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Havas Sports & Entertainment's predictions of the hottest 2013 trends to keep an eye on and selection of the most memorable, innovative and successful campaigns of 2012.


  2. 2. FOREWORD Creativity is at the heart of everything we do. In order to continually inspire and challenge our own teams around the world, we appointed a global crew of trend hunters to uncover and report back on the best campaigns out there. The result of this work is a dedicated blog and a monthly publication showcasing our 13 favorite case studies. At the end of each year, we will have experienced and shared a lot of great work, so when December rolls round, we take a moment to reflect and select the most memorable, innovative and successful campaigns. This, combined with our expertise, allows us to map out a pretty clear picture of the year ahead of us, and the hottest trends to keep an eye on. So sit back and peruse this year’s overview, along with our 2013 predictions.  Challenge us, question our logic, congratulate us, share the content with your friends. Whatever you do, enjoy it! Havas Sports & Entertainment Group© Havas Sport & Entertainment 2
  3. 3. OUR pREDICTIONS FOR 2013© Havas Sport & Entertainment 3
  4. 4. Micro-Communities ‘‘‘‘ Small is the next big thing  2012 saw the continued growth of the world’s largest social network Facebook reach more than 1 billion active members. The average number of Facebook friends has similarly grown from 120 in 2010 to 386 in November 2012. But how many of these 386 virtual friends do you want to share your whole life with? There is a growing trend that shows that people want to be more selective with who and what they share. This in turn has seen the development, growth and success of micro-communities to offset the macro-communities. Path is a social network and messaging service for mobile devices that limits each user’s social network to 150 «friends» in order to encourage users to select only high-quality connections. The actual number of friends people have on Path is often no more than 15 and the service aims to be a place where users can share only with their closest friends and family. While users will continue to broadcast themselves and their opinions to their entire database of friends (such as on Facebook), more specific and selective content and activities will only be shared amongst a smaller sub set of contacts. Small will be the next big thing.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 4
  5. 5. Geolocation‘‘ Tell me where you are and I’ll tell you what ‘‘you share with your neighbor  Brands are encouraging and enabling consumers to meet up face to face and playing a “facilitator” role in the creation of communities based around shared passions, interests and, of course, location. Every week in Paris at the Nike Store consumers meet and take to the streets running. Since the rise of Foursquare we have learned that by geolocating ourselves we can gain priceless suggestions and discounts. We are now seeing an increasing number of thematic mobile apps that are based on people’s passions and interests by leveraging geolocation to combine virtual and real life. Applications like MapMyRun allows you to know if there is someone running near you (and even their level of performance if they enable “share” it) so that you can decide to join them for the run. Submate is a mobile application to meet and connect with people with whom you travel each day on the subway. Applications like Grubwithus or Gnammo allow you to attend/organize meals at restaurants or at home, gathering people that are in the same city and share a passion for the same type of food. Perks and discounts are great ways to attract prospects and engage with clients but geolocation now gives brands the opportunity to embody the word social at its full, allowing people to meet and share common passions.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 5
  6. 6. Barter Marketing ‘‘‘‘ Being creative in times of crisis  Bartering sounds like a very ancient business model but according to the International Reciprocal Trade Association the US barter market is worth a staggering $12 billion annually. The economic crisis certainly influenced this historical business model and “Barter Weeks” are now an established event worldwide. Demonstrating the fact that advertising and marketing approaches often reflect the larger economy, many brands took inspiration from the Barter Economy trend to push branded content campaigns based on the same principle: barter branded products for services and experiences, with very positive results for the brands’ equity through the resulting word of mouth. The Great American Bacon Barter by Oscar Mayer’s (Kraft Foods), featured the comedian Josh Sankey on a two-week cross-country trip with no cash or credit cards, just a trailer packed with 3,000 pounds of the brand’s Butcher Thick Cut Bacon that he had to barter for food, lodging and entertainment along the way.   Heineken Passport Campaign saw a man sent by the brand to Inner Mongolia and challenged to make the 5187km journey back home, with no money, just Heineken bottles to be bartered. Bartering will continue to grow as a business model for small companies and individuals and as the core idea of original branded content campaigns where products will be used as alternative currency. That said, currency brands will still look to barter for consumers’ social media influence. This will result in an increasing number of campaigns similar to the evolution of the Kellogg’s Special K Tweet Shop idea.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 6
  7. 7. Smarter targeting ‘‘‘‘ Bigger data for smaller insights  Social media is shifting consumers’ behavior towards an ever more permissive model of sharing and privacy.Every day we give out personal information in exchange for something we are interested in: simple information, content, purchases, perks, applications... The end result are true-to-life online portraits that give companies an unprecedented opportunity to understand prospective buyers with a greater degree of accuracy, and genuinely measure the impact of their social media efforts. In the coming years, winning brands will be those that will be able to analyze all this data to identify very specific insights and combine them with relevant critical masses, in order to build tailored virtual communities, improve customer care, create innovative social commerce programs and ultimately succeed in delivering more relevant, time- sensitive and meaningful messages.  Political campaigns and publishers are already making great use of Big Data. Brands are starting to use it to develop successful campaigns aimed at reaching “new targets” through a very specific insight. A good example is The House-Hunter Testdrive by Nissan Dubai. The brand teamed up with the most popular local house-hunting site targetting new expats through an application that analyzes the home, budget, neigh- borhood and family size search data, matching them with the right Nissan model for their lifestyle. Home hunters were exposed to ads for that specific model and even had the chance to be picked up by the car for a test drive on the way to their new home! The notion of privacy is evolving. Brands are learning how to analyze Big Data and make smart use of the results. This represents a great opportunity for marketers and customers to learn how to better market their social profiles: who you are will determine not just what messages you see, but also what price you pay for things, compared to others with a different profile or reputation.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 7
