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Handheld Librarian 7 Online Conference - August 15, 2012


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  • Transcript

    • 1. Google+ HangoutsPinterest and Twitter @ The Library Handheld Librarian 7, August 15, 2012Robin M. Ashford, MSLIS - George Fox University @rashford
    • 2. 21st Century Library ToolsMeeting Social & Mobile Needs
    • 3. Social"As of February 2012, 66%of online adults use socialnetworking sites"- pew internet
    • 4. Mobile"In March 2012, a majority(50.4%) of U.S. mobilesubscribers ownedsmartphones, up from 47.8percent in December 2011."- nielsen wire-
    • 5. Today
    • 6. Twitter
    • 7. "Pinterest is a virtual pinboard.and share all the beautiful things you find onthe web. You can you to organize andPinterest allows bropinboards created byother people to discover new things and getshare all the beautiful things you findinspiration from people who share youron the web.”interests." Pinterest logo was designed by Michael Deal and Juan Carlos Pagan
    • 8. Why pin?
    • 9. The numbers“Pinterest has grown from roughly 1 million users in July 2011 to more than 20 million today.”“According to statistics released by ComScoreIn February 2012, Pinterest has more than10 million monthly unique visitors and is now the third most popular social networking site behind Facebook and Twitter.”
    • 10. Library Boards – “What NY
    • 11. Collaboration &Research
    • 12. Pinterest Tips• Read Pinning 101, take a look at how libraries are pinning, and jump in – It’s one of the easiest social networks in which to get started• Note: Terms of use, copyright, and pinequette – pin from original sources• Pin content valued by your library users• Be mindful of time on site – can be addictive!
    • 13. “Welcome to Twitter.Find out what’s happening, rightnow, with the peopleand organizations you care about.”
    • 14. Link to video: Link to pinterest page: ford/twitter-for-libraries/
    • 15. Follow
    • 16. Engagement
    • 17. A Great Twitter Engagement Story… “It all started with a tweet.” -Andy Burkhardt @vonburkhardt
    • 18. “…Everyone had a smile on their face…A newscrew even ended up covering the story!”- @vonburkhardt
    • 19. “There were plenty more tweets from studentseither asking about the dogs, postingpictures, talking about how Champlain is thebest school ever, or posting our news video.”Read the full story: amount of good-will was generated, great PR, free marketing, and …it all started with a tweet… Can libraries afford not to be engaged with their users?
    • 20. Professional Development
    • 21. Listening &Listen. Learn. Learning
    • 22. Twitter Tips• Take the twitter tour: Read Twitter 101:• Your profile matters! If tweeting for your library include logo, link to library website• Find and follow people you know and interesting accounts sharing content you value• Libraries should have a strategy – build your voice—retweet, reply, react, share what’s valued, connect and engage
    • 23. Twitter @ The Library – Examples@nypl
    • 24. Google+ and Google+ HangoutsYet another social-media platform? Yes, with some differences…
    • 25. “New Ways of Sharing Across All of Google”Get started with Google+ in 5 steps: Go Mobile:
    • 26. Link to Google+ Hangouts Pinterest resources: d/google-hangouts/
    • 27. What I find especially useful about Google+ Hangouts,and how it meets a real need for this Librarian…
    • 28. Online Research Assistance – Screen share with students in Hangout - iPad Google+ App
    • 29. Teaching with Google+-The post linked below explains how I was able to savetime and money by teaching a library research class toMBA students in another state using Google+ Hangouts inthe early days (known then as Hangouts with Extras).Scroll down in the post to watch President Obama’shistoric Hangout on the same day. Link to my G+ Post: 5501682571581092/posts/LWh sGe9jwUw Pinterest link to article: 9251970551879/
    • 30. Warning: Collaborating with colleagues can be distracting 
    • 31. Google+ Hangouts – Considerations/Challenges• All gmail accts include Google+, anyone can get a free acct - Hangouts were recently integrated in gmail• Rapidly developing/evolving, difficult to keep up – follow Google official sites for updates -• Regular Hangouts currently work well on mobie (iOS and Android devices - tablets are best to view screen sharing) - Hangouts on Air for mobile coming soon
    • 32. Thank You! The following slides include resources and image creditsQuestions? - feel free to contact me:
    • 33. Resouces shared and morecan be found in myindividual pinterest boardslinked below:Twitter for Libraries: Hangouts:
    • 34. Image credits - title slide -black and white grid - toolbox - new tools - pins Rice Library Fullerton Public Library Watzek Library L&C New York Public Library - nested dolls ring film development baby headphones last slide
    • 35. Bye now…