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  2. 2. GOOD GOVERNANCEGovernance: The way a government manages resources of a country so as to achieve economic and social developmentGuiding principles of governance in singapore[LARA] Leadership is Key Anticipate Change and stay Relevant Reward for Work, Work for Reward A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for all
  3. 3. A prospering marina bay area; evidence of good governance in singapore
  4. 4. MARINA BAY SANDS10 Bayfront AvenueSingapore 018956 Marina Bay Sands is one of two winning proposals for Singapores first Integrated Resorts, the other being the Resorts World Sentosa. The two large-scale resorts were conceived to meet Singapores economic and tourism objectives for the next decade. The Shoppes At Marina Bay Sands is Asia’s premier shopping
  5. 5. Also, the casinos at the two integrated resorts serve as a physical jackpot for Singapore’s already prospering economy. These casinos are what sparked off much debate amongst fellow Singaporeans-and are also what resonates good governance in Singapore.
  6. 6. LEADERSHIP IS KEYPragmatism; Doing what is right rather than what is popular ;if the government does only what is popular they might not have the resources to deal with all the constraints and vulnerabilities .Therefore, while there has been much heated discussions involving the welfare of fellow Singaporeans after the construction of the Marina Bay Sands area –mainly the casinos -the government decided that these casinos would benefit the country greatly and thus was the right decision.The learning journey showed a prospering Marina Bay area and this shows what the government has done is right and benefits the people.
  7. 7. ANTICIPATE CHANGE AND STAYRELEVANT Foreseeing developments in the future based on current trends and development and taking active steps and measurements to deal with future development . The Marina bay area has been highly developed into a business district with great scenic views. This integrates luxury with diligence to combat the increasing pressure on Singaporeans these days.
  8. 8.  Land around the Marina Bay area has been reclaimed for development .Much has been done to ensure the smooth and proper reclamation of land. This shows foresights and effective steps taken. Having been on the learning journey at marina bay I think that the Singapore Government has much foresight and effective measures have been taken.
  9. 9. REWARD FOR WORK ANDWORK FOR REWARD; Through meritocracy, self- reliance; encouraging fellow singaporeans. “Reward for work and work for reward” The construction of Marina Bay Sands has resulted in greater employment rates and job opportunities. These employees are encouraged to work as hard to recognize their full potential, thus benefiting both the society and themselves.
  10. 10. Many of the staff we met on the learningjourney were friendly and enjoyed theirrespective jobs. This shows goodgovernance through foresight inplanning and an effective meritocracywithin Singapores job arena.
  11. 11. A STAKE FOR EVERYONE,OPPORTUNITIES FOR ALLgiving everyone a role to play in society decision making and giving opportunities for all to realize their full potential. A Stake for Everyone, Opportunities for all” This gives every Singaporean a role to play in decision making. Every single person young or old has rights to make a decision. For examples, the construction of the Marina Bay Sands area and consequently the casinos at the Integrated Resorts were not decided amongst only the government but also among singaporeans. Educated or uneducated, each were given the right to decide and an opportunity to speack and voice their thoughts. Having the right to decide in the development of marina bay ensured cooperation amongst all and mutual agreement. This gives citizens a sense of responsibility that they have to contribute due to collective responsibility.
  12. 12. The marina bay area; thoughtfully planned and constructed.
  13. 13. REFLECTION I believe that the Singapore government is a good one and that their many choices have proved that their actions are just and beneficial to Singapores social and economical scenes.Also, I believe that having been brought to the marina bay area serves to showcase the many displays of the governments correct choices. This has been greatly exemplified by the many luxury boutiques present at the Shoppes at Marina Bay additionally supported by the forecast earnings of $6.4 billion this year. This shows the rewards reaped from government decision, and thus proves that MBS resonates good governance in Singapore.
  14. 14. THANKYOU<
  15. 15.  Acknowledgements: q=cute+thank+you&start=219&num=10&um=1&hl=en&biw=1024&bih=643&tbm=isch&tbni d=GJB8SGeHHRofRM:&imgrefurl= cid=A7vLMLsXI19RwM&imgurl= 6/p/photo/341535.jpg&w=520&h=346&ei=03lXT6H4N8vwrQf10dmRDA&zoom=1&iact=rc& dur=288&sig=110605324494029948103&sqi=2&page=12&tbnh=137&tbnw=185&ndsp=20 &ved=1t:429,r:0,s:219&tx=36&ty=92 %3Did.194102497366015%26id %3Da0ac1204d0e607212b3f582c15d36495%26metadata&access_token=1000000136546 51%3AAQB8Zli9wTpTrjDl&title=mblj_JunJie_3s2_32