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Question 1 eval(1)

  1. 1. Over the Multiple shoulder shots storylines Extreme close ups Multiple main POV shots characters¾ of storylinesshown in Shot on a settrailers Regular conflict Camera as fourth and wall Blue filters Not much make disequilibrium over camera up/ casual clothes lens – dull and realistic atmosphere
  2. 2. In my soap trailer research, I looked at Made in Chelsea asthe genre of my soap is the same as Made in Chelsea’s(realistic soap opera – Doccu-soap that creates a constructedreality). This is where the camera follows the lives of a groupof real people and make a narrative out of there every daylives.Some conventions for this genre include:• No scripts• Large cast that know each other, friends, that live in the same area• No characters• No costume• No storylines• People with different characteristics• Unique people/lifestyles
  3. 3. USE – The composition of the three-shot in my trailer is the same asin Made in Chelsea as is the gender of the characters and the fact thatit is two girls giving their male friend advice.Develop - The scene differs as the shot in Made in Chelsea is a lowangle shot, mine is from eye level to give this represents theaudience being sat in the same room as the characters.Challenge – The storyline, of Gary being scared to tell hishomophobic brother that he’s gay, is unconventional for the genre ofmy soap. I think it works as the audience could relate to the situation.
  4. 4. USE - The over the shoulder shot of the two best friends talking isconventional for soaps and is why I included this shot in my trailer.Develop – The scene is different as the locations in the shots aren’tthe same. Both are conventional for soaps, as they are realistic placeswhere people have conversations.Challenge - The relationships between the two different sets offriends is different as, my soap, Roche is seeing Paris’ boyfriendbehind her best friends back. This is a common storyline but as itkeeps the audience tuning into to see whether the cheat is caught.
  5. 5. USE - Dates are frequently used in real life soaps as the cover thepopular topic of romance and is why I used this two shot it in mytrailer.Develop - The timing of the date differs as it isn’t an evening date, itsmore informal during the day. This could represent the casualness in thecouples relationship.Challenge - The scenes differ as the audience knows that Spencer istwo-timing his girlfriend which can create “bad-guy” stereotypes forSpencer.
  6. 6. USE – Lads having bets and forfeits is common for this genre and is alsoincluded in my trailer as it adds humour to make the show entertaining.Develop – The narrative varies as the reason for Downton having towear a dress isn’t made clear to the audience as it’s a trailer trying topersuade people to watch and find out why.Challenge – The fact that Downton has to wear a dress is quite anunconventional forfeit. This again adds humour and could representthe how different the humour that the characters are.
  7. 7. USE – Title cards are conventional in trailers, especially new shows, asit informs viewers on what the shows about and its topics.Develop – My title card sequence differs as the words aren’tspoken/heard as the appear. No voice over. This brings more focus onthe images of the trailer, demanding the viewers full attention.Challenge – My title cards challenge the convention as they are editedconsecutively, but aren’t that fast paced. This is so the words are clearto read.
  8. 8. The mise en scene, in particular the costume ofGary, challenges conventions as Gary is dressedas a stereotypical gay man, yet his own brotherdoesn’t knows he is gay. This adds an element of humour and connotes a lack of intelligence that the characters have which is conventional for the genre, but also develops a relationship with the audience as they know what the rest of the cast don’t.Having a homosexual character isconventional for the genre as TOWIEhas Harry and Made in Chelsea hasOllie.
  9. 9. We also used mainly natural lighting to give a realistic feel to the soap. Other soaps such as Coronation Street and Eastenders place coloured lens’ over the cameras to give a gritty, dull look to the cinematography which represents the overall feelings of those soaps.However, we used high key lighting inthe scene with Gary, Paris and Roche asit is a use of pathetic fallacy as connotesthat good will come of Gary telling hisbrother that he is gay.
  10. 10. The clips of Roche and Paris doingtheir make up and getting ready togo out is a conventional scene forthis kind of soap as it shows thevanity of the characters and whatthey value in their lives. The fast cuts with the fast beat of the soundtrack make the simple actions much more effective as they increase the pace of the trailer to make it more enticing and entertaining.
  11. 11. We gave our characters unique names that arestereotypical for the genre and the lifestyles that are lived.Paris, Roche, Spencer, Downton, Charlton and Gary aren’tyour typical names and therefore match the genre well.We also matched the personalities of each person with thestereotypical characteristics that are seen in similar showssuch as Made in Chelsea and The Only Way Is Essex.
  12. 12. PARIS • Fashion designer • In a relationship with Spencer • Best friends with Roche and Gary • Boxer SPENCER • In a relationship with Paris • Secretly seeing Roche• Similar to Mark out of TOWIEROCHE • Model • Secretly seeing Spencer • Best friends with Paris and Gary
  13. 13. GARY • Gay but in denial, can’t cope • Scared to tell homophobic brother – Charlton • Best friends with Paris and Roche • Similar to ‘Harry’ out of TOWIE CHARLTON • Homophobe • Gary’s brother• Best friends with Downton and Spencer DOWNTON • Joker • Best friends with Spencer and Charlton • Was going out with Paris • Similar to Jamie out of Made In Chelsea