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HS&E Music Festivals Study Highlights


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Highlights from our recent study on the Top 2011 Summer European Music Festivals- you can check out the Infographic as well, on out Facebook- or website

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HS&E Music Festivals Study Highlights

  1. 1. TOP SUMMER EUROPEAN MUSIC FESTIVALS 2011Highlighting the key findings of Havas Sports & Entertainment’s study on the Top 2011 Summer EuropeanMusic Festivals in terms of consumer experience @ HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES AND METHODOLOGY Conduct online Pan-European research to identify, based on pre-defined criteria, the top consumer experience European music festivals in 2011 How we did it? Use our network of Havas Sports & Entertainment music experts to define which key criteria make a festival an awesome experience considering, among others, aspects such as line –up, general organization and pricing Compile a list of the 64 most relevant festivals taking place this summer in Europe Quantify each festival based on our criteria using sources such as Billboard, UK festival guides,, Sysomos, and more… Each festival had to meet certain conditions Considered as a large festival, Held during the Summer of 2011 with a previous edition in 2010, Considered as primarily a rock and/or pop festival (excluding festivals that are primarily electro and metal)@ HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
  3. 3. NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE IN EUROPE… ONE OF THE BEST FESTIVALS IS RIGHT ON YOUR DOORSTEP! TOP 2011 EUROPEAN SUMMER MUSIC FESTIVALS 1 Ireland Oxegen Festival 33 UK Download Festival 2 UK Glastonbury Festival 34 UK Bestival 3 UK V Festival 35 UK Big Chill Festival 4 Belgium Rock Werchter 36 Switzerland Open Air Gampel 5 Belgium Pukkelpop 37 Germany Haldern Pop 6 Denmark Roskilde 38 Finland Ilosaarirock Festival 7 Serbia Exit Festival 39 Germany Rock Im Park 8 Hungary Sziget Festival 40 France Solidays 9 Poland Coke Live Music Festival 41 Germany Area 4 Festival 10 Norway Øya Festival 42 Romania BestFest 11 Poland Opener Festival 43 Portugal Optimus Alive! 12 Poland Przystanek Woodstock Festival 44 UK Isle of Wight Festival 13 Switzerland Open Air St. Gallen 45 UK The Secret Garden Party 14 Germany Hurricane Festival 46 Switzerland Gurtenfestival 15 Spain Benicassim International Festival 47 Spain Viña Rock 16 UK T in the Park 48 Belgium Lokerse Feesten 17 Poland Off Festival 49 UK Latitude festival 18 Switzerland Paléo Festival 50 Sweden Storsjöyran 19 Germany Rock am Ring 51 UK Sonisphere Festival 20 Austria Nova Rock Festival 52 Norway Hove Festival 21 Belgium Dour Festival 53 France Eurockéennes de Belfort 22 Germany Melt! Festival 54 Netherlands PinkPop 23 France Vieilles Charrues Festival 55 UK Wireless 24 UK Reading Festival 56 UK Rockness Festival 25 Ireland Electric Picnic 57 France Rock en Seine 26 Belgium Couleur Cafe Festival 58 Italy Heineken Jammin Festival 27 Germany Southside Festival 59 Italy Italia Wave 28 Slovakia Pohoda festival 60 Sweden Way Out West Festival 29 Portugal Super Bock Super Rock 61 Spain Primavera Sound 30 Netherlands Lowlands 62 Austria FM4 Frequency Festival 31 France Main Square Festival 63 Finland Provinssirock Festival 32 Croatia T-Mobile INmusic festival 64 Spain Bilbao BBK Live@ HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
  4. 4. THE TOP THREE Best European Summer Festival according to Havas Sports & Entertainment ranking Best International Festival prize from the UK Festival Awards Best Line-Up at The Irish Festival Awards and best European line- up according to Havas Sports & Entertainment Ranking More than 80 stages It caters nearly 200k fans who apply for tickets months in advance Placed second in terms of audience augmentation to go along with their 80 stages and continually boasts a top-of-the crop line-up year in and year out Seven stages and the second best line-up in Europe according to Havas Sports & Entertainment ranking@ HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
  5. 5. BEST LINE - UP Oxegen, which pulled in top billing, boasts headliners The Black Eyed Peas, Foo Fighters, Coldplay (right), and Beyonce This ranking takes into consideration: Headliner’s recent musical success The general online and social media buzz and surrounding an artist or band The Festival Awards recognition of the line-up as one of the top European Line-Ups Musical exclusivity – is the artist performing at several festivals in Europe this summer or only a couple? 1 Ireland Oxegen Festival 2 UK V Festival 3 Belgium Rock Werchter 4 Belgium Pukkelpop 5 UK Glastonbury 6 UK T in the Park 7 Switzerland Open Air St. Gallen 8 Spain Benicassim 9 Denmark Roskilde 10 France Main Square Festival@ HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
  6. 6. BEST GENERAL ORGANIZATION Organization is the second most important criteria after Line-Up considered by the ranking A festival can be an amazing experience for the fan, but if its poorly organized and full of headaches a fans vacation can quickly be ruined. Some organizational aspects such as access, parking, distance from the nearest metropolitan city, number of stages, information on-site and on the official website among others have been taken into account Glastonbury is ranked number one in terms of organization, followed by Øya, the number one city festival in Europe 1 UK Glastonbury 2 Norway Øya Festival 3 Poland Przystanek Woodstock Festival 4 Spain Benicassim 5 UK T in the Park 6 Hungary Sziget 7 Poland Open’er Festival 8 France Vieilles Charrues 9 UK Latitude Festival 10 Serbia Exit Festival@ HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
  7. 7. BEST VALUE If your budget is tight this summer, think about heading east; Eastern Europe has a clear stronghold on the most cost efficient festivals in Europe - six of the top ten cheapest European rock festivals considered by this study reign from Eastern Europe. Average Price of a Ticket Price Beer 1 Poland Przystanek Woodstock Festival FREE 1,50 € 2 Poland Off Festival 7,50 € 1,50 € 3 Poland Open’er Festival 14,00 € 1,50 € 4 Belgium Lokerse Feesten 9,50 € 2,00 € 5 Romania BestFest 22,83 € 1,00 € 6 Poland Coke Live Music Festival 19,00 € 1,50 € 7 Slovakia Pohoda Festival 23,00 € 1,20 € 8 Portugal Super Bock Super Rock 26,67 € 1,00 € 9 Serbia Exit Festival 25,48 € 1,20 € 10 Germany Haldern Pop 25,00 € 1,50 €@ HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
  8. 8. BEST REPUTATION The reputation of a festival is based on four criteria weighted independently The number of years that the festival exists, The number of festival Facebook fans, If the festival has been official recognized or awarded as one of Europe’s top music festivals, and The increase/decrease in attendance over the last three few editions 1 Belgium Pukkelpop 2 U.K. Glastonbury 3 Demark Roskilde 4 Germany Hurricane Festival 5 Belgium Lokerse Feesten 6 Belgium Rock Werchter 7 Serbia Exit Festival 8 Belgium Dour Festival 9 UK V Festival 10 Belgium Couleur Cafe@ HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
  9. 9. BEST GROWTH French Festivals are experiencing the steepest increase in attendance since 2008. It’s main festivals have witnessed an increase much higher than the European average of 8.4K (see graph below), with an outstanding increase for the Main Square Festival (+46K) and Rock en Seine (+29K).@ HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT
  10. 10. Christopher Rapaport Global Research Manager Tel. : +33 1 58 47 84 28 2, Allée de Longchamp 92 281 Suresnes Cedex France HAVAS SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT