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Evaluation question 1


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Evaluation question 1

  1. 1. OCR G324 Joe Garnett 3304 Aquinas College: 33435
  2. 2. Evaluation Question 1:In what ways does your media product use, develop orchallenge forms and conventions of real media products? Using conventions = Taking the conventions of soap operas and applying them to my own product
  3. 3. Conventions of soap operas-Soaps usually run week-in, week-out all year round-Continuous storylines(narratives) based around domestic,personal and relationships-Plots are open ended and interlinked-Theme tunes that change rarely-Mainly based on working class characters-Set around a small central area (such as a square,Eastenders, or a cul-de-sac, Brookside)-They are very mundane, and will usually have anoverarching theme each programme-Usually there is not much non-diegetic sound-Short scenes which start off with an establishing shot
  4. 4. Using conventions close ups and big close ups are used often in soaps to convey emotion, they give the audience a sense of being close to the character. A lot of the time they are shown at the end of a scene to show the characters feeling after an interaction.
  5. 5. Using conventions Over the shoulder shots are very common in soaps, the audience feel as if they are peeking over the characters shoulder and they are in the scene. They show where the audience need to focus, cropping out any distractions.
  6. 6. Using conventions In some soaps, before we enter a particular place we are shown an exterior shot of the mise-en- scene, this is to establish where we are. This means that the interior and exterior shots are within close proximity to each, which reinforces the small area of which the show is set.
  7. 7. Using conventionsAlmost all soap trailers have a non-diegetic soundtrack which runs throughoutthe trailer.The song we chose wasJames Vincent McMorrow – Higher loveIt was sung using a very high pitch voice along with high notes of a piano, thesecreate a slight sadness around the soap, which most soaps are as they try torealistic.
  8. 8. Using conventionsPiano key Many soap trailers are edited so that the beats of the non-diegetic Music beat sound match the cuts.Piano key
  9. 9. Using conventions Influences Hollyoaks – Murder storyline Costumes - black Shot types (CU/BCU – emotion) Coronation Street – Kevin cheated on his wife Sally Costume/make-up – glamour Shot types – mid shot
  10. 10. Using conventionsWe chose E4 as theinstitution for our soaptrailer. This was becauseof the influence that E4shows had given us.
  11. 11. Using conventions E4 use a white American Typewriter font, placed on a purple background with an E4 logo, they have a web address shown on their title cards. It is usually placed at the end of a soap trailer.
  12. 12. Developing conventions Developing conventions = taking the conventions of soap operas and applying a different spin on them
  13. 13. Developing conventions Although, villains/murderers/kidnappers are conventions of soaps and are used regularly, our villain(murderer) was much younger than what has been the norm in other soaps.Costume canreinforce what thatcharacter is like
  14. 14. Developing conventions Because we have seen murders in other soaps (Hollyoaks), the audience may assume that the character in Hilltop Farm is also a murderer because of the costume, even though the character is much younger.
  15. 15. Developing conventions Corrie Unlike most soaps such as Coronation Street, most of the cast are teens, and are more glamorous in costume and make-up. The trailer has more of a Hollyoaks or even a Towie feel to it. Towie
  16. 16. Challenging conventions Challenging conventions = ignoring the conventions of soaps
  17. 17. Challenging conventions Hilltop Farm is based in Alderley edge, a higher class area than the many of the places where other soaps are set.(such as Albert square in Eastenders, There is no evidence in my media product that any of the characters have jobs, whereas is Corrie and Eastenders the jobs that people have include mechanics and bar staff.
  18. 18. In many soap trailers there aretransitions between the cuts of differentscenes and shots to show jumps intime, which is evident in my mediaproduct.Most of the shot types are very similar(CU/BCU) and the storylines have beenused in many soaps for years. (murderin Hollyoaks - Silas, cheating inCoronation Street- Molly and Kevin )Overall I would say that my mediaproduct uses the conventions of realmedia rather than develop or challengethem.