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  1. 1. Kerry McGranaghanAndHayley Banks
  2. 2. Traditional horror conventions we noticed were: •Dark desolate scenery •Children are often associated as a link between the paranormal The research we did was necessary to understand the •Film title was at the end conventions of a successful horror trailer, we had to study •No credits shown to make the film seem more realistic existing trailers which promoted the trailer in the right way. •Ugly imagery and props The two horror trailers we focused on was Pan’s Labyrinth and •Speed of clips matched the audio Insidious, however, for comparison we also researched an •Silence can be key antithesis; Dinner for Schmucks which is a comedy. We chose •The story line follows the same path indicated by our to do an opposite trailer to make the horror conventions more obvious, and to evaluate how an audience would research on Todrov;s narrative of equilibrium to recognize them. disequilibrium then left at the climax. Used: The conventions we choose to conform to was those of the dark mis-en- scene, the fast paced edits and flashing images really enhanced our trailer. Developed: The convention that we developed was the use of a family relationship being the setting, but filmed as a documentary by the older sister. Challenged: We challenged the convention that dialogue was needed in the trailer, instead we rely on the clips and music to inform the audience. We also challenge the use of actors and producers names in the trailer, in using new actors and not promoting them in the credits it will make the trailer seem more authentic.While studying both teaser and full length trailers we discovered that the instant differencebetween the horror and comedy trailers is the mis-en-scene. Even just from the posters wecan see that Insidious’ themes will only be dark and dramatic, where as in slight contrastPan’s Labyrinth portrays a slight crease of light, symbolising there is a battle between thehorror themes and a happy ending. Yet in complete comparison Dinner for Schmucks islight and the close up emotions portrayed by the faces possibly symbolising the theatricalhappy and sad masks shows that the film is a hybrid of humour and drama.
  3. 3. Similarities: The similarities between these to magazines is the importance of layout, they both include what other articles are inside, clear information and typography and the iconic photo from the film. Differences: The contrast of colours,; ENTERTAINMENT is obviously a lighter and humours magazine represented by its block fonts and “sunny day” colouring. Where as FANGORIA uses gothic typography and dark outlines to represent that it is a specific genre of magazine. The main difference we believe has a huge impact on the magazine is the importance of the films name, The Hangover is considerably smaller than Insidious which Our magazine cover is presented through create a completely different effect. EMPIRE, we chose EMPIRE because it is the most successful film magazine around and therefore our film will gather a lot of attention. We chose toUsed: After looking at dozens of magazine edit the title by mirroring as a reflection tocovers we decided to use the traditional symbolise the link with the film and the demonicpositioning of Title at the top, combined possession through mirrors, we also gave EMPIREwith large image, and lesser information at a stain glass shiny effect to enhance the link ofthe bottom. We chose to conform to this mirrors.because it is the easiest format for a viewer We made sure that the use of layers wasto comprehend because it is linear. effective and complimented the cover, eg. WeDeveloped: We developed on the did not cover the main title only the reflectionseparation of the typography such as but the title of the film takes priority over theFANGORIA demonstrates that there is other photography,films being advertised in the 35mm wheel. We kept the colour scheme as only 4Challenge:d We challenged however the colours, red, white, yellow and black. This is because it makes specific elements of the coveruse of photography, instead of just one standout such as the red is what the audience inimage we explored the use of combining drawn to first and then they notice the lesstwo, we found this effective for the important information . This colour scheme is alsoaudience to understand the link between connected with horror trailers.the girl and the mirror. We were also sure to include the legal requirements that must be visible on a magazine such as the date and price.
