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Social Business Unplugged - Why most organizations fail - less tech, more leadership - Social Media Week Copenhagen 2014


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Presentation by Erik Korsvik Østergaard and Kasper Risbjerg during Social Media Week CPH 2014.

A wave of sociological and technological trends highly affects the strategic direction of most companies – whether they are global or local.
At the center is competitiveness through agility and adaptability – something Social Business promises, but has struggled to deliver.

The two speakers took the audience through an engaging and provocative session on what it takes to succeed as a Social Business, what mindset is needed and why they believe leadership is more important than technology.

They examined topics like:

* What is the current state of Social Business?
* What are the pitfalls of adoption?
* Which conditions are needed for success?
* What role does leadership play?
* Why is Social Business after all still the solution to competitive advantage?

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Social Business Unplugged - Why most organizations fail - less tech, more leadership - Social Media Week Copenhagen 2014

  1. 1. Social Business Unplugged less tech – more leadership Kasper Risbjerg @KasperRisbjerg Erik Korsvik Østergaard @ErikQstergaard #smwsocbiz
  2. 2. why
  3. 3. content less tech – more leadership competitiveness through adaption social business leadership through socialising leadership through brand value where are we today? how to get started?
  4. 4. competitiveness through adaption February 19, 2014 © ProActive A/S 4
  5. 5. ” Berlingske Politiko, 23-Feb-2013 Bjarke Møller, Chief Editor, ”Mandag Morgen” The most competitive companies are able to compete in spite of high prices and high wages, and they are quicker to adapt and develop new products and service solutions that provides consumers more value and better customer experiences
  6. 6. female shift in leadership style aging workforce volatile markets radical sustainability urbanisation empowerment through connectivity globalisation February 19, 2014 © ProActive A/S 6
  7. 7. Steen Hildebrandt Lars Kolind, Jacob Bøtter the resilient organisation UNBOSS the purpose driven organisation leadership culture people systems surroundings everything is purpose driven you have influence on solution and approach everybody is involved we use mechanisms, not structures February 19, 2014 © ProActive A/S 7
  8. 8. organisations that survive are more adapting, innovating, engaging Gary Hamel (YouTube: Reinventing management for the 21st century)
  9. 9. competitiveness through adaptaility
  10. 10. leadership and soc biz are catalysts social business leadership through socialising Kilde: CIPD Hackathon report, 2013, fra ”the MIX”: Hacking HR to build an adaptability advantage
  11. 11. leadership through socialising February 19, 2014 © ProActive A/S 11
  12. 12. establish a circle of trust and safety Source: Simon Sinek
  13. 13. it has to make sense purpose product team you
  14. 14. purpose driven leadership with #unboss © Erik Korsvik Østergaard 2013
  15. 15. social business – unplugged authentic and transparent trust, care, motivation, involvement long-lasting commitment ready for change
  16. 16. social business three business cases • communication, dialogue, culture, leadership ?! • expertsystems, q&a, crowd sourcing • single/douple-loop learning, infused BPM
  17. 17. social business – plugged present and transparent involving and real-time integrated and available be present, often create relations and broadcast results visualise support and help share experiences support collaboration and sharing support rating and commenting TO-DO
  18. 18. leadership and soc biz saves money agile and adaptable organisation better risk management social business (un)plugged happier, motivated employees less sick leave higher employee retention rate
  19. 19. poll my organisation deliberately nurtures leadership through … less tech – more leadership 19
  20. 20. leadership through brand value February 19, 2014 © ProActive A/S 21
  21. 21. we want loyal customers
  22. 22. social media refers to interaction among people in which they create and share information in virtual communities brands are a natural community of people identifying with each other with a shared set of beliefs a social business is an organization that is more open, transparent and participatory in conversations and activity that defines markets Source: Wikipedia
  23. 23. overlap? HINT: people
  24. 24. employee advocacy converts 7x as much as traditional digital marketing Source: IBM
  25. 25. advocacy = sales 53% of change in sales can be attributed to advocacy Source: The Most Powerful Brand on Earth
  26. 26. don’t be social for the sake of social social media is about relationship
  27. 27. business cannot just be customer-centric, they must be customer-activated - it's just table stakes Source: IBM – The Customer-activated Enterprise
  28. 28. executives are struggling – we are to blame 52% of top executives are informed, engaged and aligned with social strategy 26% have a hollistic social business approach Source: Altimeter Group
  29. 29. consistent, predictable, rigid, tightly controlled, homogenous
  30. 30. diverse, dynamic, exciting, individualized, chaotic, uncontrolled, unpredictable
  31. 31. which would you rather be?
  32. 32. a new powerful exchange is taking place
  33. 33. 250+ IBM senior experts & execs in Select Program 5,000+ IBM experts in Forward Thinker Program 430,000+ IBMers trained on social media 61,000,000+ IBMer social media connections
  34. 34. +141% reach +157% engagement +177% amplification what matters is the right network
  35. 35. establish an environment of trust this is the step where most organizations fail Source: Simon Sinek
  36. 36. when you have trust and you get that trust in place throughout the company, people are empowered – people are free - Angela Ahrendts, former CEO of Burberry, now SVP at Apple
  37. 37. In today’s world you can only control the narrative of a brand by focusing on (real) purpose and values
  38. 38. poll which of the following outcomes can you attribute to your social business program in the last 12 months? less tech – more leadership 41
  39. 39. where are the organisations? February 19, 2014 © ProActive A/S 43
  40. 40. where are the organisations? they know, they need to act leadership + talent management is rising delegation leads to faster decisions and better adaption less tech – more leadership February 19, 2014 © ProActive A/S 44
  41. 41. where are the organisations? HR has benefited twice as much from internal socbiz as rest of the organisation Networked Business Factbook 2012/13 modern HR with soc biz is rising Predictions for 2014, Bersin By Deloitte February 19, 2014 © ProActive A/S 45
  42. 42. benefits higher motivation faster decisions less sick leave more happiness higher employee retention rate adaption and competitiveness
  43. 43. get started talk about it – focus on WHY agree on your ambition and intention engage in leadership, both plugged and unplugged there should not be a social strategy, but only a customer experience strategy less tech – more leadership
  44. 44. Social Business Unplugged less tech – more leadership Kasper Risbjerg @KasperRisbjerg Erik Korsvik Østergaard @ErikQstergaard