Havas Sports & Entertainment Miami, Review of 2011 and Predictions for 2012


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A review of 2011 looking at all best case studies in social media, PR, experiential, branded content, guerrilla marketing, street marketing, brand activation, advertiser funded programming.

Many of these campaigns were created by Havas Sports & Entertainment Miami, or agencies across our network (from our 30 offices in 20 countries). Many of these campaigns were created by other marketing agencies which we recognize as having produced work that we find inspiring and innovative. We encourage and recognize great ideas from anywhere, and anyone.

This document also contains some of our predictions for 2012 across PR and branded content, live and experiential marketing, digital and social media. These predictions were compiled by Manuel Reis, and Jez Jowett, our Global Head of Social Media and Digital, also known as @Jezmond.

We hope you find our review of 2011 and predictions for 2012 inspiring and thought provoking. We hope you enjoy the ideas and opportunities they might prompt you to think. If you would like to be inspired face to face then please contact:

Manuel Reis

Managing Director



We wish you all very Happy Holidays and a wonderful 2012 and look forward to featuring your campaigns next year.

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  • Havas Sports & Entertainment Miami, Review of 2011 and Predictions for 2012

    1. 1. Havas Sports & Entertainment MiamiReview of 2011 and predictions for 2012A Selection of Best Cases from Latin America and the United States
    2. 2. HS&E selected Latam and US cases in 2011 SOCIAL MEDIA/DIGITAL  Viral Marketing  Community management  Advergaming  Mobile Marketing  Seeding  Blogger relations  Social Media PR & CONTENT  Media relations  Influence Marketing  Editorial content  Live Measurement  Celebrities endorsement  …  E-influence  Lobbying  Social MediaEXPERIENTIAL  Media partnerships  Branded TV programs Live events  Cross media strategies Grassroots programs  Product placement Hospitality  Brand TV channels POS animations  Radio programming Street Marketing  Web channels Product sampling  Advertiser Funding Internal incentives Programs Creative/ OOH  … Guerrilla Marketing …
    3. 3. THE ART OF FLIGHT by Red Bull or how to create unreal brand content... Whats the story…  Redbull planned on releasing a Snowboard movie called “The Art of Flight”, in September 2011  To collect footage the extreme brand went to very extreme places, some which have never been trekked before Snowtertainment at a whole new (epic) level …  The movie was filmed in various locations including Canada, Alaska, Wyoming, Patagonia, Romania, AustriaImage Credit: thepurplefaction  It follows Travis Rice, John Jackson, Mark Landvik, Scotty Lago, Jake Blauvelt, Nicolas Muller, Gigi Ruf, DCP and Pat Moore as they dream up new global adventures and push the sport of snowboarding to unimaginable levels Success  More than 6.5 million views of the very impressive trailer on YouTube  A successful partnership for Red BullImage Credit: bloggeritis Go watch the video: http://bit.ly/eBGSsi AGENCY Why we liked it… Red Bull Media  Besides being a perfect fit with Redbull’s strategy, this case House demonstrated that there are really no limits when it comes to brand contentImage Credit: redbull February 2011
    4. 4. CAN YOU TELL by Suave or how to show that your product can match up to the competition Whats the story…  Suave wanted to restage their Suave Professionals product line, so they created the “Can You Tell” campaign featuring an online platform that was both engaging and fun! Becoming sadistic has never been this good!  An interactive site was created hosting a series of wacky online quizzes that asked visitors to decipher which of two lookalike models were styled by Suaves Professionals hair care line and which was styled with professional salon brands. Guessing correctly gave players a chance to win coupons for the product lineImage Credit: Vimeo Video  The efficacy of the product was proven by the girl’s hair withstanding various tests (chosen by visitor)  After pillow fights, nightclubs, and severe wind, the Suave Professional styled hair was still looking just as good as the salon brand.  As a part of the campaign, Suave also hired American actress Emmy Rossum as a brand ambassador and held a “giveaway” - Consumers were invited to take the Suave Challenge at the Suave Professionals Style Lounge in NYC where Rossum was present. - All participants received a free full-sized bottle of Suave professionals. Additionally , that same day, Suave gave away bottles of Suave professionals to the first 200,000 fans to visit the Sauve Beauty Facebook page.Image Credit: Vimeo Video Success  514,901 fans on Facebook after the campaign See one the video: http://bit.ly/toIrTm AGENCY Why we liked it… Droga5 New York  Suave found an interactive way to make an old product more appealing by playing to the interests of a digitally-oriented generation.Image Credit: YouTube July 2011
