George St written Evaluation


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written evaluation part 1

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George St written Evaluation

  1. 1.
  2. 2. As my soap trailer did not venture into parody,it stuck to some of the main conventions ofexisting soap operas that we are familiar with.I took influence from soaps such as We edited the trailer to have aCoronation street and Eastenders and used dark, grey tone to it, much likethe conventions from these to build my Eastenders do, to make the look of the stories feel gritty andproduct around realistic. 1
  3. 3. By sticking to regular filming styles used in televisedsoaps I was able to give the trailer a professional feel. Asdemonstrated above I utilised conventional cameraworksuch as the 2 shot & the Over the shoulder shot. Acommon shot type in soap operas to show charactersinteracting. Standard 2 shot, OTS shot, commonly used in soap operas, demonstrating characters relationships on screen.
  4. 4. 2 Shot from Eastenders When filming the trailer I tried to stick to conventional Mise en scene practises by using 2 shots throughout the trailer to show the different relationships and conflicts between the characters. In this way I used existing conventions, and built upon them to make my trailer more believable as a Soap Opera.
  5. 5. I also tried to stick with the conventions set by the channel the soap was branded with, I chose ITV because Soaps like Coronation street felt like the most similar soap to mine, the themes and storylines fitted well with the gritty feel of ITV dramas and soaps. The title cards, style of filming and dialogue was influenced by the ITV style of drama.The branding of my soapstayed consistent with thechannel and audience Iwas producing for.
  6. 6. By matching the beat of the music to thecutting and editing of the trailer I was able tocreate tense atmosphere The sound and music used in the trailer could also be considered to stick to conventions as the beat of the music matches with the beat and editing of the trailer, a common technique used by soap trailers and existing media products to make the trailer more fluent and fitting with the nature of the characters and events... I used a piece of music with a minor tone to reflect the downbeat nature of the soaps themes... The beat of the music matches the edits between the title cards and the opening tracking shot.
  7. 7. I used conventional editing techniques that complimented the narrativestructure of the trailer. Making it easy to follow and deduct the variousstorylines whilst implying the relationships of the different characters. Ichose to start off with the trailer moving at a slower than normal pace, andfocusing on the main storyline of blackmail, but towards the end I sped upthe editing to mimic the sharp cutting present in the trailer for Dallas that Iresearched. Each of these shots at the end of the trailer are quickly cut to give the ending a more urgent tone as it draws to the end of the trailer
  8. 8. Camera at eye level to get the audience involved with the conflict and to make the situation more relatable. Characters stood far apart to show the effects of the argument on their relationship Set in a homely looking living room, a calm Character dressed in a suit jacket to show environment to juxtapose the argument and professionalism but also to demonstrate how the tension combining his work life and home life has caused argumentsI used conventional methods of filming that use the normal language of film to representthe characters. By using conventional methods of filming to depict emotions andsituations, it makes it easier for the audience to relate with the characters, a keycharacteristic of soaps.
  9. 9. Dark shadows cast across character to symbolise a villain Inclusion of feminine object in frameScene set in a study to once again to show a female presence in theshow professionalism and business houselike attitude, contrast to the otherend of the conversation in thephone box I also used existing conventions by having the environments I filmed in mirror the characters situations or personalities. An important convention in soaps that helps the audience form connections between different kinds of filming techniques and varying characteristics.
  10. 10. I developed and built on conventional styles of Mise enscene in the trailer by using a long tracking shot at the start,Soaps often use long takes to increase tension in scenes, Iused it to do this as well as make the opening sequenceseem different and more abstract from conventional soaps,therefore making a more personal product that still utilisedcommon media practice. The opening seconds of my trailer took the form of a drawn out tracking shot. Unconventional for soaps, which tend to use quicker Shot, reverse, shots in favour.