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Mblj fong weiyao_3s4_10


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Fong Wei Yao(10) 3S4 SS Project

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Mblj fong weiyao_3s4_10

  1. 1. Social Studies Project Marina BarrageLearning Journey -Fong Wei Yao 3s4
  2. 2. Marina Barrage• The Singapore’s 15th reservoir was officially opened on 1 November 2008• Provide water supply• Flood control• New lifestyle attraction• conferred the Superior Achievement Award
  3. 3. The principles of governanceLeadership is keyAnticipate change and stay relevantA stake for everyone, opportunity for all
  4. 4. Leadership Is Key• Marina Barrage was the idea of our former Minister Mentor, Mr Lee Kuan Yew, He vision that Singapore has a need to build the Marina Barrage and thus led Singapore to the construction of it. This definitely showcase the principle of governance ‘Leadership is key’
  5. 5. Anticipate change and stay relevant• The government built Marina Barrage to attract foreigners attention and to increase the water supply of Singapore, it also become a place for recreation and promotion of brands. The Marina Barrage can too control floods in Singapore. This show that the government has anticipated changes for Singapore to it’s need.
  6. 6. A stake for everyone, Opportunity for all• Marina Barrage is a well designed place that has received conferred the Superior Achievement Award, this will create a sense of belonging and proud for the Singaporeans. Marina Barrage is also free for all to come for recreation or what ever reason. This shows the principle of the governance, ‘A stake for everyone, Opportunity for all’
  7. 7. Reward for work and Work for rewardMarina Barrage is a place that attractstourists and foreigners to Singapore,foreigners would invest in Singaporeplaces like Marina barrage. This wouldalso create more jobs for Singaporeans.Tourists may visit the casino and shops inSingapore thus spending and supportingthe economy of Singapore.
  8. 8. Local brands• Singtel• Breadtalk• Hyflux• Osim• Prints• Raoul
  9. 9. International Brands• Adidas• Nike• Chanel• Gucci• Ferrari• KFC• Pizzahut
  10. 10. Thank you for your time and attention!