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Mblj joeytanhuishan 3s2_6

  1. 1. Learning Journey for Secondary 3-Understanding where it all began Done by : Joey Tan Hui Shan (6) 3s2
  2. 2. Learning Objectives: Leadership is key Work for Reward, Reward for Work A stake for everyone, opportunities for all Anticipate Change & Stay Relevant.
  3. 3. Development over Marina Bay Pearl Harbour (landing site for ships) -> Clifford Pier
  4. 4. Development of Marina Bay Sand- Singapore had depended greatly on services, its importance of economy growth which provide the basis fundamental finance property has to remain its competitiveness and MBS as a finance center.- It opens up to the world by establishing international links and more revenues.
  5. 5. Foreign Investors in Singapore Foreign investors were examples like Adidas, Chanel, Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Jimmy Choo in Singapore. (as seen in MBS today) They opened up and expanded their business in Singapore as a bigger revenue to earn money.
  6. 6. Development of Marina Bay Sand- It helps to promote the economy growth and prosperity of Singapore by bringing tourists through expenditure.- This would help to attract foreigners and investments. Similarly, we have to balance the vices costs brought by the society problems.
  7. 7. Our Singapore (Before and After) Water supply depended on our neighbour -> Creation of NEWater Malaysia’s water contract (before) -> NeWater (Now)
  8. 8. Anticipate Change & Staying Relevant The NEWater was founded due to our governor’s insight of that the water contract would end and that the supply of our water would not be able to meet the demand’s of the people. The NEWater was a success. It curbed the problems and it was a discoveries of new technology on the ‘use of reverse Osmosis’. The technologies were taught and used by other countries and countries had to pay for the use of this technology.
  9. 9. Anticipate Change & Staying Relevant Singapore had no raw resources to depend on, our government had thought of new ways to expand our revenue, through the opening of the Integrated Resort, Universal Studio of Singapore, Marina Bay’s development. The opening of Integrated Resort, Universal Studio Of Singapore, Marina Bay’s development brought in prosperity to the country as it attracts tourists to spend more and visit Singapore.
  10. 10. A Stake for everyone, opportunities for all Many Singaporeans were against and objected the idea of the Integrated Resort (IR) as they were more vices and contribute to the society problems, for instance, gambling addicts, loan sharks. As a result of the objection, the government decided to create a levy of $100 for the entry of the Integrated Resort (IR) and also the families can apply to ban their family member who were compulsive gambler from the casinos.
  11. 11. Work for Reward, Reward for Work With the rising of the Marina Bay Sand, Integrated Resort with casino and from the growth in tourism, job creation and increase in revenues, there is a rising demands of employment of jobs in Singapore. In order to curb the problems, foreign talents were encouraged into the society. Foreign talents would be rewarded with educations, benefits and as an incentives so as to work or study in Singapore.
  12. 12. Work for Reward, Reward for Work Meritocracy is the system that rewards hard work and talent. Meritocracy helps to give everybody in society an equal opportunity to achieve their best and be rewarded for their performance. Similarly, it gives Singaporean a chance to perform well and be rewarded for their hard work. It therefore, increases the quality and competitiveness among the workforce. Hence, it boosts the economic growth and prosperity in the nation.
  13. 13. Work for Reward, Reward for Work By having an efficient and quality workforce, it would means a better revenue as compared to others to the investors, it helps to attract foreigners and investments in Singapore.
  14. 14. Conclusion Over the decades, Marina Bay’s development which brought along prosperity played a part in improving Singapore’s economy and Singapore’s standard of living. It is also important for Singapore to sustain its growth in the 21st century through the Principles of Governance deployed to maintain its competitiveness among the countries.
  15. 15. Credits: http://sg.images.search.yahoo.com /search/images http://www.google.com/search/images