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Evaluation media


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Evaluation media

  1. 1. Q1. How did you USE, DEVELOP orChallenge codes and conventions of real media products? Laura Marshall
  2. 2. Mise en scene. Make up is used in soaps to show Costumes used to identify the class, what kind of soap it is. For example status and moods of characters. little make up is used on soaps like Location and background reflect the Eastenders to make it look realistic type of characters and their class. where on scripted reality soaps like Made in Chelsea, their makeup is Conflict between characters is always full and perfect so show shown by the body language their wealth. and facial expressions of characters. All soaps use extreme close ups to show emotions on an actors face Soap during a main storyline. ConventionsImportance of Scripted Reality Multiple story lines at once to keep the audience The locations and scenarios engaged, although in Scripted are set-up by the shows Camera Shots Reality, there is usually one producers, the interaction Close ups main story line going on. between the cast is real. The Establishing shot characters usually have a lot Two shot of money, or like to appear Medium close ups Soaps are usually on all year that they have a lot of money. round but Scripted Reality soaps not and are on at different times through the year.
  3. 3. Using forms of conventionsThe Hollyoaks logo uses the genders signs Just by looking at this advertisement forand also is written in blue and pink which Made in Chelsea it is clear the charactersstereotypically pink is a girls colour and are wealthy by the clothes they areblue is stereotypically a boys colour. With wearing and the props in the set. Thethem putting the two colours together it props may also be showing that the showlooks like they are trying to connect both being named ‘Made in Chelsea’ is a spoofgenders, showing the soap is for males of the catchphrase ‘Made in Britain’ . Theand females. With the font they have characters shown are attractive youngused it looks stylish and modern, which and look like they are wealthy, hintingaims the soap at an age range of 15-30. what the show is about, which attracts its audience as they aspire to have that lifestyle.
  4. 4. Using forms of conventionsAs we decided our trailer to be a Scripted Reality we took inspiration from Made in Chelsea. But we decided to name our soap ‘Northern Rock’, as we our from Manchester, which is in the North of England, and we filmed around Manchester.
  5. 5. Use of locations and props. Location is a key part in any soap as it shows the sub genre of the soap. For example if a soap is We have filmed some of our trailer in Piccadilly filmed in a greasy spoon cafe, the sub genre train station to use the conventions of a Made in would be realism. As we were filmed a Scripted Chelsea trailer which is also filmed in a train reality soap with the conventions of Made in station. It also shows the wealth the characters Chelsea we wanted to show wealth and places are portraying, as in soaps such as Coronation which looked middle class. To also show Made in Street, characters can sometimes be seen by Chelsea conventions we filmed some of our shots leaving on a bus. in Manchester, to show where it is based, just as Made in Chelsea films around Chelsea and has shots of familiar landscapes in Chelsea.To make our trailer look like a Made inChelsea trailer we used props such as bigbags, and the costumes the characters arewearing, for example blazers. The make upthe characters are wearing are also just likethe Made in Chelsea characters. By thecharacters wearing big bags, blazers andtheir make up well done it shows that theyare from a wealthy background and canafford to wear items that people from aworking class background may just wearon a special occasion.
  6. 6. Location 2-’cafe’ To also show the middle class image we were trying to portray with our soap we filmed at one our houses in different rooms to show different locations. For example we used a kitchen to show a cafe like Costa coffee.Therefore the locations enhances thewealth of the characters and theirmiddles class background and portraysthe characters laid back approach tothe wealth that they have. Coffee cups to show Over shot camera shot used audience they are at a to make the audience feel cafe. like they are in the shot watching it as it happens.
  7. 7. Storylines.By adding different storylines in our trailerit not only meets soap conventions it makesthe soap and trailer more interesting andmakes the audience want to know what isgoing to happen next.
  8. 8. Storylines. Mine Other soapsIn my soap I decided to have a Another storyline i decided to use in mystory line where a character is trailer was best friends arguing as oneleaving and the best friend wants had stabbed another in the back aboutto them to stay and an ex a boy they are both interested in andboyfriend wants them back. the boy has to chose who he wants.