building relationships
  • LISTENING… besides meeting IRL… there is no better place to listen than on Facebook – THIS is where people go to specifically SHARE THEIR STORY and their experiences with you. Think of FB as a place you can go to create more opportunities for IRL connections!Listen for(NS)Things in common
  • Groups on FB are like the BNI of decades past…. ALL IRL ALL wickedly early Ideas for groups:Mastermind with colleagues across the country. (Tech Support or RTBar)Rally people who share the same passion. (power women) Share tips and community info with neighbors. Connect your clients and/or champions. (Divas and Inman)It is not ALL about being online… Groups keep you connected in the INBETWEEN TIME!Your social connections feel connected to you… because they KNOW you(NS)
  • Ask Questions - Use PollsWhat is your favorite restaurant in the neighborhood?Post EventsFireworksConcertsIntroduce Local BusinessesWhen someone new comes to town… introduce them to the group…do a blog post and share more details there. Interview series?Share Community UpdatesUse Photos and Videos Where is this photo?Share scenes from local eventsHow about this photo?? NSJump for joy!
  • FacebookCONNECT To Your SphereFOLLOW Influencers Build LISTS Create a GROUP Use PHOTOSNS:Finding NEW CONNECTIONS who share your passion…Twitter…
  • What do you do on Twitter? WHY oh WHY?NSUncover NEW PEOPLE
  • Real estate is a RELATIONSHIP biz. So what better reason than 1 – CLICKSo, if one of your goals in 2013 is to grow your network with people who share common interests with you… Twitter is about FINDING NEW people, - both LOCAL people, GLOBAL people… 2 – CLICKNever have to attend event “alone”…. Again.3- CLICKNetworking on a new level… get to know each other in your slippers first… then IRL.So, what do we do to create relationships with the WHO This is all about the first letterCCONNECT(NS)FOLLOW…
  • On Twitter – Connecting is all about the FOLLOW.WHO you follow determines the quality of content in your stream.The STREAM is where the tweets of EVERYONE YOU FOLLOW shows up!(That means – if you want people to follow you – YOU need to provide value in their stream too!)So, WHO should you follow?(NS)FOLLOW WHO?Start with CB
  • So, if the WHO is important – WHO should you follow?Since one way to use Twitter is to connect with people who share similar interests…Start with people in a 15 mile radius with #wine in their tweets.Kindred Spirit – wine, dogs, running, yoga, paris…Local Leaders – Mayor, assoc, mls execs, Agents – nurture to recruit and retainRE Influencers – coaches, bloggers, RE leadershipDream Dinner Party List - Favorite Author, Celebs, world leaders, inspirational peepsStart the FOLLOWING these people!!Then follow people THEY follow.Let me show you how to search…NS
  • This is where you FIND the people you are seeking to follow on TWITTER.Before we move on and answer the HOW… Are there any questions on this lists or how/why we follow people?? Let’s start with searching YOU… see if/what people are talking about you.(NS)Type in and you will seeScreenshot of SEARCH
  • If you use Twitter for nothing else, use it to learn from and share with others. Head to hashtags like #SMB or #smallbiz for advice, resources and current news of the small business variety…Interesting people to connect with if you are looking to build your office and organization with biz minded entrepreneurs!Heading to a conference? Search the HASHTAG and see who is going… again think #genblueDo research on the TOPICS being covered at the conference – fast way to catch up on the LATEST NEWSRESEARCH is a big activity on Twitter…Using hashtag to find conversations about what you want to learn about makes it easy as 1-2-3!Now what? Let’s go to ENSEXPERIMENTLet’s look at some other ways toEXPERIMENT AND get the conversations??
  • QuestionsGive AdvicePromote PassionQuestions:Ask questions… make the INTERESTING. Twitter is GREAT for getting opinions and more people will reply if you make them FUN!Give AdviceDO Give advice, share yours and other’s blog posts, etc.When promoting a blog post, ask a question or explain what’s coming next… don’t just tweet a link. That’s BORING.Promote your passion:Instead of answering the question, “What are you doing?”, answer the question, “What has your attention?”Share the WHY behind your company… answer the question WHY would an agent WANT to work at your office? Do that with words, pictures (using an app like Instagram to capture moments and tweet them out is a perfect combo!), video… PLEASE - Don’t toot your own horn too much. No #1 nonsense. It is a turn OFF.Or, if you are just too excited you can’t help yourself, try to balance it out by generously promoting the others as well!NSTalking to tweeps directly
  • 50% of your tweets should be about engaging OTHERS…When they start with an @ symbol – they filter out of the main stream and only appear in the streamOf tweeps you share in common – and in your stream on your profile!If you want it to appear in everyone’s stream… just add a (click) dot in front of it and it will go into ALL of your followers streams.Still shows you directly engage, but shares the message to ALL NSAMPLIFY OTHERSWhy and how?
