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Promotion print screens

  1. 1. Promotion’s Print Screens Anisa Bibi 8016
  2. 2. This was the promotion background. After researching many different promotions contained plain backgrounds or very colourful ones. I chose red because it symbolised love and passion, this was a nice undercoat to the storyline.
  3. 3. This is a image of the actor’s back the reason for this is because he has turned his back on his life and the people that he loved the most. Furthermore, I wanted him to be looking into something which was going t be placed in front of him.
  4. 4. I placed a mirror in front of him to emphasize his obsession with himself, however this seemed uncompleted so I had to think of something to place in front of it.
  5. 5. After looking at the plain mirror image I wanted it to have more texture and meaning so I change the opacity on the mirror. The reason I did this was to show the audience that the mirror was going to represent the past.
  6. 6. I then cracked the mirror by rubbing out small crack lines in the mirror. I did this with a template of an actual cracked mirror. This emphasized his distort relationship and the broken life which he now lived.
  7. 7. I chose a gold mirror because gold symbolises excessive wealth and is seen as a commodity. So what ever is in the mirror is something very precious to him.
  8. 8. The shadow on the side of the speaker gave it more of club feel and was pleasing to the eye. I left this their on the side so the audience would know that this was a music promotion.
  9. 9. The title On & On, was the title of the song. I chose black so it stands out from the background. I chose to keep it it simple and not over do the text as it would make the promotion seem all over the place then.
  10. 10. This showed the audience different ways on how they can retrieve the songs. The normal method of trying to obtain a song is by buying the CD however we gave another options which is downloading which many people do nowadays which makes it much more easier to obtain and cheaper to get.
  11. 11. After choosing the image which was going to be placed in the mirror was this one. The reason for this was because in this image the couple seem in love and happy. This was going to represent the past.
  12. 12. I edited the image by rubbing out the outline and then I put on an effect which was diffuse glow. The reason I did this was because it looked like it was faded in the past, moreover the glow makes it seem like a memory.
  13. 13. After that I placed the image in the mirror and rubbed out the cracks again so the cracks was going through the couple emphasizing the broken relationship
  14. 14. Once again I changed the opacity of the image to fit into the mirror and also give it the past effect. The way the actor is looking at the mirror makes it seem unbelievable as you do not see these things in a mirror this only means that what is represented in the mirror is his thoughts and feelings.