  8. 8. Entrepreneurial consumers ‘‘‘‘ Being the first is no longer soon enough  Over the years, brands have tried to connect with their audiences by providing them exclusive and priority access to new products, services or events. But consumers have evolved and are becoming involved with brands and stakeholders in a more active way and at much earlier stages of the process. After the rise of co-creation and crowdsourcing, the year ahead of us will see consumers contribute to the development, funding, execution and promotion of products and services either led by a personality or by a brand. Gartner, renown research and advisory firm, expects funds raised by crowdfunding platforms to reach $6.2 billion in 2013 - these platforms will be the main facilitator for consumers to engage in a new type of relationship. The perceived reward for them will be either monetary or emotional: being at the origin of a successful entrepreneurial project provides status and a great sense of belonging as well as great stories to tell. Kickstarter, one of the best known crowdfunding platforms in the market, has launched over 79,012 creative projects and raised over $426 million since its inception. In 2012, 24,883 fans of indie-artist Amanda Palmer raised $1,192,793 in 30 days to fund her new album and promotional tour. Amanda Palmer became the first musician to raise more than $1 million on Kickstarter. For young entrepreneurs, success stories will help create momentum and attract potential investment from traditional channels. For brands, opportunities lie in facilitating the connection between fans and creative project owners as well as creating opportunities for fans to bring their own projects to life. In both cases, brands will have the chance to get closer to early adopters who will spread the word and help recruit prospective loyal customers.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 8
  9. 9. The future of TV: Who said dinosaurs were extinct? New technology has transformed the global media environment from one organized around passive media consumption to a far more complex environment – mobile, multitasking, on-demand – where consumers have more control over where, when and how they interact with media. As audiences continue to shift from TV and print to the Internet, many have questioned the future of television and consequently that of advertising. With an expected 212 million TVs connected to the Internet at the end of 2012, Smart TV developments continue to dominate the news - their progress will shape new consumers’ video consumption habits. At the same time, we witness the rise of second screen. Forrester forecasts that by 2016 there will be 1 billion Smart phone and tablet users with Google, Apple and Microsoft powering 90% of these hand held devices. Smartphone penetration is between 40 and 50% in the western world.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 9
  10. 10. ‘‘‘‘ The future of TV brings producers closer to consumers 2013 will be a tipping point for right holders who will finally embrace connected TV to create their own web based channels, apps and games. They will use connected TV as a platform to enhance interest, engage a broader audience and reach new territories. Since consumers can access all forms of nonlinear web content, connected TV will enable right holders to reach out directly to consumers - cutting TV broadcasters and distribution out. This will pave the way for new business models, increase competition and innovation. In 2012, Google (YouTube) approached all major sports and entertainment right holders to offer them a new monetization model. Proprietary channels will now receive a share of the advertising revenues generated around their content. The IOC and Google have implemented this new model at a major scale distributing the London Olympic Games in 64 countries through 11 themed YouTube channels. The evolution of connected TV will also impact sponsor brands who will have to incorporate this new channel into the equation: from protecting their exclusive rights to leveraging their association with the sponsored content. In times of phenomenal multi-screen usage and ATAWAD* viewing, many have questioned the future of television, but after all, it seems that connected TV will still have a central role to play in the coming years, in particular in the content distribution landscape. The future of TV will go beyond TV broadcasters. * Any Time, Anywhere, Any Device© Havas Sport & Entertainment 10
  11. 11. ‘‘‘‘ The future of TV is about complementary screens Almost without fail, if you’re at a sports or music event, you’ll find yourself sitting next to someone tapping into their phone, replying to messages, tweeting, updating their Facebook status, searching for information… But while these activities continue to dominate mobile usage, a trend is emerging for more interactive and richer experiences. The pocket entertainment device isn’t just, “lean forward and tap”, it’s “lean back and watch”, like traditional TV. Twelve million pieces of the BBC’s Olympics footage were watched on mobile devices. Three million tablets accessed the BBC’s mobile site. YouTube delivered more than 230 million video streams of Olympic coverage, with 37% of these views in North America taking place on a mobile device. More and more content is being viewed on a mobile device and mobile specific formats content is increasingly a prerequisite for any televised event. Laptops, Smartphones and tablets are having an impact on the traditional personal computer market, but surprisingly there is little evidence that they are affecting the viewership or audience numbers of sports and entertainment on traditional TV channels. In fact the opposite is true with Smart phones positionedas the second screen to complement the main screen action. Traditional TV coverage and interactive mobile experience can complement a sport or entertainment event. It’s not the case of mobile vs TV, rather it’s a case of mobile + TV as long as the format and content on a mobile device is specifically shot and optimized for this small screen experience.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 11
  12. 12. ‘‘‘‘ The future of TV is also social  Connected TVs will allow for greater targeting through addressable advertising but overall are likely to become the primary screen for viewing content, whether on-demand video or content shared between devices or locations. Brands will use connected TV as a platform to create interest, extend the experience and inspire engagement across multiple screens. In 2012 we have seen global brands open the way: in Latin America, Coca-Cola launched the Coca-Cola TV project with entertainment including a live streaming of Paul McCartney’s concert, which encouraged the audience to join the conversation via social media platforms. The soft drinks brand has also signed a partnership with LG to offer exclusive access to Coke FM directly from LG’s Smart TVs. Connected TV will also boost transaction opportunities, either directly on the TV screen or via a combined action on second screen. Ikea recently launched a new line of TVs which features an integrated e-commerce platform allowing users to shop Ikea products in the comfort of their own homes. Connected devices creates the opportunity for TV to take on some of the capabilities of our computers, tablets or Smartphones. Even if consumers continue to use their large screens mainly to watch content, consumption habits will be transformed. The future of TV will be connected and social.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 12
