How to create an effective blog


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How to create an effective blog

  1. 1. How To CreateAn Effective Blog Steve Dunne
  2. 2. The BackgroundTo Blogging…..
  3. 3. The Concept of Blogs & its WiderImplications
  4. 4. The Power of Word of Mouth
  5. 5. The Blogosphere….. 400,000 Blog posts are created every day… 4.6 posts every second (16,000 per hour)… 45% of blogs have not had a posting in the past 3 months… 2.72 million blogs have been permanently abandoned 300K blogs have been abandoned after being regularly maintained for over a year Only 5% of blogs are corporate
  6. 6. Blogs – Their Strategic Importance
  7. 7. What is A Blog?
  8. 8. Blogs… Blogs = Web Log One of the highest profile catalysts for change… Allowing individuals or groups of like minded individuals to publish on line…. Two new blog is created every second…
  9. 9. What is a Blog ? “A weblog, or simply a blog, is a website which contains periodic, reverse chronologically ordered posts on a common webpage…...”
  10. 10. What is a Blog?
  11. 11. Ethics & Blogging…. Astro TurfingFlogs
  12. 12. Blogging Strategies
  13. 13. Is Your Organisation Ready To Blog? A true and effective blog is: Dialogue – two way communication – inviting comment and feedback….. updated regularly…. Written consistently….
  14. 14. Assessing Your Blog ReadinessWhat Is Your Corporate Culture ?
  15. 15. Assessing Your Blog Readiness What do We Want To Achieve By Blogging ?
  16. 16. Why Do We Want To Blog ?  As a marketing strategy…  Thought leadership….  Community building….  Customer relations…  Advocacy…..  Brand Building…..  As part of the PR Strategy…..
  17. 17. Assessing Your Blog Readiness What Problem What about does Blogging credibility in Solve for us ? the blogosphere? What’s the business case How do we for blogging? know if blogging is Why do we right for our need to pay organisation? attention to the blogosphere?
  18. 18. Pay Attention To The Blogosphere? Digital Natives…“They Google, blog, Wiki,Flickr, socialtext, post,subscribe, annotate and,above all, share.” “The social web shifts media from institutions to communities where participants benefit from Group wisdom.” Terry Semel CEO Yahoo!
  19. 19. Pay Attention To The Blogosphere ?“Could the music industryhave predicted the rise ofthe Arctic Monkeys? Theanswer is yes. Bymonitoring blogs, chat roomactivity and social mediasites they would haveidentified an emergingtrend” Heather Hopkins Research Director Hitwise
  20. 20. What’s The Business Case for Blogging ?
  21. 21. Creating Corporate Blogging Guidelines  Do not bring the company into disrepute  Do not defame or discuss your colleagues or their behavior  Do not write anything defamatory  Do not blog in company time  Do not reveal confidential information  Do not reveal trade secrets  Respect your audience  Cite others blogging on the subject area  Be the first to correct your own mistakes
  22. 22. Creating Your Blog...
  23. 23. Blogging Options Social Networks… Blog Services… Self installed blog software… Web hosts & pre-installed blog software…
  24. 24. Naming Your Blog
  25. 25. Tools For Blogging….
  26. 26. Tools For Blogging
  27. 27. Writing For Your Blog
  28. 28. Blogging Terminology Author byline Permalink Blogroll Catagories Comments Trackbacks
  29. 29. Pillar Articles
  30. 30. Building Traction...
  31. 31. Building Traction
  32. 32. Finding Blog Readers
  33. 33. Publish, Publish, Publish….. Using Blog Directories
  34. 34. No Blog is an Island!
  35. 35. Who’s Blogging About You?
  36. 36. Harnessing Bloggers…
  37. 37. Blog Sites To Target Fashion Consumer Technology Women Ethnic
  38. 38. Blog Etiquette
  39. 39. Blogging – The Legal & Ethical Side
  40. 40. ROI is ROB!ConnectionsConversationsDiscoveryAmplificationLeverage
  41. 41. The Viral Effect… C C B A B AC My C B A Blog A A C B B C
  42. 42. Stay in touch – And Say Hello!
  43. 43. How To CreateAn Effective BlogSteve Dunne