Crisis pr in a digital world sept 2013


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Crisis pr in a digital world sept 2013

  1. 1. Crisis PR In A Digital World Steve Dunne
  2. 2. Crisis PR In A Digital World
  3. 3. Crisis PR In A Digital World
  4. 4. Crisis PR In A Digital World
  5. 5. Crisis PR In A Digital World
  6. 6. Crisis PR In A Digital World
  7. 7. The Streisand Effect
  8. 8. Don’t Automate!
  9. 9. Watch The Hackers!
  10. 10. Who Knows The Password?
  11. 11. Public Tweet Displays
  12. 12. DON’T PANIC!!!!!! Crisis PR In A Digital World
  13. 13. Preparation, Preparation, Preparation  Knowing The New Rules of The Road….  Knowing The Channels Available To The Protagonist……..  Monitoring & Vigilance….  Strategies and Tactics to Neutralise the Crisis
  14. 14. What is a Crisis?  It doesn’t have to be a death……  It doesn’t have to be an injury……  It’s not just the company involved that’s impacted…….  A crisis is when you come under the sharp focus of the media in a way that could damage your reputation and that of your industry…
  15. 15. In The Past….. Crises followed a formula…  Incident occurs….  The Golden Hour….  The Action Zone  Blame Time  The Recovery Appointed team from CEO to Operational staff
  16. 16. A Brave New World
  17. 17. History Shows The Future…. Newton’s Third Law…. “For every action there is an opposite, and equal, reaction….” Sir Issac Newton 1643-1727
  18. 18. Kryptonite
  19. 19. The Kryponite Bike Lock Company
  20. 20. Crisis & Issues Management Today “There is literally no barrier to entry to using the Internet and the tools, such as blogging, forums and groups, it provides. Indeed it is often easier, and certainly more cathartic, to just take your grief out on the Internet”
  21. 21. A World of Unedited Conversations
  22. 22. The Crisis Management Manual
  23. 23. Crisis Management  The Crisis Communications Audit…..  The Crisis Management Team….  The Eternal Vigilance……  Knowing The Protagonists….  The Strategic Response…….  The Tactics To Deploy…….
  24. 24. The Crisis Audit
  25. 25. Questions To Ask of Yourself Are you listening to conversations taking place outside of traditional media? Have you the infrastructure to respond quickly? Are there teams allocated to on-line response? Do you have procedures in place? Do you have a dark site?
  26. 26. The Changing Landscape of Crisis Management
  27. 27. The Changing Landscape of Crisis Management Citizen Journalism Micro Blogging Corporate Hate Sites On-line/Off-line Media Opinion Sites User Generated Sites
  28. 28. The Protagonists
  29. 29. The Digital Citizen
  30. 30. The Digital Citizen The Digital Native!
  31. 31. The Digital Citizen The Digital Natives!
  32. 32. The Digital Citizen The Citizen Journalist
  33. 33. The Digital Citizen
  34. 34. The Digital Citizen They don’t read newspapers & rarely magazines… They have reduced attention spans… They respond to visual and audio stimulation… They are the 24/7 Generation that want to be mobile… They share information, opinions and recommendations rather than depend on media… They are selfish in consumption, spoilt by choice…..
  35. 35. Web 2.0
  36. 36. Web 3.0
  37. 37. The Citizen Journalist
  38. 38. 7th July 2005….
  39. 39. 7/7 & Citizen Journalism “….We never factored in that the public would play such a massive role in breaking the story to us rather than us breaking the story to them….” Felicity Cowie, Producer BBC News 24
  40. 40. Citizen Journalism
  41. 41. Buncefield & Citizen Journalism
  42. 42. Citizen Journalism “Journalists cannot hope to reflect the world as well as the world reflects itself…..” Dan Gillmour
  43. 43. The Media & Citizen Journalism
  44. 44. Citizen Journalism Not trained professionals  Don’t check stories…  Don’t seek secondary sources…. Don’t have a News Editor Don’t have advertisers Highly subjective & often emotional about topics
  45. 45. Hate, Anti and Spoof Sites Spoof Sites Hate Sites Anti Sites
  46. 46. The Trigger For Hate Sites… “….It was not the poor treatment received from United but, rather, the subsequent disregard for a serious, polite complaint, which led to the creation of the Web pages……”
  47. 47. The Attitude Behind Hate Sites… "Although I started the site because of a small complaint, now 2 years and 20,000 plus postings later I realize how much more widespread and serious American Express' wrongdoing is. It has led me to realize that I am doing a real public service by alerting the public to the dangers of dealing with Amex."