  13. 13. REVIEWING OUR 2012 PREDICTIONS Beyond Fans & Likes: Early 2012 a study found that less than 1% of “fans” of a brand’s page on Facebook interact with itonce they have “liked” it.In the most recent State of Social Media Million Dollar Bloggers:Marketing Survey, Awareness Networks Brands recognize the power ofrevealed that more experienced companies an influencer’s tweet: New Yorkare applying new technologies to identify and Magazine revealed in January Embracing social media landscape: that Kim Kardashian is paidsegment prospects and buyers, such as social London 2012 was a great example of $10,000 a tweet while Snoop DogCRM and social marketing automation to drive how federations, brands and athletes makes about $8,000 per tweet.business value. are embracing social media with more confidence. But it doesn’t apply to celebrities Social media really brought athletes closer to only. Web entrepreneur, Jeremy us, fans. Like Kobe Bryant posting a picture Schoemaker runs a website about The Social just after the US basketball team win against making money online, he rakes in Olympics 2012: Argentina. Exclusive & priceless! about $20,000 a month! These were no doubt the first andmost social Olympics ever! The 2012 Olympics Fan sourced music: This year, Boston-based indietriggered a total of 102 billion shares on musician Amanda Palmer launched an 100% fan-fundedFacebook, 5 billion tweets and 100 000 photos recording. She asked her army of followers to help pay forshared on Instagram. its production, distribution and promotional world tour. She raised $1.2 million.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 13
  14. 14. REVIEWING OUR 2012 PREDICTIONS Sport & Technology: The best example is no doubt Felix Baumgartner’s Red Bull Stratos Sports Broadcasting: Mission which enlisted the most advanced FIFA sold the 2014 World Cup engineering and technology of our time. media rights across 4 media Felix was wearing 5 GoPro Cameras that platforms (internet, radio, TV, captured his POV during the supersonic fall mobile) among 189 territories. in high-resolution and allowed fans to “live” 90 territories have bought the experience afterwards. The event marked a milestone in online videos’ mobile rights against 10 continuing evolution with 8 million live streams. territories for the 2010 FIFA World Cup. BEAUTIFYING Digital Amnesty Day: 2012 has data & not seen the official Digital Amnesty storytelling: Day but similar initiatives have PR in marketing Infographics are indeed taken place. This year, “Earth mix: Following a major not new! We are Hour” celebrated its largest event to restructure earlier this year, actually seeing the date with more than 6,950 cities and PR P&G’s $9.3bn marketing death of the novelty of infographics towns in 152 countries and territories budget now includes but not a decline in their value. In the switching off their lights to raise the FMCG giant’s public past two years, infographics search awareness for relations activities. P&G’s volume has increased 800% global climateCMO Marc Pritchard says one of the most effective What does the future hold for change.parts of the Olympic campaign was the PR program infographics? Interactivity!which brought to life the story behind “Thank you,mom”.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 14
  15. 15. REVIEWING OUR 2012 PREDICTIONS Agile content: Olympic sponsor “ PR Accountability: LIVE AT&T launched an almost “real-time Companies have been looking for even more PR advert featuring actual footage of American swimmer Rebecca Soni advanced and accurate winning gold in the 200 meter algorithms to monitor breaststroke. This aired on NBC PR campaigns’ success straight after the broadcaster had online.A USC Annenberg study revealed thatshown that very race. Making use of the five-hour time delay between measurement is now getting 9% of corporate PRLondon and New York, AT&T pre-produced the majority of the advert budget. This rise speaks to the improved ability toand incorporated the real footage following Soni winning the race at measure web content via social media monitoring9pm in London for it to be aired at 9.30pm in the United States. tools, but also indicates a more strategic view and use of public relations. Pop-up events: Pop up marketing takes the event to the Personalized content: attendees and works brilliantly for This year, Twitter launched its first major creating exposure, engagement update of the Discover Tab. The new and and buzz. Pop-ups are easier to improved feature now surfaces more produce and budget friendlier. It’s not a new personalized content and provides an trend but in 2012, pop ups are taking the live enhanced experience to the individual user. experience to new heights One of the first brand new Discover pages Badoit surprised French commuters with an is dedicated to fans of the English Premier unusual gastronomic treat: one train, 400 League. “ “patrons , one Michelin-starred chef, 90 waiters and 135l of Badoit.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 15
  16. 16. REVIEWING OUR 2012 PREDICTIONS Live events get greener: Global Reporting Initiative published new guidelines for greener events in early 2012 which enables event organizers to report their sustainability performance in a comparable way. The London 2012 Games opened the way through a strong commitment to sustainability. Online influence monitoring: Social media Allianz Riviera was made of 7 500 m² of solar pannels and wood instead of has brought about a more subtle and cost effective pure steel. form of Influencer Marketing but identifying key Coca-Cola Enterprises recycled 10.5m bottles during the event, receiving influencers online can be rather difficult. ISO 20121 and 14001 certifications. Klout, PeerIndex and Kred are the most well known measures of online influence but 2012 has seen some newcomers such as Awedience, an application Location Based Entertainment: that combines the data from three key influencer According to Facebook’s Most Social services with Twitter search, location and time Landmarks around the World, 7 of the N°1 parameters. ranked landmarks across the top 25 most social cities were stadiums or arenas! This is a great Not to forget that the key to Influencer Marketing opportunity for brands and some have already is in the engagement. In 2012, PeerIndex launched taken action in 2012, including the IOC! its reward scheme for social influencers: PeerIndex’s The IOC partnered with Foursquare and launched a promotional badge for Perks Program. fans check-ins in affiliated venues around the world. Check-ins were also rewarded with tickets for the Olympic Games.© Havas Sport & Entertainment 16
  17. 17. campaigns we really liked in 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 17
  18. 18. The sound of Amnesty or how to raise awareness using music…What’s the story Why we it- Every year Amnesty International holds a signature- - It’s the first time a service failure is used to benefit two different stakeholders : AIgathering marathon. This year they chose to put in a and Shazamlittle extra effort, and turned the signatures into music - Humanitarian marketing 2.0: Amnesty International keeps on reaching out into new media and technology“A Shazam driven petition”- Amnesty International launched a campaign togather as many signatures as possible in one week toput pressure on authorities who flout human rights- They launched a project site in which everysignature unlocked the next note in an exclusivelywritten song called the Sound Of Amnesty.- Shazam, the music identification service, wasbrought on board to amplify the project: wheneverusers stumbled upon a song that wasn’t recognized, anadditional message was shown next to the traditionalerror message: ”Valentina Rosendo Cantu could notmake herself heard either. Assaulted by soldiers,she asked for justice but the authorities refused toinvestigate.”- After this message, the Shazam-user was asked tobreak the silence by signing a petition- The result of the campaign was the completion ofan exclusive song written by famous French-Israelisinger songwriter, Yael Naim, which was recorded on aCD and sent to the responsible authorities Image Credit Screenshot from MeltySuccess- The petition gathered 150,000 signatures in one Watch the video: WHO: La Chose Parisweek www.meltybuzz.fr/the-sound-of-amnesty-l-operation-choc-sur-actu92618.html- A 500% increase compared to last year’s results WHERE: France WHEN: January 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 18
