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Letter to judges

  1. 1. 615 Talmadge LaneCanton, GA 30115April 19, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges: My name is Kinsey Pocchio and for my senior project I designed a kitchen. I thenmade a sample board and a model to further represent my design. I went into detail suchas deciding which knobs, paint, and type of wood I would use because usually interiordesigners give their opinions to the contractors about these things. I chose this projectbecause last summer my mom and I spent a lot of time cooking together and I realizedthat, while our kitchen it beautiful, it is not perfect. I have also always had an interest indesigning and improving rooms and this project provided me with an incredible way topursue this interest before college. For my research paper I discussed the history of kitchens, from the NativeAmerican time period until the kitchens of the 21st century. I think talked about theadvice interior designers give on ways to improve problems homeowners may have withtheir kitchens. This gave me a thorough background to work off of when I started todesign my own kitchen. This design is represented further through my model and sampleboard. I had some trouble on which type of wood to use for my model, I overcame thisproblem through trial and error. Otherwise, through consultations with Mrs. Dobbs, myproject facilitator, I was able to overcome other obstacles easily. By designing a kitchen I feel that I was able to accurately work as an interiordesigner would. I also learned some about construction through the formation of my
  2. 2. model. I learned that I am not as full of creative ideas as I would like. My lack ofcreativity is a problem which would hinder, rather than help, a future career in interiordesign. I also realized how much I dislike working with my hands while I wasconstructing my model. This will help me make sure I do not pursue a major inarchitecture, construction, or interior design when I attend college next year. After looking back and thinking about how my senior project went I am nowaware that some of the career choices I was interested in may not suit me. I also wish Ihad not chosen to make my model and a sample board because I almost ran out of time tofinish my project. However, I learned a lot, in a lot of different ways, so this was alearning experience for me. Thank you for your time and I hope you have a wonderfulday.Sincerely,Kinsey Pocchio