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This is my project for SS.

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Mblj yeo shun yi 3s1_27

  1. 1. ? ?•How does MBS (Marina Bay Sands) serves asa model to the Principles of good Governancedeployed to help Singapore sustain its growthin the 21st century?- 4 Principles of governance
  2. 2. Promote tourismAttract more tourists through the casinoBring in more investors to Singapore for investment henceboost the economy in SingaporePromote foreign investmentsBring prosperity in SingaporeRaise the international image of Singapore hence Singaporewill be more well-known around the worldBring in profitEstablish and promote the economic in Singapore
  3. 3. Brands that are considered global brands in MBS:Chanel, Gucci, Tiffany and CO and Louis VuitonLocal Singapore’s Brands:Singtel Exclusive Retailer, Gold Heart, Robinson and Charles andKeith
  4. 4. From slides 3 and 4,Singapore’s leaders do what is right rather than what is popularto the country. Honest and capable leaders make the rightdecisions for the country. These potential leaders are speciallyselected and groomed. Besides their talent and ability, they arealso selected based on their good character.In order to boost Singapore’s economy, our leaders havedecided to build the MBS which is the Marina Bay Sands. Today,the MBS have attracted a lot of tourists to come to Singapore.MBS has a casino, hotels, skypark, museums, restaurants andshopping malls. It shows that the government plans and do theright things that benefit Singapore and not what is popularamong the people. Hence, gaining the support of the people andthe whole country can move on as one and progress togetherand bringing success. Hence help Singapore to sustain its growthin the 21st century.
  5. 5. MBS has a breeze shelter which is a cooling and breezy‘pause point’. These three shelters are made of glassand stainless steel with large fans on the middle. Thefans are activated by motion sensors and will stopmoving when the sensors do not detect anymovements under it, The breeze shelters are solarpowered. Hence it uses it converts the light energy tomove the fan.Hence,savingelectricity.
  6. 6. Using compressed natural gas for carsConserved Land:By building underground mall which is making good use ofevery space
  7. 7. It is a 22-meter diameter acrylic bowl set on a 90-ton steel structure that releases more than22,000 liters of water per minute, from two storeyabove.
  8. 8. The decisions made by the government have to be forward-looking. The government have to make decisions in anticipationof future challenges.As Singapore the population in Singapore is gradually increasing,our resources are also gradually decreasing. Furthermore thisresources are limited and they may ran out one day. TheSingapore’s government saw the problem and try to save ourresources for the future generation by being eco-friendly. Thegovernment make use of every little space like buildingunderground shopping malls. Also by using solar panels togenerate the fan thus saving electricity. The government is alsoopen to new ideas and be willing to take risks. They are comingup with innovative and creative ideas to help sustain thecountry’s growth and development.
  9. 9. Relax or do some sports in Marina, you have a choice of golfing, iceskating or diving. Despite of its size, Marina Bay has a number ofworld class golf courses. The Marina Bay Golf Course is the only18-hole international class public course in Singapore. Singapore isalso a paradise for swimmers of all ages. You can do some roundsat any of the pools in the city or just simply plunge in the pool atyour Marina Hotel.The world’s first Night Formula One is held in Marina, making thisbustling area of Singapore a top destination for all F1 fans.The Marina Sands is Singapore’s first gambling complex. This 50storey building features a casino, shopping and entertainment mall,art museum and an excellent terrace restaurant for locals andtourists alike.
  10. 10. The Singapore government build MBS so that investors willcome to Singapore to set up their own companies and more.This creates jobs for everyone in Singapore. For example bybuilding the casino, people can be employed. However,people are also worried that there will be a negative impactby building the casino. Thus, the government are willing tohear the thoughts and listen to their opinions. For example,the government will be imposing stringent social safeguardsand monitor the people. By building facilitates, the peoplecan enjoy and relax themselves. They will not be verystressful. It shows that the government is concern andshows care to the people in Singapore.