Evaluation - Question One


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How Did You USE, DEVELOP & CHALLENGE Codes & Conventions Of Real Media Products?

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Evaluation - Question One

  1. 1. How Did You USE, DEVELOP Or CHALLENGEExisting Codes & Conventions?
  2. 2. Soap Conventions Multi-Stranded Narratives Soap Opera’s tend to have several storylines going on at once, including the point of view ofStorylines all of the characters involved.The storylines portrayed in SoapOpera’s are focused on family life andpersonal relationships. The most Sponsorscommonly used storylines are Soap Opera’s are funded by productromance, love and secret-relationships. placement.Basically everyday situations andrelationships. The storylines aren’t Characters No Relation Tounrealistic, However, it is unlikely all of The Characters in Soap The Realthese happening would occur in the Opera’s all tend to live Worldsame area at the time. These storylines together and have some Charactersusually go on for a few months this sort of links whether it be aren’t affectedkeeps the audience interested as they friends or family. Soap by anythingwant to discover the outcome. Opera’s tend to focus on that happens people from a very in the realShown On TV working-class background world, butAll Soap Opera’s are shown on specific although there can be events such aschannels at different times during the exceptions to managers of Christmas areevening depending on their content. companies some shown at the characters work for. same date of the real world.
  3. 3. Realism Fourth WallThis is created through the use of Meaning thatclocks and diegetic sound. the whole shot will showSet In A Particular Place three walls ofSoap Operas all have social the room andmeeting points such as pubs, the camera iscafé’s etc. All characters know the ‘fourtheach other well. wall’ which the audienceCamera cannot see.Most Soap Operas will use theMulti Camera Technique as many Makeupscenes can be captured from a Very littlerange of angles. Soaps would also makeup ismainly use static cameras to used oncapture their shots. characters to create aCharacters’ Clothing/Costume realisticMost characters would dress in everyday lifecasual clothing throughout the of theday as they all tend to be from a working-classworking-class background. people.
  4. 4. Research Into Soap Operas Branding Hollyoaks is shown on E4. There is also ‘Hollyoaks Later’ which is shown after the Watershed for scenes that aren’t appropriate to air until then.I have researched intothe Soap Opera whichthe Soap Opera Trailermy group our makingwill be based on. I Hollyoaks is sponsored by Nikon. Theyhave gathered draw you in as part of an audience.information on the Nikon go by the idea that ‘You live yourlocations, branding life through your phone and upload andand storylines of the share onto Twitter, Facebook andSoap. This will help Instagram.with my Soap OperaTrailer to understandhow they use Cameraangles, setting,lighting, clothing anddialogue.
  5. 5. I have gathered Brandinginformation on Coronation Street is shown on ITV1, it islocations, usually shown at 7:30PM.storylines andbranding for SocialRealism. Theseimages will helpme with using the Although storylines broadcast from thecorrect camera programme are very serious,angles/shot types, Coronation Street has been known tosetting, clothing have light humour and comicand dialogue. characters within the programme. Coronation Street has been sponsored by Harvey’s andrecently switched to CompareTheMarket.com. Although they were originally sponsored by Cadbury’s.
  6. 6. Existing Soap Research – Camera, Lighting, Sound & Mise En SceneCamera Angles Two shots are generally used in Hollyoaks to establish a relationship between the characters. It could also be used to involve movement or action. Also, it is a good way to follow the interaction between two people without getting distracted by their surroundings. Establishing shots are usually done to show the surrounding and possibly in this image it is useful in cases where the action is very spread out. Close up shots emphasise a persons a persons emotional state. The audience would then be drawn into the subject’s personal space and shares their feelings.
  7. 7. LightingIn Hollyoaks, they have used As you can see in my Soapnatural light, as you can see Opera (Affleck’s Palace) Ifrom the top image the sun is have also used natural light,shining through the blinds this helps to create realism.and reflecting off the walls.For social realism, SoapOpera’s work off natural lightand the weather that is thereat the time.
  8. 8. SoundHollyoaks Theme Tune(Existing Soap Opera) You can find this track at - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zjVHdd3NHeITaylor Swift – Better ThanRevenge (My Soap Opera) You can find this track at -http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dFo5- LmelDoI took inspiration for the soundtrack of my Soap Opera Trailer (Affleck’s Palace)from theHollyoaks Theme Tune. Hollyoaks have used a very up tempo song in major key which hasshown to be very catchy. I chose to use Taylor Swift’s song ‘Better Than Revenge’ as it isalso very up tempo and some of the lyrics used in the song such as “She should keep inmind, she should keep in mind, there is nothing I do better than revenge” fit in very wellwith the storylines used in this particular Soap Opera Trailer.
  9. 9. Mise En Scene Hollyoaks Set Affleck’s Palace (Existing Soap Opera) (My Soap Opera) I have used inspiration for my Soap Opera Trailer from some sets used in Hollyoaks, I have not necessarily tried to copy the locations but I have used my own twist on them so they will fit in with the storylines I have used.
  10. 10. Comparison – Hollyoaks (Existing Soap Opera) & My Soap OperaCostume All of the characters in Social Realism Soap Opera’s generally wear quite casual clothing which includes jeans, hoodies and jogging pants unless they are going out somewhere special. This would be because the majority of characters portrayed are from a working- class background so you wouldn’t expect them to be walking around in clothes that are all designer.
  11. 11. Comparison – Hollyoaks (Existing Soap Opera) & My Soap OperaAncillaries – Front Cover DATE Strapline I have included the date so Features Rule Of Thirds I have used the audiences will know when I have included Characters eyes are in service providers these Soap storylines are several the first third of the which can be used still going on. features to my magazine front cover. to access the magazine front programmes shown cover, this will in the magazines. draw in a much wider target Main Image audience. Both stars are looking directly Masthead into the camera I have added a new with a serious series of a Soap, tone giving the this will bring in a magazine a new type of ‘dark’ feel. audience.Colour Scheme Subheading GreyboxOnly 2 or 3 colours have been use, This catchy line will attract I have used a greybox tovery simple to keep the front cover an audience and make draw the audience to onelooking professional and avoiding a them wonder what this of the features which is‘trashy’ look. Drama will be about. most important.
  12. 12. Comparison – Hollyoaks (Existing Soap Opera) & My Soap OperaAncillaries – Billboard Poster BrandingSlogan This has beenI have also used shown foran advertising advertisingpuff to draw an and to showaudience into the audiencewatching the what channelepisode once it this Soapcomes out. Opera will be performed on. Main Image Date This image has I have included included all of the date so the main people will characters know when this that will be particular involved in episode will be that particular shown. episode.
  13. 13. Development Our group Soap Opera Billboard Poster decided toSoap Opera Trailer shoot the main shot ‘Foster Scene’ in an alley way to give the Trailer more of a realisticSoap Opera Front Cover feel. I have developed my Soap Opera Billboard Poster by just simply having all characters dress in very dark clothing to give the poster aI have developed my Soap Opera Front very ‘intense’ feel as it suitsCover by changing around the colour perfectly with the storylines.scheme (adding another colour) todraw in the target audience more.
  14. 14. Challenge I have challenged the codes and conventions of this TV & Satellite layout by using canted text on my subtitle. This has been done to highlight the headline, it is not just rivalry but between the closest of friends, this could draw the audience in as they might wonder what has happened to make them enemies. Although TV & Satellite week is known as a ‘classy’ magazine by canting the text, nothing has changed, the magazine front cover still looks professional.