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Question 1

  1. 1. In what ways does your product USE, DEVELOP or CHALLENGEexisting codes and conventions?
  2. 2. Soap is a feminine genre – this Storylines are relatable – audiences can genre is primarily aimed at watch and understand what is women happening, and empathise with characters or hate them Catharsis: emotional cleansing. The purging of negative emotions by someone Use of POV going through something similar or worse shots and Reverse Angle Interweaving storylines Naturalistic Light Edits and parallel narratives Use of soundtracksSoap operas run continuously, in the same time to create aslots, on the same days for years. As they are mood/genrerepeated so often, they become part of thecultural psyche.
  3. 3. Camera The Only way is Essex Beech Mount The distance between theTo follow the soap characters in Beech Mountconventions, we used implies there is somethingmany two shots in our wrong between them.trailer. This was to try However in the Only way isand establish the Essex trailer, the closeness ofrelationship between the characters shows thethe characters closeness of their relationship
  4. 4. The over the shoulder shot was a prominent feature of the trailers we looked at, so we tried to include them in Beech Mount as this was a good way of telling the audience they were in a conversationWe also used reverse angleediting to show characterintimacy reactions andemotions. This feature is very prominent in hollyoaks trailers etc. So to match conventions and make our trailer as realistic as possible we used this type of shot editing. Hollyoaks
  5. 5. Beech Mount MisfitsBig Close Ups are importantfeatures of Soap trailers ,as it Point of View shots are also aquickly shows the emotion of prominent convention ofthe characters involved, and trailers, it is a way of establishinggives the audience their a scene and engaging with theperspective audience.
  6. 6. EditThe edit of my trailer is to match themusic, with the scenes fading to blackat the start to match the beats of themusic. The track I used was„Undisclosed Desires‟ by Muse. It hasquite a powerful sound, and is more of aminor key to represent the sadness ofthe characters. Also I have tried tomatch the parts of the music with theedits in my scenes, like when the vocalskick in I sped up the edit of my shots. This sort of edit was used in the coronation street tram trailer crash trailer. It creates a dramatic atmosphere for the viewer.
  7. 7. I used title cards to set a theme in my trailer, and to establish the parallel narratives with the audience. Like the made in Chelsea trailer I used repetition, with words beginning with „D‟, whereas Made in Chelsea used the words „brand new‟ in all their title cards.However the way my title cardsare used are different, as it isused to create drama, with avertical zoom, whereas theMade in Chelsea cards aremore light hearted with abrighter background colour
  8. 8. Mise En Scene The gay character Gary The costumes used for the characters were used to create a stereotype for the viewer, and could tell what the character was about.This matchesconventions, like inhollyoaks the bad guy isdressed in black, Gary isdressed up in quite feminineclothes, to represent his Hollyoakshomosexuality
  9. 9. Beech MountThe lighting was a naturalistictone, to try and give a sense ofrealism to the trailer. The mise en Made in These same features are used in the Chelseascene and character costumes were Made in Chelsea trailer. It createsused to make it seem as much of a the setting for the type of soap it is.normal everyday scene as However in our trailer the Mise enpossible, and something that the scene was used to create characteraudience could relate to. Also the stereotype whereas Made insettings of the scenes were naturals Chelsea is more to represent wealthplaces, such as peoples houses or etc.parks.
  10. 10. SoundHaving watched othertrailers, I realised there wasn‟ta need for a lot of dialogue.Most of the scenes are justlooks between characters andactions to represent therelationships between them.This matches the soap Beech Mountconventions The backing track needed to be ducked when the dialogue was played. I also felt we could have included more dialogue as it became harder to follow without it Hollyoaks
  11. 11. Genre The use of intertextuality, of the phones of characters was another way of setting the mood and indicating to the audience what was happening. Also the use of i-phones and blackberries is a way of representing the persons culture e.g. i-phones – younger generation in the trailer, and is something a Beech Mount younger audience could relate to which is a way of locating target audienceThis sort of thing is shown in hollyoaks torepresent a character POV and engage theviewers with the soap and the drama. Hollyoakshas a similar target audience to mine Hollyoaks
  12. 12. This feature is also shown in Made in Chelsea. However we challenged conventions by having very contrasting storylines ; an affair and homosexuality, whereas the Made in Chelsea storylines were more similarThe use of Parallel Narratives in trailersis a common feature, as it keeps theaudience interested and makes themwant to watch the actual soap. We hadtwo main story lines in Beech Mount anda couple of smaller ones, interweaving inand out of each other.
  13. 13.  Also the music I have used as the soundtrack is a minor tone, Muse and Undisclosed Desires. This sets the mood as sad and gives the trailer a dramatic feel, and works well with the clips I have edited together.  This tell the audiences to feel a sense of pity and empathy for the characters This is unique for theThe Images and clips from my target audience, and istrailer give a depressing feel and more conventional in athere is a theme of despair soap like eastenders orrunning throughout the trailer coronation street.This is backed up as I use thewords “Despair, Denial, Deceit” However it is stillin the title cards between the conventional as viewersstories. want an emotional catharsis.
  14. 14. Examples are when Gary told spencer that he was going to come out. Also the texts received looked at through a POV shot, to show the audience what has been read.We used many closed narratives togive information to the audience thecharacters didn‟t know This feature is often used to engage audiences and tell them the parallel narratives quickly. It is often featured in The only way is Essex
  15. 15. Real life soap magazine The audience already knows who the peopleLots of arepictures Quite a vibrant colour scheme It has a trashy layout Attention grabbing
  16. 16. Following conventions Large mastheadVibrant colours Colour coded Button days of the week Lots of pictures AttentionTrashy layout grabbing
  17. 17. Real life ancillary Characters in Same mood/genreLarge picture costume to as the soap represent the soap
  18. 18. Following conventions Characters in costume Settings represent narratives Large picture E4 branding and logo