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Published in: Travel, News & Politics
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mblj_Ting Rong Xiang_3s4_27

  1. 1.  Eco-friendly Singapore How did MBS come about How did the MBS boost the economy of Singapore 4 Principles of Governance
  2. 2.  Use of Solar energy to power the fans at the shelters. Fan turns off automatically when there is no one under the shelter. Escalators will slow down automatically when no one is using, thus saving electricity.
  3. 3.  Developed from Las Vegas Sands Worlds most expensive casino property, costing a total of S$8 billion for it to be built
  4. 4.  New attraction in Singapore, increasing the number of tourist visiting Singapore. Investments form other countries. Helped promote local brands
  5. 5.  Expected additional profit of $2.7billion, which is 0.8% of Singapore’s GDP A total of 30000 job opportunities will be created, increasing the productivity rate of Singapore
  6. 6.  Building new attractions in Singapore and upgrading is an act of change by the government. This will allow Singapore to stay relevant to the current society and stay competitive among the rest of the countries
  7. 7.  For a country to have rapid growth, honest and capable leaders are needed. good leaders must be able make the right decisions for the country. Additionally, good leaders must have moral courage and integrity. Lastly, good leaders do what is right and not what is popular
  8. 8.  By having the marina bay sands resort, a large workforce is needed to maintain the standard of the resort. Singaporeans and foreigners will be employed to help maintain the resort. They get reasonable wages after working as a reward for their hard work. The wages encourages the workers to work harder, hence improving the efficiency of the workers.
  9. 9.  The public were given a chance to have a say in the development of the casinos of the integrated resort. The people feel that having a casino will increase job opportunities in Singapore and boost the economy, the development of the casino was encouraged. Hence, the integrated resort provided job opportunities for Singaporeans.