    5. 5. LEARN ABOUT HAND-ONLY CPR by AHA or how to create awareness around a cause... Whats the story…  When an adult has a sudden cardiac arrest, his or her survival depends greatly on how immediately he or she gets a CPR from someone nearby. Unfortunately, less than 1/3 of those people who experience a cardiac arrest at home, at work or in a public location get that help “Stayin’ Alive to Stay alive!”  The famous US actor Ken Jeong (The Hangover, The Hangover 2) lends his freaky-creepy-awesome star power to a PSA from the American Heart Association. The "Stayin Alive" video shows the two steps to take when someone goes into a cardiac arrest:Image Credit: YouTube  Call the emergency assistance  Perform chest compressions... to the beat of the Bee Gees classic "Stayin Alive"  Moreover, AHA launched a web game about Hand-Only CPR and the way to save a life. Internet users could choose a body (man or woman, and more…) and then save (or play..!) with it, according to the right beat and timing  A mobile app was launched that explain the first aid process, where users could call the nearest doctor, or find the nearest defibrillator SuccessImage Credit: YouTube  560,000 views on YouTube Go Watch the video : http://bit.ly/jbf9sm AGENCY Why we liked it… Crowdrise.com  The webgame, the mobile and of course the video show AHA drive its communication to teenagers but adults as well with this easy message - “Stayin’ Alive”, one of the Bee Gees most famous and appropriate songsImage Credit: iTunes September 2011
    6. 6. THE LADY MILLION BLOGGER by Puig or how to create an engaging relationship with consumers in a personable, fun and fresh way Whats the story…  A communication platform that centers all its efforts on The Lady Million Blogger. A character to extend the brand universe and create engagement between consumers and the Lady Million lifestyle. A digital experience!  The hit TV show, Los Caballeros Las Prefieren Brutas provides a perfect affinity avenue to introduce the new Lady Million Blogger. The character of the Lady Million Blogger is seamlessly integrated within the universe of the show through a series of 3 short films that romantically link her to Alejandro, the popular male lead on the show. Which culminates in a cameo bringing the integration full circle.Image Credit: Glossy-Kiss  A blog serves as a pivotal platform to house the Lady Million Blogger adventures and for consumers to interact directly with the character.  A social media campaign ignites a wave of buzz around the blog.  And a targeted, efficient, digital media campaign helps bring traffic to the blog. Success (In the first 2 Months)  Over 41,628 Visits  Over 66,000 Page ViewsImage Credit: Vimeo Video  Over 455 Facebook Likes  Over 158 User Tweets  Over 25 Million Impacts  Check out the blog @ (http://www.ladymillionblog.com) Go watch the video: http://vimeo.com/33079878 AGENCY Why we liked it… HSE Miami A clever way to integrate a brand seamlessly into relevant content with strong affinity to the target as a shoe in to create a dynamic space for the brand to engage with its consumer.Image Credit: ladymillionblog Since Oct 2011
    7. 7. FINE DINING ON THE L TRAIN by A RAZOR, A SHINY KNIFE or how to deliver a fantastic PR stunt in a public domain... Whats the story…  Several New York City-based supper clubs and culinary collectives collaborated on the creation of a unique foodie experience in the NYC subway “Subway dining at its finest”  On May 1st, on the L train, a group of NYC-based supper clubs delivered a theatrical culinary performance transforming one of the train cars into a mobile bistro  An extremely meticulous organization enabled the collaborators to offer their $100 invites holding guests a fine 6-course dining experience.Image Credit: guestofaguest  The guests, who didn’t know in which environment they would be eating, had been emailed mysterious instructions in the morning  (This dinner was illegal and unapproved by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials) Success  9, 908 plays, 136 likes and 7 comments on Vimeo  260, 301 views, 994 likes and 278 comments on YouTube  Press coverage in both the paper and online versions of the New York Times’ Dining & Wine section featuring interviews of the organizers  Online coverage in appx. 20+ blogs including one in Spanish , 5+ organizers’ blogs & official websitesImage Credit: NY Times  Won a job as caterers and events organizers for a members- only club, managed by guest Helena De Pereda impressed by the performance Go Watch the video : http://vimeo.com/23489190 AGENCY Why we liked it… NYC Supper Clubs  Follows the foodie trends of pop-up restaurants and speakeasies that NYC is held in renown for, it is completely adapted to its target audience.  Organizers carefully planned the PR using their own blogs and websites, deploying extensive video and photo crews to maximize visibility September 2011Image Credit: nonabrooklyn