  • when you RT (it is a combo of LIKE/SHARE/COMMENT on Facebook)You share what entertains and informs you… and what you believe will inform your followers.(If you followed people to talk about golf, wine, running, yoga, etc… this is where you add value (and say thank you) to those communities – SHARING what you didn’t write or originally find, but enjoyed reading.)You show you LISTENYou VALIDATE OTHERSIt is an act of FRIENDSHIP…You ELEVATE those less visibleYou start a conversation…NOTE: Don’t be the broker who ONLY shares listings and market reports… BOO.You know you need to share content… now How do you share content –NS
  • You hear this term A TON.Drive TrafficSimply put – it means drive discussions SOMEWHERE specific.For you it may be your own blog or your Facebook page.Let me show you how that works…. Starting with sharing a blog post.NSTwitter Takeaways
  • Twitter Takeaways:FOLLOWto grow Build LISTSUse#hashtagsAmplifyothers (RT)Engageothers (@)(NS)Reconnect – colleagues…
  • Real estate is about CONNECTING, Building RELATIONSHIPs, and Helping our community…Here are the top three things you can tap into on LinkedIn – from LI1 – CLICKFind past and present connections quickly. LinkedIn makes staying in touch simple.2 – CLICKDiscover inside connections when you're looking for a job or new business opportunity.3- CLICKYour network is full of industry experts willing to share advice. Have a question? Just ask.So, what do we do to get started??First things first(NS)Get your profile in order
  • First things first… Get Your Profile(s) in order!Personal Profile – as a leader – this is where you share your story.Share it wellIf you haven’t in the last 3 months – SO much has changed!NSHere is where you go!
  • On LinkedIn– It is all about Connecting.Just like all other SoMe platforms… WHO you connect determines the quality of content you see and your experience.So, WHO should you follow?(NS)Where do you start?Here is a list!
  • So, if the WHO is important – WHO should you connect to?Agents in your office Past/Present ColleaguesClassmatesBusiness PartnersFriends (you would refer biz to!) People you do business with and like or admireAdditional thoughts:Members of the same business, social, religious, and fraternal groupsPeople you know in “real” lifeFamilyPeople whose careers, interests, and attitudes make them ideal connections.Potential customers or employersActive members in LinkedIn groups connected with your career or interests.FAQ: Biggest question I get here - Should my agents connect w/ other agents?Let me show you how to search…NS Snapshot of search bar.
  • Remember, LinkedIn is about connecting and then we LISTEN and LEARN!Two great resources to listen and learn!!LinkedIn TodayWeekly EmailsNSFirst – linkedin today
  • As you are building your “LI Habit”… utilizeWEEKLY EMAIL UPDATEThis is ONE of the most valuable "social networking" emails you will see all week. It includes what articles got the most buzz (to be in this email you MUST post!), who was recommended, promoted, relocated....  ALL elicit a RE need. Job ChangesAnniversariesProfile ChangesPosts Shared (to be in THEIR inbox YOU need to share)Who THEY recently connected to….Recommendations in your sphere!!Want to set frequency? Choose WHAT you see?NSGo to:
  • Share content a connection may be interested inGive kudos to someone in your network who is in the newsHighlight a connection who wrote a great blog postMention a connection who is featured in a (work appropriate) videoThank colleagues you just completed a project withHighlight peers you’re looking forward to seeing at an upcoming conferenceShare a memorable quote by someone you’re connected toRespond to someone who commented in a status update you’ve engaged withCongratulate someone on a promotion or a new jobShow appreciation to a company that just provided you with great serviceMention a company that’s featured in a positive light in the newsAnother way to engage?NSPOLLS
  • Raise Awareness - personally and professionallyShare ExpertiseEvokes Interest in BrandCreating a LinkedIn group around a specific niche topic can offer multiple benefits for your business. It spreads greater awareness amongst your target audience. It helps to position your business as an industry leader.  A LinkedIn group evokes interest and generates enquiries for your business. You can convert your LinkedIn group members to promoters and advocates for your brand.RE IDEAS:Growing your RE businessBuilding a strong referral business(What are YOU passionate about sharing??)• Merely starting a LinkedIn Group can be of no avail unless you effectively manage the group after you launch. Here are some useful tips and suggestions to help you manage your own LinkedIn group and derive optimum benefits.•The most critical part of successfully running your group is to have a competent person to lead and manage the group. If you represent a repute brand or fairly well known company, select a spokesperson that can function as the face of the group and actively interact and engage with the group. If you happen to be the owner of a small business, then you should become the face of your group page.•Few additional tips for effectively using your LinkedIn group are – posting a weekly discussion as also a weekly question and commenting on all ongoing discussions. 