  19. 19. FEEL GOOD or how to use Facebook to create an uplifting experience…What’s the story Why we it- During the cold winter months, Kleenex - Great use of social media to deliver a personalized message with a humandecided to give consumers an uplifting surprise, touchdelivered directly to their homes - It’s great to see brands step in and play the hero!“Got the FLu? Get excited!” flu? FL- Kleenex monitored Facebook statuses to findpeople with varying degrees of that annoyingwinter syndrome, the common cold- Finding addresses through their friends,Kleenex prepared and sent out 50 “Kleenex Kits”to bed-ridden consumers with personal messageswishing them to get well soon- The campaign allowed Kleenex to promote itsnewest collection of tissuesSuccess- Everyone who received the package posted aphoto on their Facebook wall- 650,000 total impressions- 1,800 interactions Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube WHO: Smoyz Watch the video: WHERE: Israel http://bit.ly/tvsMzz WHEN: January 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 19
  20. 20. Wash your bill or how to trade a meal for a product trialWhat’s the story Why we it- Leader in the home cleaning products market in - An experience that focused on a shared value proposition giving diners anBrazil, Scotch-Brite wanted to reach young active enjoyable and story-worthy experience.adults, one of the hardest-to-reach audiences for - The brand played cleverly with the cliché: “If you can’t pay your dinnerbrands bill, you will end up in the kitchen washing dishes”- The brand decided to break away from traditionalPOS product trials and create an innovative campaignleveraging locations where younger audiences alreadyhang out“Become a dish washer”- 3M Scotch-Brite partnered with several popularrestaurants in São Paulo, Brazil’s biggest and busiestcity, to launch the campaign ‘Wash your Bill’- Brand ambassadors surprised customers at the endof their dinner with a Scotch-Brite sponge that read“Don’t want to pay the bill? Go wash the dishes”- The invitation surprised the audience and the mostcourageous accepted the challenge.- Participants were escorted to the kitchen wherethey were given hairnets and could wash their dishesin a branded Scotch-Brite station. In return, Scotch-Brite foot the bill! Image Credit Screenshot from YoutubeSuccess- With just a small investment, Scotch-Brite was ableto introduce their sponges to a new demographic WHO: Grey 141 Watch the video:- The campaign was picked up by several media WHERE: Brazil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F7esRCgjO30outlets and industry bloggers WHEN: March 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 20
  21. 21. Spend a night at the stadium or how to approach the traditional corporate box in a new way…What’s the story Why we it- It all started with the official announcement that - A smart use of existing assets for a new and creative platform forThe Coca-Cola Company was closing its corporate consumer engagementbox at Lisbon’s Benfica Stadium and... transforming - The happy winners lived the match experience beyond the kick-off andit into a dormitory for the football team’s fans! the final whistle and shared it online, creating buzz and driving participation“Stadium sleepover”- Coca-Cola converted its corporate box into afully-equipped dormitory with eight bunk beds togive fans the ultimate experience – a sleepover atthe stadium before a match along with a full set ofhospitality activities- Fans could apply a week before the game theywanted to attend by sending a statement to MrJorge Jesus (Benfica’s coach), describing why theydeserved this unique experience- Applications could be made through Facebookand Coca-Cola Portugal’s website- The lucky winner was offered a 24-hour stay,accompanied by seven friends, in the heart ofthe Benfica stadium and a VIP football-viewingexperienceSuccess Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube- More than 1,000 fans applications in the firstweek of the campaign ‘ WHO: O Escritorio Watch the video: WHERE: Portugal http://youtu.be/_oQxEMW3OjA WHEN: April 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 21
  22. 22. Push to add drama or how to reach viral nirvana…What’s the story Why we it- For the launch of their newest channel, TNT, - How they managed to have the target audience experience the channel’s personalityTelenet wanted to show that viewers enjoy a lot of drama through a real-life stunt - Great use of humor to make a brand message effective“Wait, what?”- In one of Belgium’s most boring towns called citysqaure, Aarschot, a button was installed in city squarewhere nothing really happens, featuring a big arrowwhich read: “push to add drama”- Passers-by could push the button to unlock aseries of dramatic events that would amaze thecrowd (a must see!) - a cyclist gets into a fight withan ambulance officer, gangsters battle it out with thepolice, a half naked woman rides by on a motorcycle,and more…- After all of this drama, a banner comes down on anearby building that states: “Your daily dose of drama,from 10/04 on Telenet – TNT, we know drama”Success- The video went viral and hit almost 30,000,000views in only 2 weeks! Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube WHO: Duval & Guillaume Watch the video: WHERE: Belgium http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=316AzLYfAzw WHEN: April 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 22
  23. 23. Hire Robert PirEs or how to use a sports icon to engage with grassroots playersWhat’s the story Why we it- To engage fans around its partnership with the - A smart use of a brand ambassador to help build a fan community using both online andFrench Football Federation, the French betting agency offline engagementPMU ran a competition for amateur clubs to recruit - The personal engagement of the ambassador that fully committed to the causefootball star Robert Pirès for an unforgettable training - Great action by a brand to support local sports clubssession“Hire Robert PirEs for one day!”- With over 1000 clubs participating in their ClubHouse program, PMU wanted to be known as a truepartner for amateur clubs to help develop their skills- To reach amateur clubs members and their fans,PMU released four videos inviting clubs to compete fora chance to recruit Robert Pirès by demonstrating theirknowledge of the football icon online- The 100 clubs who gathered the highest number ofcorrect answers were asked to invite their friends tovote for them in 100 PMU points of sale- The winning team got a day of training with thechampion in preparation for a match against famoussports bloggers and journalistsSuccess- Over 200 amateur clubs participated Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube- More than 17,000 unique contacts created overthe life of the campaign WHO: Havas Sports & Entertainment Watch the video: WHERE: France http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uIi8itcm0tQ&feature=youtu.be WHEN: April 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 23
