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Toward a Sustainable Embedded Librarian Program


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Library 2.0 Worldwide Conference Presentation - October 3rd, 2012

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Toward a Sustainable Embedded Librarian Program

  1. 1. Toward A Sustainable Embedded Librarian Program Robin M. Ashford, MSLIS George Fox University - Portland, Oregon, USALibrary 2.012 Worldwide Virtual Conference – October 3, 2012
  2. 2. Today:• Definition of Embedded Librarian• Characteristics of Embedded Librarianship• History of Embedded Librarianship at my university library• The need for a sustainable model• How we went about changing the process• Where we are now and where we plan to be in one year
  3. 3. What is anEmbedded Librarian?
  4. 4. “We chose to define an embeddedlibrarian as „an integral part to thewhole,‟ based on the geologicaldefinition of an embedded element”- Dede, J. 2011
  5. 5. “Embedded Librarianship is a distinctiveinnovation that moves the librarians outof libraries and creates a new model oflibrary and information work.”- Shumaker, D. 2012
  6. 6. History of embedded librarianship at GFUand the need for a sustainable model The George Fox University Embedded Librarian Program
  7. 7. How the GFU Embedded Librarian Program was started• In 2010 a librarian and hybrid learning director began discussing how online student information resource and service needs were being met• It soon became apparent that a link to the library website from within our Moodle (FoxTALE) Learning Management System (LMS) was not enough
  8. 8. How it evolved• Embedding librarians inside our existing Moodle Learning Management System (LMS), to be available at the point of need, made the most sense• An “Ask Your Librarian” Forum was inserted in online courses with a research component
  9. 9. Our basic LMSmodule - created fromlibrary website contentand designed to providegeneral informationapplicable to all courses
  10. 10. Creating custom content – Learning screenrecording and video editing software
  11. 11. Example of librarian created customized contentfor a graduate Education course inside a Moodle site -Though they varied, customized modules contained course specific content and built-in librarian assistance
  12. 12. With limited resources and a growingneed, it simply was not sustainable
  13. 13. Introducing LibGuides (course specific,web-based research guides) to the process
  14. 14. A local library technology conference and a neighboring institution helps out…Library Widget in the LMS: Way Cooler Than it SoundsMike Flakus, Lead Web Programmer, Portland State UniversityAmy Hofer, Distance Learning Librarian, Portland State UniversityPPT Presentation: Online Northwest, February 10, 2012
  15. 15. Link to page:
  16. 16. Once a librarian has created a courseresearch guide (LibGuide), a LibraryResource widget with button containingthe course guide can be added to thecorresponding Foxtale (moodle) site →(currently this is done manually) Because the Library Resource widgets are “smart” or contextually aware, the system will default to a general purpose guide if no corresponding course guide has been created
  17. 17. • The plan is for all of the GFU Moodle course sites to include a Library Resources widget by default beginning in Fall 2013. This will eliminate the need to add the block manually and further increase efficiencies.
  18. 18. “Embedded librarianship is a powerful way to show the impact that librarians can and do havebeyond the traditional functions ofthe library, and why librarians are needed now more than ever.” - Carlson, J and Kneale, R 2011
  19. 19. Thank YouQuestions / CommentsContact Info:Robin M. Ashford, MSLISAssociate Librarian | Assistant ProfessorGeorge Fox University | Portland Center Library12753 S.W. 68th Ave.Portland, OR 97223503.554.6136 | rashford@georgefox.eduOnline Profileo Reference links and image credits on following slides
  20. 20. ReferencesCarlson, J and Kneale, R 2011, Embedded librarianship in the research context:navigating new waters, College & Research Libraries News, 72 (3), pp. 167-170., J. 2011. Embedded librarianship at the Claremont Colleges. In Embeddedlibrarians: Moving beyond one-shot instruction, eds. C. Kvenild and K. Calkins,219–228. Chicago, IL: Association of College and Research Libraries.Kvenild, C., & Calkins, K. (2011). Embedded librarians: Moving beyond one-shotinstruction. Chicago: Association of College and Research Libraries.Shumaker, D & Tally, M. 2009. Models of Embedded Librarianship Final Report.[Online]. Available at, D. (2012). The embedded librarian: Innovative strategies for takingknowledge where its needed. Medford, New Jersey: Information Today, Inc.Shumaker, David. 2011. The embedded librarian [Online]. Available at
  21. 21. Image CreditsStick person in stone image - is mud dry dock – bike in mud - wheel - rock -