  • Recommend (w/o being asked!)Recruit by connecting to the right agents and business/ listening to them and sharing value. Attract w/ updates on training and successes.Retain by engaging and elevating YOUR PEOPLE. Make SURE you are connected to all of them there.Refer in/out of your industry… to get referrals… you must connect and GIVE them.Refine what is WORKING… and focus there.RepeatJUST TO MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHERE TO START THE RECOMMENDATION PROCESS…NSRECOMMEND
  • Don't tweet your LinkedIn update to your Twitter account.  They are different audiences with different languages!Don’t send sales or marketing messages by LinkedIn. This is another word for SPAM! Overzealous marketers ruined the telephone, faxing, and email by sending SPAM. Just don’t do it. If someone sends SPAM to me I try to let them know that only rookie salespeople do that in LinkedIn.Don't send a request without PERSONALIZING the note..Don't request a connect via your mobile UNLESS YOU ARE RIGHT IN FRONT of the person.NSLI Takeaways
  • I am going to leave you with this list of 5 THINGS TO DO on LinkedIn.Build Out Your PROFILEChoose Connections WiselyStatus Updates (keep active!)Engage in GroupsWrite RECOMMENDATIONS!Any questions??It was my desire to share some new ideas with you on how to engage here, to share a mindset shift on how a strong strategy on LI will help you with biz goals…And to pepper in ways to delight your connections and clients. I look forward to hearing your feedback!(NS)GEN BLUE SOCIAL CUE
  • Imagine how successful you would feel at the end of the day… Being Radically Passionate about what you do and clear about why you do it… Knowing that you are connected to the right people, just what to capture, and excited about building stronger relationships with laser focus and authentic engagement on social media & IRL.That, to me, is the formula for a successful DAY and BIZ.…and I hope you feel the same! (NEXT SLIDE IF WE NEED TO FILL TIME!)
  • Today’s SOCIAL consumer wants to work with companies who create a powerful and enduring emotional connection – and that requires TRUST. Delivering consistent customer experiences that people want to talk about positively with others takes effort, focus, a strong foundation… and most importantly, it is remembering it is about serving people.We are going to cover FOUR Be’s today… So let’s start with the first BE!
  • Building Relationships with Social Media

    1. 1. Solid Foundation + Customer Experiences + Building Relationships on Social Media Today’s Social Biz Strategy
    2. 2. …inform decisions.
    4. 4. Capture Fun RE Moments That Share CLIENT EXPERIENCES
    6. 6. Make Your Own Meme.
    8. 8. 1. A+ Champions 2. IRL Friends 3. Family 4. Clients 5. Prospects 6. Colleagues 7. Competition 8. Influencers
    9. 9. Connect w/ InfluencersThought Leaders Local Biz Owners RE Influencers - Competition Not “friends” status YET
    10. 10. • Ask Questions - Use Polls • Post Events • Introduce Local Businesses • Share Community Updates • Photos to TELL YOUR STORY
    11. 11. Facebook • Connect to your SPHERE • Follow Influencers • Build LISTS • Create a GROUP • Update w/ PHOTOS
    12. 12. • FIND New People (Local/Global) • CONNECT B4 Events • BUILD Online | Bring Offline
    13. 13. Connect w/ Influencers
    14. 14. • Kindred Spirits… • Local Leaders • Agents • RE Influencers • Dream Dinner Party List
    15. 15. How do you follow? #genblue * #CBSocial
    16. 16. Hashtag SLIDE #genblue * #CBSocial
    17. 17. • Questions • Give Advice • Share Interests
    18. 18. @debra11 my fave tip from your #fuelRE session was: _______________ .
    19. 19. TWITTER: • FOLLOW to grow network • Use • Build LISTS • Use #hashtags • Amplify others (RT) • Engage others (@)
    20. 20. • FIND Past/Present Connections • DISCOVER new biz opportunities • Get ANSWERS
    21. 21. Connecting
    22. 22. • Past/Present Colleagues • Classmates • Referral Agent Partners • Business Partners • Group Members • Friends, Family, other IRL Connects (you would refer biz to and want to be connected to!)
    23. 23. Listening SLIDE
    24. 24. W H A T IS IN THIS EMAIL? • Job Changes • Job Anniversaries • Profile Changes • Posts Shared • Who THEY recently connected to…. • Recommendations in your sphere!!
    25. 25. “@” Engage in BIZ conversations 1. Share blog content 2. Give kudos for mentions 3. Highlight connection’s blog 4. Appreciation for referrals 5. Respond to a commenter 6. Congratulate new jobs Modified list inspired by post 
    26. 26. • Raise Awareness • Share Expertise • Evokes Interest in YOU
    27. 27. SURPRISE Connections… The Recommendation Bomb
    28. 28. Don’ts • Send LI Status Updates to Twitter • Send generic sales messages (SPAM) • Send generic intro/connect notes • Send connect requests via mobile* *unless you are standing together w/ phones in hand!
    29. 29. LinkedIn • Build Out Your PROFILE • Choose Connections Wisely • Status Updates (keep active!) • Engage in Groups • Write RECOMMENDATIONS!
    30. 30. ELEVATING
    31. 31. Today’s Social Biz Strategy Solid Foundation + Customer Experiences + Building Relationships on Social Media