  48. 48. The Attitude Behind Hate Sites… “This website has been started because CEO Jeff Mezger and other executives at KB Home, have chosen to ignore us and our many requests to "buy back" this home…..”
  49. 49. Hate Sites & The Law
  50. 50. Social Media Staff Guidelines
  51. 51. When Twitter Goes Bad
  52. 52. Tweet in Haste – Repent at Leisure
  53. 53. Habitat UK & Twitter….
  54. 54. How Breaking News is Changing
  55. 55. The Changing Landscape of Reporting News…. “This is a story that broke on Twitter first and continued to unfold from there. Eyewitnesses were posting comments about the shock of seeing the plane 'dive' and amazement of passengers walking out of the wreckage. It was a dramatic image of a fractured plane posted on that was the first worldwide view of the Turkish Airlines crash.”
  56. 56. So, Why is Twitter so Important?
  57. 57. Where News Breaks First…
  58. 58. Re-Tweets
  59. 59. The Changing Landscape of Reporting News….
  60. 60. The Power of User Generated Sites
  61. 61. Forums & Chat Rooms
  62. 62. A Digital Crisis Strategy...
  63. 63. Monitoring & Vigilance Systems To have In Your Arsenal Step One
  64. 64. Social Media….
  65. 65. What is Social Media? Blogging Prosumer Sites Virtual Worlds Social Bookmarking User Generated Sites Social Networking Location Social Networks
  66. 66. MONITORING & VIGILANCE Systems To have In Your Arsenal
  67. 67. Searching For Images?
  68. 68. The Twitter Success!
  69. 69. Search & Findability
  70. 70. PR & Findability The words that match The most fresh content The most popular content & websites
  71. 71. Finding The bloggers!
  72. 72. Location, Location, Location Step Two
  73. 73. Location, Location, Location Findability Tagging Linking Sponsored Links
  74. 74. Winning & Harnessing Advocates Step Three
  75. 75. Social Networking….
  76. 76. Being Proactive Step Four
  77. 77. Dunkin Donuts
  78. 78. The Decision To Give Oxygen
  79. 79. A Citizen Journalist Strategy  Citizen Journalists are here to stay…..  Be proactive – expect them to report….  Don’t let them beat you to breaking the story…  Engage and embrace…
  80. 80. Structures in Place
  81. 81. Dark Sites
  82. 82. A Virtual Press Office is A Must!
  83. 83. Why Do We Need A VPO ? We live in a rolling news world with demand from media 24/7…. Increasingly freelance journalists live globally in different time zones…. Media want a resource that can be freely drawn upon… The emergence of the digital age journalist…..
  84. 84. The Digital Age Journalist… I work for a newspaper and I heard that our local MP attended one of your events recently. The virtual press office is where I would expect to find a press release or possibly a photo from that event
  85. 85. Strategies & Tactics…
  86. 86. Strategies & Tactics…..  Create Your Own Army of Advocates….  Create Positive Content (and lots of it…)  Think in terms of the vernacular of the protagonists…  Tagging  Positioning  Linking  Contribute to Blogs and websites & get the links
  87. 87. Strategies & Tactics…..  Occupy the top position in search engines Sponsored links Search engine optimisation  Build presence by using social book marking….  Create A Corporate Blog…  Populate user generated Sites
  88. 88. Dark Sites A Cornerstone of Any Digital Crisis Management Strategy
  89. 89. Elements of An Effective Digital Crisis Strategy
  90. 90.  Consistent monitoring of traditional and non-traditional media…..  Developing a management processes of the online footprint …….  Establishing proactive online engagement protocols…..  Updating existing crisis training programs…..  Ensuring appropriate balance between traditional and social media activity Elements of an Effective Digital Crisis Strategy
  91. 91.  Establishing a social media footprint before a crisis hits…..  Recognizing that social media is still only a channel – Content is king! Elements of an Effective Digital Crisis Strategy
  92. 92. Pushing The Bad News Down Social Networks Corporate Website Blog User generated Content Sites Social Book marking Multi media on site Podcasts/Vodcasts Directories Prosumer sites Directories Twitter
  93. 93. History Shows The Future…. Newton’s Third Law…. “For every action there is an opposite, and equal, reaction….” Sir Issac Newton 1643-1727
  94. 94. Stay in touch – And Say Hello!
  95. 95. Crisis PR In A Digital World Steve Dunne