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Process journal


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Process journal

  1. 1. 11th Octʼ 2010 Completing My Keychain I think that it really helped that I chose Plastic as my material because the color of my key chain is pretty and bright. My design also happens to be pretty innovative creating a good color-combination for it. I think that some of my strengths were while filing the edges and polishing my keychain. I also think that it really made a difference in the quality that I achieved because of the materials that I chose. At first, it was difficult to file off the edges of my puzzle piece, but once I switched to a smaller file, it was much easier for me to file off the edges. By the end of thirty minutes, I has perfectly rounded edges. One new thing that I learnt about in class was the buffing machine. It was amazing how it smoothed the plastic and polished the puzzle piece. I really had a hard time rounding the corners of my puzzle piece. I constantly kept walking up to the teacher and asked him if it was enough. I really had a hard time rounding all the corners of the puzzle piece. I also think that I could have filed my project better to achieve finer results. Now, that I look at my project, my eyes immediately go towards the imperfections and the filing errors I made. While filing, I over did some of the sides making n extra-thin and frail. It probably would have had a better appearance and feel If I had really focused. I think that I was very distracted. I kept watching my friends do their work and watch how they created their designs. I also think that I could have concentrated better if I was focused leading into a much better and sturdy final outcome. The leaner profile was definitely risk taker because I was learning about new kinds of tools and learning how to use new materials such as plastic and aluminum. Approaches to learning because I learnt about new things and refreshed my memory about things that I learnt last year. Me, trying to polish my keychain My final product Me trying to insert the key ring into the hole
  2. 2. CUTTING OUT MY MONKEY October 20th 2010 One of my strengths today, was that I used my time productively. I finished measuring and marking out my work and also managed to figure out how to use a coping saw in about ten minutes. I followed my flow chart and realized the mistakes I made while measuring and marking out and remarked them. I think that I was good at cutting my wood because i landed up the perfect shape for my toy. I think that I did not maintain my blade that well because I broke a coping saw. And I think that there are many coping saws to be broken in the future. I think that didn't do such a good job at measuring and marking out my project because it was messy and very hard to figure out. I think that next time I should try and be more careful at using the coping saws. I think that I could have done a better job my concentrating at measuring and marking out my piece better so that I could have achieved a more precise and fine I think that my learner profile was similar to the learner profile of the month that is risk taker. I learnt about many different kinds of saws, their operation and how to use them. I also am using different kinds of materials to make different parts of a project that II have never made before. I think that the Area Of Interaction was Approaches to learning because I was learning how to use different kinds of saws to make different curves in my piece of wood. ME, MEASURING AND MARKING OUT MY TOY MY FIRST BROKEN COPING SAW