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Mblj ma qianhui_3s2_11

  1. 1. Learning Journey to Marina Bay Name : Ma Qianhui Class : 3S2
  2. 2. On 16.Feb.2012,we took a fruitful learning journeyto Marina Bay Sands. The learning journey showedus how Marina Bay serves as a model to theprincipals of governance deployed to help Singaporesustain its growth in 21st century.
  3. 3. Anticipate change and stay relevant As a country with small territory, Singapore’sdevelopment has to depend on theprosperousness of its economy (especiallyinternational business), and tourism is anextremely important component of it.Nevertheless, the number of countries which aretrying hard to develop their tourism in order toseek development and prosperity is rapidlyincreasing in Asia.
  4. 4. Anticipate change and stay relevant So, being able to observe the tendency, thegovernment decided to build Integrated Resortsin Marina Bay and Sentosa even under the greatrisk of trying out new ways to help with thedevelopment of Singapore. It is the product ofthe meeting the change and being relevant withthe tendency of the international market, whichis used to capture the chances in tourismmarket.
  5. 5. Anticipate change and stay relevant• The truth has proven that the government had made a correct decision, and the principle “Anticipate change and stay relevant ”is useful. As Marina bay sands attracts a lot of tourists with its shops and casino and these tourists spend an enormous amount of money here which actually contributes to the economy of Singapore. All shops are an essential part of the development of Singapore’s prosperous economy.
  6. 6. • I saw a long line outside the casino that was formed by the tourists from all over the world. A lot of people come to marina bay sands mainly for casino. As one of the most famous casinos in Asia, marina bay sands casino does attract a lot of people especially those who come from South East Asia. Since they can enjoy gambling in casino while they don’t have to travel all the long way to the US or Macau.
  7. 7. A stake for everyone, opportunities for all Building a casino is an important issue. Except for the goodplan of building a casino, the government consulted people onthis issue, got the feedback from people and finally start theplan based on the approval of majority. [this shows a stake foreveryone] As everyone can see, again it is a correct decision,since Marina bay sands attracts a lot of tourists with its shopsand casino and these tourists spend an enormous amount ofmoney here which actually contributes to the economy ofSingapore by creating jobs, increasing tax revenues and so on[this shows opportunities for all]. All shops and casino are anessential part of the development of Singapore’s prosperouseconomy.
  8. 8. Beautiful view of the sky-park
  9. 9. Leadership is key• Because of the careful management and optimisation of limited resources through a long- term comprehensive approach to planning from the government, Marina Bay sands is able to develop rapidly and rises the standard of living coupled with making contribution to the economy of Singapore. Without the support from the government, Marina Bay cannot continuously develop and eventually become a symbol of Singapore.
  10. 10. Leadership is key All these achievements came from thewise governance and leaders. The principle“leadership is key” requires capable leaderswho can make right decisions. Thegovernment realised how important it is tohave capable leaders who can choose thecorrect way for Singapore to develop atcrucial moments. So, it is also provencorrect and effective.
  11. 11. To sum up• I have understood that the four principles is the key to Singapore’s competitiveness in the 21st century. Also, I have seen the rapid development of Singapore’s urban landscape.• All I want to say is to wish Singapore a better future and more prosperous economy!
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