  24. 24. Ready to run? or how to give your audience a good reason to run.…What’s the story Why we it- Young French people don’t always like running so - Adidas managed to make young people look forward to a very special run instead of justadidas wanted to give them a reason to run. The cam- telling them that running was good for their healthpaign “Ready to Run” turned teens into the stars of - But hey, anyone would run as fast as possible having Teddy Riner shouting in your ear,their very own Mission Impossible-esque adventure. right?“Run…. Faster!”- Anyone in France who tried on the adidas Climacoolrunning shoe was subject to being tasked with aspecial mission- Once the young person accepted the mission, he/she was given a pair of Climacool sneakers, throwninto a van and given earphones to receive instructionsby none other than Teddy Riner, world champion &Olympic gold medalist in judo- The tasks included anything and everything fromdelivering pizzas to a man in a helicopter, sneaking intohotels, to skydiving. Participants had one hour to runacross the city and accomplish the task- If the mission was completed successfully, theparticipant was rewarded by getting to meet adidascelebrities such as the French rapper Soprano and hisfriendsSuccess- The first challenge took place in Marseille and thenspread to Paris and Lyon Image Credit Screenshot from vimeo- Adidas saw a 500% increase in the number ofClimacool shoes tried on during the month of thecampaign WHO: SID LEE PARIS Watch the video: WHERE: France http://vimeo.com/44039499# WHEN: April 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 24
  25. 25. Prison Delivery or how to create buzz around a TV-series launch…What’s the story Why we it- To promote the premiere of Spain’s most - La Sexta promoted the service as any other food delivery, with posters,anticipated TV-series “Alcatraz”, Spanish TV channel junk mail and fridge magnets but created an experience integrating theLa Sexta wanted people to have a prison-like spirit of the showexperience, without leaving home - We also liked the fact that they brought the show to life in the fans’ own homes“What the f*ck do you want?”- Alcatraz Delivery was created, delivering typicalfood people eat in prisons- Orders could be placed by phone or on the weband were delivered by prisoners escorted by apoliceman- In addition to a tray of disgusting prison food,dossiers of information were given out about theseries and its premier on La Sexta- The country’s most important television bloggersand journalists received free deliveries and adelivery was made live on one of the most populartelevision shows in Spain- A customer support line was created, manned bythe prisoners themselves, in case anyone dared tocomplain about the food quality or the serviceSuccess Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube- More than 1,500 orders were delivered duringthe first 2 weeks, generating buzz about the show- Alcatraz was the most watched première of the WHO: Leo Burnett Watch the video:season, with 4.8m viewers WHERE: Spain http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=46H4VNgJkF0 WHEN: April 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 25
  26. 26. Champions League fInals or how to get the city all in for the Champions League…What’s the story Why we it- Adidas takes the idea of data visualization and - Nice example of how a brand can effectively and creatively activate a major partnershipvideo projection mapping to a new level for the UEFA beyond onsite visibility, playing with fans’ attachment to their favorite team’s coloursChampions League finals“Red or blue sprinkles?”- In the days leading up to the Champions Leaguefinal game, fans in Munich (and globally via avatars)were given a chance to pick their favorite team forthe final match through different touch points in andaround the city- During the three nights leading up to the Saturdaymatch, 3D animations were projected on a building inthe city center to show the standings and get peopleexcited for the game- The project involved computer graphic creation,app development, live-website streaming, videoprojection mapping, a few dashes of creativity, and afew million football fans- All around the city, fans were given opportunitiesto show their true colours, from pressing a button ona store window, to choosing the colour of their icecream sprinkles... the possibilities were endlessSuccess Image Credit Screenshot from vimeo- The campaign succeeded in engaging with thewhole city: over 50,000 fan interactions per team werereached WHO: Heimat (Berlin) Watch the video: WHERE: Germany http://player.vimeo.com/video/43242165?title=0&byline=0&portrait=0&autoplay=1&player_id=vimeoplayer&api=1 WHEN: May 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 26
  27. 27. Air Sports how an athlete’s sense of humor can inspire fansWhat’s the story Why we it- Eurostar wanted to increase awareness of its - Eurostar found a clever way to leverage its Olympic partnership by inspiring fans to haveLondon 2012 sponsorship in France and Belgium and fun & become branded content producersspread its message of “opening the way” to the Gamesthrough a fun, engaging digital campaign“Live the love of the games...try Air Sports!”- Knowing that sports fans love to reproduce theiconic gestures of star athletes, Havas Sports &Entertainment launched a special competition wherefans could post videos of themselves miming theirfavorite Olympic sports- The competition ran on a special app on Eurostar’sFacebook page to get fans inspired, we createdvarious teasers starring French & Belgian Olympicathletes demonstrating how ‘Air Sports’ are done,for example, French basketball star Tony Parker triesout Air Weightlifting while French handballer JacksonRichardson demonstrates his Air Fencing skills- A jury which included the participating Olympicathletes chose the eight winning videos whosecreators got a well-deserved trip to London to see theOlympics liveSuccess- During the one-month campaign, 60+ videos wereuploaded on Facebook- 180,000 people visited the app and more than140,000 people watched the videos WHO: Havas Sports & Entertainment Watch the video:- Eurostar’s Facebook page had a +31% increase in http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrUBphd0eM0&feature=youtu.be WHERE:France/Belgiumfans WHEN: May 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 27
  28. 28. My Time Is Now or how to be associated to a major sport event using individual assets…What’s the story Why we it- In anticipation of the UEFA Euro 2012, Nike launched an - A groundbreaking and well-executed interactive experience thatinnovative and interactive ad that featured its primary assets allows consumers to direct the film as they wishand celebrated a new generation of motivated players - By featuring many elite players ready to battle it out in the 2012 Euro Cup , Nike once again succeeded in creating a strong association“Can you FInd the hidden features?” with an event that it was not officially sponsoring- The “My Time Is Now” interactive film starts off with amatch between France and The Netherlands. Big footballstars like Franck Ribéry, Neymar, and Cristiano Ronaldo makeappearances.- Suddenly the game is interrupted by a herd of youngplayers selected from Nike’s scouting mission: The Chance.- The film challenges viewers to find secret content throughdifferent interactions and experiences, thus testing theviewers’ curiosity, their knowledge of football, and theirhunger to succeed - the defining qualities of a modern player- Watching the video proves to be challenging andrewarding while arming young footballers with informationto help them become better players- A tip without giving too much away, look out for thesecret Sonic game!Success- The official video reached 14M views on YouTube in 10 Image Credit Screenshot from Youtubedays!- It was the most shared film on the social web in its first WHO: Wieden+Kennedy Watch the case study:week with 585,286 shares WHERE: Global http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AIOOrHyOHG0- The video was broadcasted during the Champions League WHEN: May 2012final, which is watched by over 300M people worldwide© Havas Sport & Entertainment 28
