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  1. 1. MBL J p r o j e c t Zhu Sisi(1 6) 3S2
  2. 2. Mar i n a Bay i n t h e p as t
  3. 3. Mar i n a Bay n o w
  4. 4. Ho w d i d mar i n a b ay c h an g e ? -The decisions made by the government need to be forward-looking. They saw the importance of the development of marina bay, so the changes started taking place… -Marina Bay is set to be a 24/7 destination with endless opportunities for people to “explore new living and lifestyle options, exchange new ideas and information for business, and be entertained by rich leisure and cultural experiences
  5. 5. An t i c i p at e c h an g e an d s t ayr e l e van t -Marina Bay is nea Cent a Aeain t sout n patofSinga e, a l t t r r l r he her r por nd ies o he ea oft Dow ow Cor st he nt n e -G er ov nmentr l t tT dev opmentofmainaba w lcar outt economy eaize ha he el r y il ry he bur ing ofSinga e st por
  6. 6. Itis her w e t mostinnov t e fa it a infr st uct e a w e mega e her he aiv cil ies nd a r ur nd hera iv ies t ke pl ce ct it a a Ata al offor v or t come tr ct ot eign isit s o V or come, t st yin hot s a do l s ofshopping isit s hey a el nd ot Income incr sed ea
  7. 7. G er ov nmentha mor money s e F cil ies a infr st uct es be beter a it nd a r ur t Peopl getquait l ata mor t ist e l y ife, tr ct e our s Economybur t count ybecomes mor fl ish st he r e our
  8. 8. The principle “Anticipate change and stayrelevant” is well linked with the development ofmarina bay. Government foresaw the importanceof downtown economy, and keep improving thefacilities there the symbol buildings such as theMBS are coming up continuously. More and morevisitors come to Singapore and it carries out theeconomy and technology achievements. Thisshows how the government meets the changeand make the country stay relevant.
  9. 9. MBS
  10. 10. MBSShopping cente rHot el Provide jobs ,increase taxes, carry out theCasino development of economy.
  11. 11. A STAKE FOR EVERYONE OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALL In 2004, the government consulted the people on the issueof having the casino in MBS, many people voiced theirconcerns and support about the government’s proposal.Having a say in decision-making develops in people agreater sense of belonging to the country. Policy decisionsare made to serve people the needs of the nation. Thegovernment considered the concerns raised and decided togo ahead with the setting up of a casino and made somepolicies to reassure people with worries. Thus by giving thecitizens a chance to speak and express their ideas, thepolicies could be made to benefit the people to the fullest,increasing its efficiency. And the increasing income showsthat the casino is a great success in the development ofmarina bay.
  12. 12. Leadership is a keyMarina Bay’s development increases theincome of Singapore, leads to economybursting and brings a lot of benefits for people.All these can not be achieved without thecapable leaders. They make the rightdecisions for Singapore.
  13. 13. sources,_ Singapore