  4. 4. The use of a film poster is to advertise to a percentage of the audience that perhaps maynot be able to access the media advertisements, so posters can be arranges in publicplaces for the world to see. The Insidious poster is very interesting, especially with the use oflocation and typography. The darkened shirt makes it easy for the text to be read and thepositions of the upside-down title suggests evil and destruction are going to be elements ofthe film. There is also reference to pathetic fallacy which enhances the tension of the poster.Used: We decided that like most posters we were going to conform by having theprotagonist as the centre of the image. We also took from the Insidious poster to includeourselves as producers so that the audience can have something else to judge what genreof film it is.Developed: We developed the use of also using a child as the protagonist but facing awayfrom the camera, we think this creates anonymity and suspense.Challenged: However we challenged the use of only one carefully set up picture, butinstead used a multitude of images to give an insight of what is to some in the film. Our poster is relevant to our film because it is another level of effective advertisement that also contains information the audience needs such as the date it is released and the BBFC rating. The title is bold and demonstrates the difference between light and dark but also the reflection in the mirror which is why the white half of Anna is backwards. Static as the background is considered to be the sign of the paranormal and this thought is enhanced by the heart monitor line. We also included a slogan but we made sure that the text was smaller and less demanding then “ANNA” as to not take the point of focus away, we included a slogan to tick in the audiences mind.
  5. 5. How effective is the combination ofyour main products and ancillarytexts?
  6. 6. The media industry is very competitive, so the importance of “branding” aproduction such as the films name or slogan means they can legally copyrightit: ©. By copywriting your work it makes it illegal for another party to copy anypart of your work, eg: These companies are branded byHow they can be there logos, whichcreated. attracts a wideOur main task is represented by our ancillary texts( poster and magazine cover) audienceeffectively by the connections between each of them. Although each piece is suitable because itfor the format it is in attempted to keep the focus of similarities especially in the title: represents theirANNA. What we found was effective was that an audience was able to recognize that standard.the trailer and the poster was linked just by the use of typography, colour schemes andgrainy backgrounds. This is important when advertising to keep consistency so that theaudience does not get confused. We made sure that in each media product we created we had to keep the title of the film very similar, the name will be remembered for the backwards reflective lettering and the colour scheme of black, white and red. We also tried to incorporate the heart beat line in both titles , however we changed the background on the poster because it created a better effect then the animation we used in the trailer, however the similarities are still obvious.
  7. 7. We surveyed 10 people after watching our film trailer and these were some ofthe results-(the people were kept anonymous to keep confidentially) We have shown our film trailer to several different audiences that belong to both genders and a wide range of age groups. The majority of the feedback that we received was positive. “the film trailer was very well put together and I could definitely see that this was a trailer for a horror film”. This quotation from an audience member shows us that we have included traditional horror conventions when creating our trailer so that the audience can clearly see that this film will be a horror film. “I liked the fact that this film looked really realistic”. We found that our trailer was successful as we were aiming to make the trailer look realistic so that it will have a bigger affect on the audience. Although the majority of our feedback was positive, there was some criticism to consider. “the trailer could have included more characters”. We found this criticism to be useful to us as we have learnt that showing only two characters in our trailer may not be enough to make it look interesting, and also that in the future we may need to include more characters in the trailer. “the trailer was good but it was a bit too long to keep my attention”. We again found this criticism to be very useful as we have now realised that many people do not want to watch a long trailer, so in the future we need to keep the trailer short so that the audience can keep their attention on the trailer.
  8. 8. Out of 10, what rating would you give our Was it clear from the trailer that this was a film trailer? trailer for a horror film? 10 9 8 Yes 7 No Would you want to see the film from Do you think that this trailer is too long? watching the trailer Yes Yes No No 100 80 60 40 20 Male 0 Female Ages-… Ages-… Ages-… Age-1-5
  9. 9. How did you use new technologiesin the construction andresearch, planning and evaluationstage?
  10. 10. Final Cut Pro was our main use of editingsoftware, we found it so much easier this year towork with it because we had all of last yearsexperiences, we found practically no problems inusing it which meant we finished editing a lotfaster.
  11. 11. Text Edit was the software we used to createour titles, we experimented a lot in Text Editbecause there was such a vast amount ofpossibilities, however we found it easy to useand in the end decided that a simple form oftext with a few layers of movement andtexture would be most effective.