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its about drugs among teens

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  1. 1. Drugs is a substances that can affect the mental / psychologicalone (thoughts, feelings and behavior) and can cause physicaland psychological dependence. Included in the drug, isnarcotics, psychotropic and other addictive substances.Drugs is the abbreviation of narcotics and drugs / hazardousmaterials. In addition to "drugs", another term that wasintroduced in particular by the Ministry of Health of theRepublic of Indonesia is a drug which is an abbreviation ofnarcotics, psychotropic and addictive substances."Drugs"refers to a group of compounds generally have a risk ofaddiction for its users. According to health experts, the actualdrugs are psychotropic substances commonly used toanesthetize the patient when to surgery or drugs for certaindiseases. But now due to mistaken perceptions outdoor usedesignation and proper dosage.
  2. 2. Adolescence is a developmental phase between childhood and adulthood. Persons development in childhood andadolescence will shape the development of that person in adulthood. Thats why when childhood and adolescence damaged by drugs, or even shattering the bleak future. In adolescence, just the desire to experiment, follow the trends and lifestyles, as well as having great fun at all. Although all the trend perfectly natural, but it can also make it easier for motivated teens abusing drugs. Data show that the number of drug users is at most age group.
  3. 3. 1.Heroin or diamorphine is a kind of alkaloid opioid.Heroin is a derivative of morphine 3.6-diasetil because thatname is diasetilmorfin and synthesized from it byacetylation. White crystalline form is commonly thehydrochloride salt, diamorphine hydrochloride. Heroin cancause addiction.2.Cannabis (Cannabis sativa syn. Cannabis indica) is a fiber-producing plant cultivation, but better known as narcoticsubstances in the seeds, tetrahydrocannabinol, that canmake the user experience euphoria (feeling of pleasure thatprolonged without cause).3. Crystal methamphetamine:The effect of crystalmethamphetamine is usually almost as provide a sense ofjoy.The impact, effects and dangers posed to undergonerve, abnormal behavior, impaired liver, kidney, easilyconfused, always hungry and insomnia, anxiety and angereasily.
  4. 4. 4. Morphine is a powerful analgesic alkaloid and is theprimary active agent found in opium. Morphine acts directlyon the central nervous system to relieve pain. Morphine sideeffects include loss of consciousness, euphoria, drowsiness,lethargy, and blurred vision. Morphine also reduces hunger,stimulate coughing, and led to constipation. Morphinecause dependence than other substances. Patientsmorphine also reported to suffer from insomnia andnightmares.The word "morphine" is derived from Morpheus, the god ofdreams in Greek mythology.5 .cocaine:Cocaine is a synthetic compound that triggers cellmetabolism is very fast.Cocaine is an alkaloid obtained from the coca plantErythroxylon, a native of South America, where the leaves ofthe plant is usually chewed by the locals to get a "stimulanteffect".
  5. 5. Group Based EffectsBased on the effects on the wearer, drugs are grouped as follows:Hallucinogens, the effects of the drug can cause when taken in certaindoses so can result in a person being air-hallucinations to see a thing /object that does not exist / not real example cocaine and LSDStimulant, the effects of the drug could lead to job organs like the heartand brain working faster than usual, resulting in a persons work is morepowerful for a while, and tend to make a user more happy and excitedfor a whileDepressant effects of drugs that can suppress the central nervoussystem and reduces the functional activity of the body, so that thewearer feel calm even make users sleep and unconsciousness. Forexample, heroinAddictive, Someone who has consumed drugs will usually want andwant again because of certain substances in the drug resulted in aperson tends to be passive, because the drug indirectly decide thenerves in the brain, such as marijuana, heroin, heroinIf its too long and it is drug addiction then gradually organs in thebody are damaged and if it exceeds the dose then the user would bean overdose and eventually death
  6. 6. how to prevent drugs misuse:1. arrange the socialization of the dangers of using drugs2. conduct raids to trace the distribution of narcotics, especiallyamong teenagers.3. role of the family is very important in the prevention of drugsmisuse, especially among teens, because teens are very susceptibleto in influence, since their age is the age of the search for identityand age is very unstable, so it can be influenced.4. inculcate religious values ​and morals, because if a indiviudualready have an understanding of religion and morals, thenautomatically they will stay away from drugs because they knowthat the drugs does not have any benefits for the wearer.
  7. 7. Until now, the spread of drug abuse is almost unavoidable.Because almost the entire population of the world could easilyget drugs from the individuals who are not responsible. of coursethis can make parents, community organizations, andgovernments concerned. Drug eradication efforts had alreadyoften done but still less likely to avoid drugs from teens andadults, and even children of primary and junior high school toomuch to fall into drug abuse. Until now, the most effective effortsto prevent drug abuse in children is the familyeducation. Parents are expected to superviseand educate their children to keep away fromdrug misuse.