Evalution: Question 1


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Evalution: Question 1

  1. 1. The Grove Matthew Tildesley Candidate Number: 4891 Aquinas College: 33435
  2. 2.  In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
  3. 3. Camera as On a set, not on athe fourth location.wall. Casual clothes (costume) creates realism.Big close up toshow emotions. ¾ storylines in Soap forms trailers and storylines : KeepsPOV overshoulder shots : and the viewersinvolves the conventions interested and allows the multipleaudience, makesthem feel like they to be spread acrossare there, multiple episodes.experiencing the Multiple main characters :characters Allows for multiple parallelemotions. narratives and convergence. Keeps the audience interested.
  4. 4. Various differentstorylines are used tomake the trailer moreinteresting.There are 7 total
  5. 5. • I started my trailer withthe main storyline sceneto instantly grab theaudiences attention, thecar crash but I decided toshow the eventsfollowing up to it.• As the trailer continues,we continued to getoutrageous images ofdeath and conflictbetween the characters•My trailer was slow andsteady but also was notto slow to giveeverything away.
  6. 6. We used natural lighting to give oursoap a natural look.The natural lighting also helpedmake the soap look realistic.We did however use the night effectwhen editing this was to make thescene look as though it is dark andcreates a negative atmosphere.
  7. 7. Use of not having thecharacters face in shot createsthe mystery of a ‘who done itscenario?’Low angle shot of the phone addsemphasis to the importance of it.Low Angle shots create the effect ofthe audience watching the person.Mostly used to show weakness orpeering over someones shoulder.
  8. 8. Arm over the shoulder showscomforting nature of thecharacter. The clothing and hair show the characters stereotype and gives them identity Use of costumes and props emphasise characters stereotypical appearance and style.Two Shot establishes connectionsbetween two characters usual used toshow characters that are inrelationships. This shot shows how the characters are connected but that there is something going on between them with the expression of the actors
  9. 9. We also decided to use phonesas a way to express and relate tothe intended audience as theaudience will usually haveaccess to this technology.Phones were a great way toshow how the soap reflectseveryday life as it is availableto everyone. The use of having a close up of the phone adds tension as sometimes cause we can not see who is holding the phone or whose it is.
  10. 10. We used this shot from aEastenders episode as it waseffective to show thecharacter in the car as if wewere stood right next tothem empathising the crash
  11. 11. I decided to use the song‘Broken’ by Seether featuringAmy Lee as the tone of the songfitted my trailer but also the useof having the male and femalesinger added impact to thetrailer due to the mainstorylines of love.
  12. 12.  Instead of having the soap for adults we decided to aim it at a younger audience from the ages of 16+ We also picked storylines that mainly relate to the auidence.