  29. 29. The Liberation or how to get teen girls to check out your catalogue…What’s the story Why we it- For the launch of the Only Jeans 2012 collection, - The traditional catalogue was transformed into a virtual experience where consumersOnly Jeans wanted to create a whole new way for can explore different content while interacting with the brand and making immediateteenage girls to interact with the brand purchases“Only because we can”- “The Liberation” was created: an online interactivefilm experience that is at the same time a fashioncatalogue, movie, game, music video and the world’sfirst on-demand video retail environment- The entire experience was built around a story ofrebellion. Three girls come to a sleepy town looking fortrouble- As you watch the film, you can interact with itby clicking on the video to take a closer look at theclothes in the embedded catalogue, downloading thesoundtrack, pinning images, tweeting content and, ofcourse, buying the clothesSuccess- The campaign was on the front page of manyfashion blogs across Europe- Over 280,000 unique visits in 2 weeks- 442% increase in interaction with Only.com Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube WHO: UncleGrey Watch the case study video: WHERE: Denmark http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCr7ZP7KC0Q WHEN: May 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 29
  30. 30. Recipe receipt or how to teach new ways of using a product…What’s the story Why we it- Most people still think that mayonnaise is only - Hellmann’s is talking to its target consumers at the moment of purchase, transformingused as a condiment for sandwiches. Even though their daily meals and putting the product at the center of this exchange through anHellmann’s has been teaching new uses to consumers, original media channel: the till receiptthey seemed to forget at the point of sale.“If there’s Hellmann’s in your cart, there’s a surprisein your receipt”- Teaming up with supermarket chain St Marche,Hellmann’s installed software in 100 cash registerswhich recognized when consumers bought the brand’smayonnaise- The software created recipes with other items inthe client’s shopping cart which were printed directlyonto receipt, providing consumers with suggestionsfor original meals that involved new ways to use theproductSuccess- In the first month alone, sales increased by 44%- Thousands of recipes were printed, teaching peoplehow to use Hellmann’s to prepare salads, meats,sauces, pastas and even sandwiches Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube WHO: Ogilvy Watch the video: WHERE: Brazil http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3aCVrcnFOQ WHEN: May 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 30
  31. 31. The Hijack App or how to literally steal customers from your competitors…What’s the story Why we it- Meat Pack, the trendiest shoe retail store in - Efficient and fun campaign that managed to use geolocalization to beat the competition Guatemala, has become an icon within the and raise sales while engaging consumers in a fun competitionsneakerhead subculture- The brand wanted to launch a new promotion thatlived up to their brand values, characterized byinnovation and always surprising their customers“Run for your discount”- The store’s Smartphone app used GPS trackingtechnology to recognize when customers entered acompetitor shoe store- As soon as this happened, customers received analert on their phones with a promotional messagethat gave them the chance to earn a discount at MeatPack.- The discount countdown started at 99% anddecreased by 1% every second that passed. Thecountdown stopped when the customer reached thenearest Meat Pack store.- Once the discount was redeemed, the appautomatically posted the customer’s success on theirFacebook profiles , allowing the lucky winners to sharethe promotionSuccess Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube- More than 600 customers were hijacked fromcompetitor stores- All discounted items were sold WHO: Saatchi & Saatchi Watch the video:- The campaign won Silver and Bronze Lions at the WHERE: Guatemala http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yH8Br_f3p9ECannes Lions (Mobile) WHEN: June 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 31
  32. 32. The Little Guy Inside the ATM or how to turn a routine activity into a consumer touch point…What’s the story Why we it- In Peru, 7 out of 10 children do not understand - Using a video instead of placing the little man inside an ATM Machinewhat they read. To raise awareness about the shows the campaign aimed to reach a broader audience rather then beingissue of literacy, the BBVA Foundation created an just a standalone PR stunt.experience to raise support for its ‘Reading is Being - BBVA took a routine activity and tourned it into a meaningful action toAhead’ program that touched consumers directly at help improve literacythe bank’s ATMs“Read My Face”- When consumers went to retrieve money fromBBVA ATMs, they were in for a special surprise- Visitors to the ATM saw incomprehensibleinstructions appear on their screen, followed by theview of a little man inside the ATM who deliveredthe foundation’s message about its support forchildren’s reading comprehension- The little man inside the ATM then explainedhow to make an immediate donation to the BBVAFoundation’s literacy programSuccess- The video was installed in thousands of ATMsaround the country and reached 42,000 people eachweek in a direct and interactive way, with no mediainvestment Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube- The campaign won a Cannes Lion in 2012 for BestUse of Media WHO: Volver d6 Watch the video: WHERE: Peru http://bit.ly/LSMJ5I WHEN: June 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 32
  33. 33. Honesty shouldn’t go unrewarded or how to highlight product features in a very personal way…What’s the story Why we it- National Australian Bank created a new credit card, - This campaign managed to associate honesty, a very important attribute for a financialthe “honest” and “transparent” card with no hidden institution, in a very funny and personal waycharges or fees“Rewarding honesty”- A pair of sunglasses are left on the ground in ashopping mall. All the “good samaritan” shoppers whostopped to return the sunglasses to the lost propertydesk became the protagonists of a surprising series ofevents- “The good samaritans” were asked their names andsecretly photographed while returning the lost glasses.The photos were then featured all over the mall –on the mall’s ad displays, breaking news coverage,newspaper headlines, and even on cakes – to thegreat shock and surprise of the unsuspecting honestshopper- At the end, NAB representatives rush out to explainthis ‘Honesty Experiment’Success- Over 1m views on YouTube Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube WHO: National Australian Bank Watch the video: WHERE: Australia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7rpG4IC5NFE&feature=relmfu WHEN: June 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 33
