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Mblj_lim ey jing_3s1_11

  1. 1. Leadership is key A good governance needs to have honestand capable leaders. These leaders foresee the future challenges anmake plans for the country and the people.-e.g. they knew that Singapore has limitedresources, so they conserve land through thebuilding of underground mall in Marina Bay. They take good care of their people and providhigh quality of life for them.
  2. 2. High quality of life Marina Bay is a place for people from allwalks of life to explore, exchange andentertain. planned with greenery all around E.g. development of ‘Gardens by the Bay’,dedicated to the community’s recreation andenjoyment. urban, public open spaces-for events,activities and performances, or simply apleasant spot for lunch.
  3. 3. Good quality of life Helps to build a contentIn Singapore and happy society Singaporeans are willing to stay rooted in Singapore Stability in the country Foreigners attracted to come and stay in Singapore and for investment Helps to boast Singapore’s competitivenessTherefore, it is a good governance requiregood leaderships to ensure the progress oSingapore.
  4. 4. three towers include a Theatre Block, aConvention and Exhibition Facilities Block, aswell as the Casino Block SkyPark-home to the worlds longestelevated swimming pool, with a 146-metrevanishing edge over 300 stores and F&B outlets, includingnumerous luxury duplexes for boutiques the two Crystal Pavilions
  5. 5. Good governance will anticipate change andstay relevant. They are forward-looking and always lookfor new ideas to promote investmentopportunities and helps to establishinternational links. Having more foreign investment will help tosupport the large scale development inSingapore like the Marina Bay Sands.
  6. 6. New tourism products also attract visitors tocome to Singapore. Tourists will spend money to shop, play, stayand so on and helps to boost the economy inSingapore. Therefore, good governance need toanticipate change to ensure the economicdefence in Singapore.
  7. 7. Conservation of land:-Underground mall Connecting One RafflesLink to City Hall MRT Station ‚Eco-friendly‛ structure:-Breeze Shelter which uses solar energy togenerate power and consist of a motiondetector
  8. 8. Singapore has limited resourcesConservation of land, water and other resourcfor future generation is important to sustainSingapore’s growth and development.This shows the need of Singapore governmentbeing forward-looking and makes decision inAnticipation of future challenges. Anticipate change and stay relevant.
  9. 9. A good governance will create opportunitiesto involve the people in decision making. E.g. government consulted the people on theissue of having a casino as part of anIntegrated Resort. Government considered the support andconcern raised by the people.
  10. 10. Government decided to go ahead, but at thesame time response to the concerns raised. People will develops a greater sense ofBelonging to the country and this policy decisioserve to the needs of the nation by contributingto the economic growth of Singapore. Hence, good governance is important inensuring the nation’s need is met and people’svoices are considered.
  11. 11. ‚Leadership is key‛‚Anticipate change and stay relevant‛‚A stake for everyone, opportunities for all‛ Happiness, Prosperity and Progression in Singapore
  12. 12. Acknowledgement:-Teachers who guided us in thelearning journey-Pictures from Google search-http://www.marina-bay.sg/greenery_parks_spaces.html-http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marina_Bay,_Singapore