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Social studies project


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Social studies project

  1. 1. Social studies project:Good governance in Singapore Done by: Howard Wong (28) 3S4
  2. 2. Content page• Anticipating change – Attracting investors – Hosting international events• Stake for everyone opportunities for all
  3. 3. Attracting investors• By attracting investors Singapore will be put on the world map• Billions of dollars of profit will be earned from retail, tourism and other sectors
  4. 4. Integrated resortsIntegrated resorts• In 2006, our government decided to open integrated resorts to keep up with the changing world – The two sites were won by Las Vegas sands and Genting respectively
  5. 5. Integrated resorts• Billions of dollars of profit have been earned annually from the resorts• Both resorts have hosted several international events since its opening
  6. 6. Anticipating change• To attract investors, platforms for discussion have to be organized and increase confidence• Thus, our leaders decided to attempt to hold the 1st youth Olympics to attract investors and put Singapore on the world map
  7. 7. Youth Olympics• Singapore was chosen by the international Olympic committee to host the first inaugural youth summer games• Over 200 countries and 3600 athletes participated in the event
  8. 8. Stake for everyone• Before our leaders decided to build integrated resorts, they held discussions to ask for public opinion• Through this they knew the issues the public had about the integrated resorts
  9. 9. Stake for everyone• Because of this various policies were set up to prevent people from getting addicted to gambling