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Drugs power point

  1. 1. • A drug is any chemical you take that affects the way your bodyworks• Heroin, alcohol, ecstasy, caffeine and nicotine are all forms of drugs• A drug must be able to pass through your body and into your brain, allowing brain cells to be changed by interfering with the brains chemical signals called neurotransmitters
  2. 2. • Drugs make you less aware and alert making you feel carefree and can relieve pain• They can make you; sleep, have convulsions (fits) and even slip into a coma• For example heroin causes psychological and physical dependence which can lead onto comas and even worse death, as you can choke on your own vomit
  3. 3. Hard and soft drugs• Hard drugs are physically addictive and may be easy to overdose on• Soft drugs are not physically addictiveHARD SOFT
  4. 4. Class: A, B & CThe different kinds of illegal drugs are split into 3classes: A, B & C. Each classcarries a different level of punishment for possession and dealing Possession DealingClass A Ecstasy, LSD, heroin, Up to 7 years in Up to life in cocaine, crack, magic prison or an prison or an mushrooms unlimited fine or both unlimited fine or bothClass B Amphetamines, Up to 5 years in Up to 14 years Methylphenidate prison an unlimited in prison or an (Ritalin),Pholcodine fine or both unlimited fine or bothClass C Cannabis, tranquilizers, Up to 2 years in Up to 14 years some painkillers, prison or an in prison or an Gammahydroxybutyrate unlimited fine or unlimited fine (GHB),Ketamine both. or both
  5. 5. • If someone is using drugs, you might notice changes in how the person looks or acts. Here are some of the signs…• become moody, negative, cranky, or worried all the time• ask to be left alone a lot• have trouble concentrating• lose or gain weight• lose interest in their hobbies• change friends• get in fights• But it is important that depression or something else could becausing these changes
  6. 6. NEED HELP?Western AustraliaAlcohol and Drug InformationService(08) 9442 50001800 198 024 (rural WA only)Parent Drug Information Service(08) 9442 50501800 653 203 (rural WA only)www.dao.health.wa.gov.au/