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Mblj celine 3s1_2

  1. 1. Social StudiesPresented by: Celine Chia (2)
  2. 2. Co n t e n t Question given About Marina Bay Sands (what we learned from LJ) Link to the Principles of Governance
  3. 3. Qu e s t i o n Explain how Marina Bay serves as a model to the Principle of Governance deployed to help Singapore sustain its growth in the 21st century.
  4. 4. Mar i n a Bay S an d s How was it planned??- Initially, it was originally planned to be completed in a single phase (one distinct stage of development) in 2009- However, due to financial crisis, the company had to open it in phases. Why was it planned that way?- Designer of MBS, Moshe Safdie, says that the design was inspired by card desks- Due to “feng shui”
  5. 5. Co n t r i b u t i o n s o f MBS More tourists Improved Singapore’s economy -More jobs (about 30000 jobs throughout economy) -IR contributions -Shopping in MBS Attract foreign investors
  6. 6. Global Brands in MBS: Etc. ……
  7. 7. Local Brands in MBS: Some of our local brands like Charles & Keith and Robinsons has their businesses extended overseas. Thus, with the contributions of the MBS, it captures the growing market and improves the tourist industry, increase Singapore’s revenue as tourists will spend more when they shop in Singapore. Foreign investors will also invest in Singapore as Singapore is a reliable and urbanized country with stable economy. This in turn helps to sustain Singapore’s growth in the 21st century.
  8. 8. How has development of MBS improved thequality of life? With better economy, better jobs, people can be more financially stable and their quality of life will improve. Staffs of MBS are encouraged and trained to be eco- friendly at work and home, so they will have a more healthy work environment which improves the quality of life.
  9. 9. What we have learnt from MBS Trying out new ideas is important for attracting foreign investors Services and tourism are important for a country’s economy and growth However, there are still disadvantages of the MBS like social problems. For example, gamblers in Singapore are on the rise.
  10. 10. So how is this linked to thePrinciples of Governance?
  11. 11. Leadership is Key Honest and capable leaders make the right decisions for the country.- PM Lee Hsien Loong proposed the idea of have Integrated Resorts in Singapore and there was a long and intense debate on this issue. There were people who were against the idea, for example, Mr. Lee Kuan Yew and Minister for Home Affairs, Mr. Wong Kan Seng. However, PM Lee has the foresight to see that the IR will benefit Singapore and he has the moral courage to do what is right which might not necessary be popular. Therefore, this describes the Principle of Governance “Leadership is Key”.
  12. 12. Anticipate Change and Stay Relevant Government must be forward- looking and proactive to make decisions in anticipation of future challenges.- Although there were disadvantages of setting up the Integrated Resorts, it had nonetheless brought prosperity and helped Singapore compete against other countries for tourist dollars. Therefore, leaders must be willing to take risks and also be able to come up with innovative ideas to tackle problems.
  13. 13. A Stake for Everyone, Opportunitiesfor All Giving people a say in decision making process gives people a sense of belonging to the country.- The government had a debate on the issue on whether built the Integrated Resorts in Singapore, this allows the members of parliament to understand each other’s opinion and finally make a decision that everyone will agree. Besides the government, public members also gave their concerns about the building of casino in the IR. As policies can be improved after getting the feedbacks, people will be more willing to support the government.