Letter to the Judges 2011-12


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Letter to the Judges 2011-12

  1. 1. 1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115April 13, 2012Judges, Senior ProjectCreekview High School1550 Owens Store RoadCanton, GA 30115Dear Judges:My name is Margaret Wylie and I am a senior at Creekview High School. Whenconsidering what to do for my senior project, I wasn’t sure what I was going to dobecause I was not sure about what I wanted to do after high school. I thought about whatall I was interested in and decided that I would do graphic design because I like to createadvertisements and deal with people in the public. I chose this mainly because I wantedto go to college for something that I had an interest in and this type of job really got myattention.For my product, I recreated business flyers and also created a layout for building panels.This related to my research paper because the research taught me about howadvertisements should be made to get someone’s attention. I learned there was four typesof design methods that people use and it helped me to create my new flyers and taughtme how to make a layout for my panels. During the project, I had many problemsbecause it first required many people’s help and second, it cost more than I personallycould afford. I had to change my project more than one time, ask my mom to finance myproject, and we had to communicate better to get the project finished.My project could relate directly to a career because I know many people that have asuccessful career with advertising. Many things that were incorporated into my projecttaught me what the actual job would consist of and what would be expected of me if Ipursued this as a career. After completing the whole project, this is not something that Iwould want to do after high school because I like to have day to day interaction withpeople and this job would take a lot of time to myself to create what my customer wouldwant. Now I know that this wouldn’t be the job for me and I would be better going into ajob that dealt with more people and had more communication than a graphic designer.After finishing my senior project, I realized that I do like to create advertisements but Iwould not like to pursue a career in this field. I really enjoyed working with people tolearn how to make layouts and how to create flyers the correct way. Lastly, I would liketo thank you for the time you have given me today to come and listen to my project.Sincerely,Margaret Wylie