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Mblj ivan tan_3s2_36

  1. 1. Learning Journey for the Secondary 3 Understanding where it all began – SS Project Done by: Ivan Tan (36) of Class 3S2
  2. 2. “Explain how Marina Bay serve as a modelto the Principals of Governance deployed tohelp Singapore sustain its growth in the 21st century”
  3. 3. Marina Bay City GalleryLearned about the development of Marina Bay in the futureShows that the government is staying relevant by building more buildings and attracting more people to Singapore
  4. 4. “Anticipating change and staying relevant” Shown in Marina Bay as it is being upgraded to stay relevant Being well-developed, Marina Bay attracts tourists to come and spend their money By building the MBS, Singapore has created another place of interest. Singaporeans are now coming to the MBS regularly This shows the government is staying relevant to its people by building the MBS.
  5. 5.  MBS has a casino which attracts tourists and Singaporeans to come and gamble Lee Kuan Yew had anticipated that a casino will improve Singapore’s economy and so he built a casino The casino now earn a lot of money and it is a source of revenue and the casino improves tourism as people will come to Singapore just to gamble in the casino This also shows that Lee Kuan Yew had foresight as he had predicted that the casino will earn money – linked to anticipating changes
  6. 6. “A stake for everyone, Opportunities for all” When the casino was developed in Singapore, the government allowed feedback from the public so as to reduce social norms caused by the casino. After listening to the public, the government decided to implement two new policies.  1) All Singaporeans who enter the casino must pay S$100 first  2) Families can apply for exemption for their family members if their family members is gambling too much. Implementing this two policies, the government have already reduced the amount of Singaporeans going in and out of the casino.
  7. 7.  By allowing the general public to give feedback, the government is actually allowing Singaporeans to have a say in how the government builds and develop the casino in MBS. This shows that the government is following one of its principle of governance, “A stake for everyone, Opportunities for all” in building the casino.
  8. 8. “Reward for work and work for reward” The Marina Bay Sands was built as a place of interest for Singaporeans and tourists for them to come to MBS and en themselves there. joy The MBS acts as a reward for Singaporeans for them to come down to Marina Bay during the weekends to unwind and en themselves. joy Singaporeans shop in the MBS and see something they like but do not have enough money to buy it. Then, Singaporeans will work even harder to earn enough money to buy what they want. The principle of governance, “Reward for work and work for reward” is shown here where Singaporeans work hard to get what they want and they get rewards for the hard work they have done.
  9. 9. Shops in Marina Bay Sands that attracts Singaporeans to work hard for rewards that lie in the MBS…
  10. 10. “Leadership is Key” Leadership is key is shown in the building of Marina Ba the surrounding buildings . The Marina Bay Sands is completed due to the good le leaders. It is also due to our leaders that we have Marina Bay S The Marina Bay Sands was built very carefully with th and beautiful. The MBS being built so luxurious was du leaders overseeing the project. It also takes good leadership to call in all the overs in Marina Bay Sands.
  11. 11. For your kind
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