  34. 34. Up! Holland Up! or how to channel the energy of fan support…What’s the story Why we it- Volkswagen, partner of the Dutch Olympic Team, - A national tour, TV broadcasting and dedicated website to maximize awarenesswanted to show its support for the Dutch athletes - A clever way to take advantage of a 25 year partnership with the Dutch Olympic Teamtraveling to London and give Orange fans a chance togo to the Olympics“The more you scream, the faster it goes”- The brand created a sound/scream powered carthat accelerated with an increase in decibel levelso that every scream/cheer/noise powered the carforward- The brand then took the car around TheNetherlands to find the biggest Orange fans- Groups could submit their application for thecompetition through a dedicated website and theselected teams competed by cheering/screaming asloud as they could to increase the speed of the carover a 100 m distance- The loudest supporters moved the car the fastestand won tickets to London 2012Success- 91,000 people liked the Up! Holland Up! Facebook Image Credit Screenshot from Youtubepage- Good amplification, several videos and strongreaction from fans WHO: Achtung!/B-Lex Watch the video: WHERE: Netherlands http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IErqiZrftJk&feature=relmfu WHEN: July 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 34
  35. 35. Para Ti or how to make a video clip co-directed by fans in 12 hours…What’s the story Why we it- Snickers wanted to engage young Colombians and - We said that campaigns in 2012 would be made in days and not in months. We alsoexpand its digital reach. What better way than through predicted an increase in fan-sourced audio. This campaign illustrates perfectly that wemusic? Havas Sports & Entertainment invited Snickers guessed correctly!fans of hit pop-group Pasabordo to participate in theproduction of a new music video for the launch of theband’s second album.“Produce your idol!”- We reinvented the way a music video is createdby giving fans the decision-making power to selectthe characters, the story, and other elements forPasabordo’s new single “Para Ti” (For You)- The Pasabordo website as well as the band’sFacebook page became the hub of the campaignwhere fans could interact with content, make theirscene/character selections, and connect with other fans- The making of the music video was livestreamedfor the whole 12-hour session without any cuts so fanscould follow the process they had a direct role in- 16 Pasabordo fans were invited to the video shootwhere they could meet the bandSuccess- 18,200 people participated in making the musicvideo by voting online and 5,500 followed thelivestream- More than 50,000 people viewed the finished videoon YouTube in the first week WHO: Havas Sports & Entertainment Watch the video:- 2.2m people reached virally on Facebook WHERE: Colombia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DAY6iGK9LhM- 1.5m interactions with the content on social media WHEN: July 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 35
  36. 36. Camp Victory or how a brand is digitalizing performance.…What’s the story Why we it- Nike erected a temporary translucent structure - The brand is bringing all of its high-tech product features to the everydayduring the US Olympic Running Trials in Oregon to consumer for their morning runshowcase the brand’s leading products and demons- - Nike succeeded in making each visitor experience what “Olympic fast” feelstrate the speed of Olympic runners like“Run as fast as an Olympian”- The interactive installations involved deepsensory experiences, powerful visual design andinformative displays through LED displays and 3Dtopographical maps- The three main experiences involved: a treadmillrunning competition where visitors could go headto head, Nike+ HeatMap data visualizations of theOregon terrain, and a Speed Tunnel experience fea-turing a 15ft LED wall depicting the fastest runs fromthe trials- Right after living the experience, visitors coulddiscover the brand’s new products in a high-techshowroomSuccess- Unique design that took 8 months from conceptto installation Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube- The culmination of Nike’s new wave of digitalproducts- A taste of the techno-athletic, not-so-distant WHO: Skylab Architecture Watch the video:future to come WHERE: USA http://vimeo.com/45077052# WHEN: August 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 36
  37. 37. Pro streets or how to turn spontaneous urban creativity into great content…What’s the story Why we it- To launch their new Pro Leather Vulcs, Converse - Converse turned urban video surveillance into a way to produce exclusive content anddecided to celebrate European urban talent and promote creativity and urban talentcreativity by providing individuals with a platform toshowcase what makes them and their area special“Big Brother, have a look at that!”- For the Pro Streets project, Converse placed specialCCTV cameras within pro street hubs in seven of themost culturally diverse European cities - London,Amsterdam, Berlin, Paris, Madrid, Milan and Naples- The brand then invited urban talent to find thesespots and show off their skills - whether it be streetdance, mono cycle battles, skateboarding, graffiti…- The cameras captured the content, which was thenuploaded onto a specific website and on YouTube.- Participants were awarded points for theircontributions (five points for creating a video, one forsharing on social media platforms…) with the winnergetting a pair of brand new shoes and a trip to Berlinto explore one of the most creative cities in the worldSuccess- As at the end of November 2012, Paris was way Image Credit Screenshot from Youtubeahead, with Madrid & London following close behind- There were over 46,000 views of “Pro StreetsMadrid” on YouTube within 30 days- Over 49,000 likes for the campaign’s photo album WHO: 6 different agencies Watch the video:on the Converse Facebook page WHERE: Europe http://bit.ly/P22Gd3 WHEN: September 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 37
  38. 38. The Social Rush how to use your social inFLuence for a TV showWhat’s the story Why we it- Orange’s low-cost mobile brand Sosh sought to - An interesting experiment blending TV and Social Media that has managed to raiseincrease its social media presence as the brand’s main brand awareness quickly and position Sosh as young and cutting-edgeconsumer target is young digital natives. Who betterthan social networking superstars, those people whohave thousands of friends on their social networks, toserve as the brand ambassadors and recruit Sosh fans?“Are you really as influential offline as online?!”- Partnering with French TV channel DirectStar, Soshcast 10 young digital influencers (bloggers, etc) in areality TV show competition that tested the true valueof each contestant’s social networks- In every episode, influencers competed againsteach other in different interactive and connectedchallenges that relied on the support of their socialnetworks in a race against the clock- The audience was invited to participate by voting forthe most-connected contestant on the Sosh websiteand Facebook appSuccess- 1,425,000 people watched the TV show- + 913% traffic on the DirectStar website during thecampaign- 65,000 new Sosh fans on social network in twoweeks WHO: Cake Paris Watch the video:- The campaign was talked about in dozens of blogs WHERE: France http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kPZZqeZB9SYand newspapers WHEN: September 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 38
