Online Presence: Introduction (Managing your online presence)


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'Managing your online presence' presentation given at the Online Presence: Introductory Workshop run by ITLP, IT Services University of Oxford.

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  • If you already have an online presence, start off by reviewing the tools that you currently use.Do you have some dead profiles – scrap them!Do you use some tools more than others? Review them.If you don’t use any tools, think carefully about which ‘one’ you would like to set up and what you want to do with it. What do you want to achieve.Before you jump into using twitter it’s a good idea to think about the plethora of social media tools that are available to you and if Twitter is the right tool to start with.Do you want to increase the impact of your work by increasing downloads to papers?Do you want to engage in conversation?Make connections?Publish openly?Align social media tools and strategies with your objectivesThink about who it is you want to engage with. What online spaces are they moving in?
  • What aspects of your work/self do you want to promote?Who is/are your audiences(s)?What kind of information do you want to exchange?What tensions / conflict might you encounter?
  • When it comes to choosing what social media you should use, you have too many choices. Choose one as your basic platform and grow from this.Grow your social media platform – launching a blog may mark this point. It is one thing to send a tweet and have no replies, but putting effort into writing an 800 word blog post and having no one read it is another thing.
  • 1. Moving from looking for new relationships to enhancing existing ones2. Start to mix social media and the real world, e.g. going to a conference or other event in your field, use twitter before, during and after the event to cement relationships3. Think about using your social media more effectively by using a desktop application such as tweetdeck or Hootsuite.See:
  • Automation: Some pieces of software give you the functionality of randomly following up to 500 people a day, then dropping those who don’t follow you back. Or auto-following people who follow you without you having to do it yourself.With any business – whether it is commercial, academic or promoting yourself, people look for shortcuts and see everything as a numbers game – how many followers. Building actual relationships and conversations takes time, so why not automate it? This is not twitter etiquette. It’s not about how many followers you have but your engagement with them, one person at a time.
  • Online Presence: Introduction (Managing your online presence)

    2. 2. WHAT DO YOU NEED YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE TODO? What aspect(s) of yourself/work do you want to promote? Who is/are your audience(s)? What purpose do you want to achieve? What value is there for your audience? What kind of information do you want to exhange? What tensions / conflict might your encounter?
    3. 3. Commentary on news Professional Updates on persona publicationsProfessional What Updates on advice events can you Spice of life! offer? Updates from conferences Research Insights into extracts / your research abstracts
    4. 4. Personal Website Blog Oxford Researcher ID Facebook podcastsTime (duration) WebLearn Jorum LinkedIn Mendeley Twitter YouTube Slidehare Storify iTunesU / Soundcloud Frequency
    5. 5. START SMALL THEN GROW Blog Micro-blog Profile
    6. 6. 1. BUILD TRACTION (BUT MANAGE YOUR TIME) Post / update Spread your Make it regularly (but time – consider relevant don’t overload) ‘opening hours’ Don’t just Offer Make it broadcast – something of shareable interact yourself Build your network
    7. 7. 2. MOMENTUM Manage with tools Mix with the physical world Enhance existing relationships
    8. 8. SOCIAL NETWORKING AGGREGATORS • Hootsuite • Tweetdeck
    9. 9. 3. EXPANSION Blog Micro-blog Profile
    10. 10. Growth of network Keep Number of Googling interactions yourself TheNames of Impact Blog usefulcontacts File analytics Number of Website invites analytics
    11. 11.