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Understanding the benefits of creating a robust LinkedIn profile

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  • LinkedIn was founded in 2002 by Reid Hoffman and was launched in 2003. After one month, they had 4,500 users. LinkedIn reached 100M users in March 2011. I am subscriber 576,142 (yes, I was in the first million) LinkedIn IPO was May 2011. majority of stock is still privately held.
  • Are You LinkedIN

    1. 1. Are You Linked ? Peggy
    2. 2. What is it? LinkedIn operates the world’s largestprofessional network on the Internet with morethan 161 million members in over 200 countries and territories (as of March 31, 2012)
    3. 3. Why should I care? It’s not who you know – it’s who your contacts know! More than ½ ofLinkedIn’s subscribers are located outside the United States (U.S. ~ 44M +)
    4. 4. Why use Tell your professional story Get and stay connected with colleagues Pursue career opportunities Become informed about people & companies before you meet them Identify decision makers & influencers – and get connected Ask & Answer questions about any biz topic
    5. 5. `Create more than a Placeholder! BEFORE
    6. 6. `Create more than a Placeholder! AFTER
    7. 7. `Getting Started What motivates or differentiates you? What value do Summary you provide? Experience What value did you provide in each role? Photo A head shot is preferred Links Website, blog, twitter Groups Join and participate! Recommendations These are valuable, don’t be afraid to ask for them! Applications Import your blog, presentations and more! Headline How do you want others to think of you?
    8. 8. `Your LinkedIn Homepage Share news that interests you or relates to your industry Provide Updates your job or your companySee Updates from See what’s new with your connection Connections Read news being shared by your network or trending LinkedIn Today within selected categories People You May Make new connections, re-connect with former colleagues KnowWho’s viewed your See who is checking up on you! Maybe there is a business profile opportunity! Your LInkedIn Reminder of how many contacts you have via LinkedIn! Network
    9. 9. `Manage Your Settings• Settings are found through the drop down menu associated with your name in the upper right hand corner of the homepage• Pay attention to: – Profile visibility when others are viewing you AND when you are viewing others – Email frequency from others, groups, group members, etc. – Invitations – who can invite your to connect? – Account security • What updates from others do you want to see on your homepage • Secure access from WiFi hotspots
    10. 10. `Common Sense• Trust your “gut” when accepting invitations to connect. – If someone turns out to be a spammer, you can always disconnect! – Think about whether you trust this contact and want them to have access to your network!• Post updates – Related to your business, your professional goals – Don’t post updates on your social life unless it is related to business• Think about linking your updates to Twitter and/or Facebook – It’s all about business visibility• Be professional in your actions in groups, answers, applications and other activities – LinkedIn is a PROFESSIONAL social network!
    11. 11. `
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