  39. 39. The Tweet Shop or how to spend your social currency…What’s the story Why we it- To launch the new Special K cracker crisps, (the - Great example of a social payment system being brought to life where visitors pay for afirst Special K snack food), Kellogg’s opened a “Tweet product through the value of their social networksShop” in London’s Soho district where visitors could - A new way to get consumers to sample products and talk about thembuy the product with social currency“Exchange tweets for snacks”- The pop-up store on London’s Meard Street letcustomers try the low calorie snack range and thenasked them to post a review on their Twitter accountwith the hashtag #tweetshop- Tweets were tracked and displayed in-store on alarge LCD screen. Once the visitor tweeted, they couldtake the box of crisps homeSuccess- The world’s first shop where customers can paywith tweets- The Tweet Shop was mentioned in more than16% of conversations mentioning the Special K brandduring the week the shop opened and 77% of thetweets were positive Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube WHO: Misschief PR Watch the video: WHERE: United Kingdom http://bit.ly/PnssFv WHEN: September 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 39
  40. 40. The Passport or how to create great product- empowered contentWhat’s the story Why we it- How far can a man get on a bottle of beer? Heineken, the - An engaging branded content campaign that succeeded in bringing tobrand that opens your world, sent a man to Inner Mongolia life the tag line “Open your World” and in making the product central towith a challenge to make his way back home to Bangkok the story.without any money or map, just Heineken. - According to the Heineken Singapore marketing team, this campaign helped position Heineken as a truly global brand in Asia“ A Heineken-Powered Road Trip”- Over a series of four episodes, the campaign invitedHeineken fans to follow Justin’s journey across Asia fromremote countryside to busy cities, all of which culminated ina grand finale at the ‘Heineken Presents Sensation Bangkokparty’- Fans were encouraged to sign up for their own virtualpassports on the Facebook site and were rewarded with milesin return for carrying out interactive tasks such as watchingand sharing content and answering questions about Justin’sencounters in each city.- A daily Heineken adventure pack was awarded to the‘passport holder’ with the most miles and at the end of thejourney, a user’s total accumulated miles was converted intothe chance to win great prizes in a final draw, which includedigital cameras and a party at Sensation Taiwan for the winnerand three friendsSuccess Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube- Justin made it! 5187km back home just on Heineken- 250 passport registrations and 228,265 views onYouTube in the first month of the campaign.- By late november and with all episodes combined, the WHO: Iris Worldwide Watch the video: WHERE: Singapore http://bit.ly/TV7ocMnumber of views reached over 1m WHEN: September 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 40
  41. 41. Unlock the 007 in you or how to get consumers to complete a spy mission in 70 seconds…What’s the story Why we it- In preparation for the launch of the latest Bond flick - A great solution to engage with Coke Zero consumers by tapping into the excitementand in order to showcase the partnership between around movie’s releaseCoca-Cola Zero and Skyfall 007, the brand challenged - Effective piece of viral marketing which makes us smile and gives us an opportunityconsumers to unlock their inner 007 and win exclusive to share the link, spreading the brand name furthertickets to see the release of the newest James Bond movie“At last… sing the Bond tune to get exclusive tickets!”- Commuters travelling through Antwerp Central stationin Belgium who tried to order a Coke Zero in a specialvending machine were offered the the chance to wintickets to the special premier- The machine sent them on a special challenge: collectthe tickets across the station in less then 70 seconds.- As they raced to their destination, various obstaclescame up en-route such as oranges falling from a fruitstand, an attractive girl trying to distract them, amongothers- When they reached their goal, the jubilant stars ofthe video have to complete a final challenge and sing theBond tune before receiving their exclusive ticketsSuccess- The vending-machine adventure racked up over 3.2mviews on YouTube and more than 29,000 likes, sinceOctober 20th Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube- Coke’s latest viral has strongly impacted the brand’sFacebook community, which saw an increase of 400,000new fans WHO: Duval Guillaume Modem Watch the video: WHERE: Belgium http://bit.ly/TY9TIc WHEN: October 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 41
  42. 42. Ring My Bell or how to surprise consumers with a personalized gift…What’s the story Why we it- Shoe brand Aldo wanted to promote its shoes with - Aldo found a great way to have women share their passion for shoes on instagram andIsraeli women in an innovative way by giving them get a great rewardsomething to walk home in.“The Shoe Happy Hour”- Aldo placed a sign with a bell and instructions in themiddle of a busy street in Tel Aviv.- The sign asked passers-by to instagram their shoes,add their shoe size and the hashtag #ALDO and ringthe bell when done- When the bell was rung, a huge mobile shoe boxappeared with a free pair of Aldo shoes inside for eachparticipantSuccess- The bell rang 457 times- Over 500 pictures were uploaded- More than 800,000 interactions with the brand Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube WHO: Smoyz Watch the video: WHERE: Israel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y83wOHnoldg WHEN: October 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 42
  43. 43. The Badoit Express or how to make an impression on busy commuters…What’s the story Why we it- For the annual French celebration of gastronomy - This was a well-choreographed and perfectly timed stunt that served up deliciousheld in September, Badoit partnered with Michelin-star food and transformed a dull train-ride into a special occasionchef Thierry Marx, Executive Chef at the Mandarin - Great way to tantalize taste-buds, bring people together and start conversationsOriental, to bring gourmet cooking to a new location - Not bad for a 25 minutes activation!“Eat with your FIngers!”- Badoit turned the RER, a Paris-based suburban trainservice, into Badoit Express: a ephemeral travelinggourmet restaurant open to all and that lasted onlylasted the 25 minute journey time on the RER- Weary-eyed commuters on the train out of Pariswere treated to a surprise three course meal courtesy ofthe mineral water brand and executed by the renownedchef- As the train pulled into the first station, Marxannounced the mouth-watering menu over theloudspeaker and a fleet of waiters stood ready to boardthe train.  They then transformed the carriages withtable clothes and place settings before bringing the foodonboard- Those who missed that train could also try their luckat winning a gourmet dinner by “liking” the Facebookapplication and answering the Badoit Express quizSuccess Image Credit Screenshot from Youtube- Hundreds of bottles of Badoit were served to over400 passengers who then shared their experience farand wide- More than 900,000 views on YouTube, 183 shares WHO: Ubi Bene Watch the video: WHERE: France http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z8C9CNntzrwand 1,180 likes on Facebook WHEN: October 2012© Havas Sport & Entertainment 43
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