    8. 8. MELO M8 NYC FLIGHT EVENT by JORDAN or how to create a futuristic one of a kind experience... Whats the story…  For the launch of Jordan’s new shoes (created for NBA New York Knicks superstar Carmelo Anthony) , the brand showcased its unique explosive game with a new state-of-the-art system “Explosive water projections”  Jordan brought a huge 25m 3D projector to give guests a one-of-a-kind hologram lightImage Credit: blog.jumpman23 show on the water  Hip-hop legend Nas performed live during the event, which was also co-hosted by American radio personality Angie Martinez. For fans delight, NBA superstar Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets) joined the party and both players spent time with the event goers  In addition to the water projection, spectators could visit a display of Carmelo’s Jordan sneaker history and some fun arcade-style basketball games Success  800,000+ views on YouTube  Great positive impact on blog & media coverageImage Credit: YouTube Go watch the video: http://bit.ly/w350Vk AGENCY Why we liked it… Wieden Kennedy  All elements regrouped to create an unforgettable Hollywood-type event: with superstars, fun, and an all you can eat buffet November 2011Image Credit: YouTube
    9. 9. KEEP COOLER MEME MAKER by Vinicola Aurora Whats the story…  25 years ago, Keep Cooler was one the most hippest drink in Brazil. As time passed, both market shares & popularity decreased due to competition. The brand is now starting over and is fighting to regain the awareness it deserves “Draw a meme!”  The main challenge was to overcome its link with the aging population of its original core targetImage Credit: Vimeo (former young adults that are now in their fifties) in order to gain credit among young Brazilians  Jumping on one of the most popular bandwagon online, the brand ingeniously created ‘Meme Maker’, a very easy-to-use virtual tool which creates personal & virtual ‘Meme’, while the campaign was promoted with a competition by influential Brazilian blogger, Cauemoura Success  Very quickly, Meme covered bottles started to fill all department stores. As a result, the Rap song by Cauemoura encountered massive success with a stunning 2 million views and 170.000 cartoons created on the website.Image Credit: Salon  In addition, the brand was mentioned 130.000 times on social networks and did 40 entries in national & international on & off line medias! Go Watch the video : http://vimeo.com/28669056 AGENCY - Keep Cooler managed to catch up with the new generation and revamp the brand with a Digital ZOO single but clever campaign - Digital played a crucial role and proved, once again, that good content and is a powerful communication tool when it involves the audince and motivates participation - By leveraging lifestyle interest and passion through music and informal art it made the brand resonate with the hip and relevant audience December 2011 Image Credit: Pimp My Space
    10. 10. SPREAD THE TED by TED or how to use word-of-mouth to spread your ideas... Whats the story…  TED seeks to spread ideas and to inspire local citizens in Buenos Aires Taxi Drivers turn into a new communication media...  TED invited taxi drivers to their legendary TED meeting and after listening to 6 hours of conferences, they were sent back to work and picking and driving passengersImage Credit: theinspirationroom  While driving their passengers, they shared what they learned from the conference with them and delivered the message in a more engaging and personable way Success  50 taxis x 20 passengers a day x 1 week = 7000 listeners (7 times the TED’s Buenos Aires Audience)  More than 55,000 YouTube viewsImage Credit: paperblog  5:0 positive sentiment on Social Media Go watch the video: http://hpar.is/4dd1 AGENCY Why we liked it… Olgivy  TED engaged with the kings of word of mouth: Taxi Drivers, bringing the TED concept close to the common people creating energy and buzz around it  It made a clever use of the most powerful media : people  So simple. So smart! Coming soon … hairdressers April 2011Image Credit: coloribus
    11. 11. THE PURPLE MAILBOX by Yahoo! or how to randomly interact with a huge mailbox Whats the story…  Yahoo! placed two huge “special” purple mailboxes on two different street corners in Manhattan & Brooklyn. Both mailboxes talked… and rewarded passers-by with precious gifts! “Talk to me, I’m friendly”...  The brand had a radio-connected team of 10 people near both locations, none of them were visible to consumers, all connected to coordinate themselves  The goal was to give people gifts that were personally relevant to them. Flowers for aImage Credit: delapubmaispasque couple, baseball game tickets for Yankee fans or even bones for dogs  The mailbox is now on tour, people can check next locations, pictures and the “living mailbox profile” on www.Facebook.com/yahoomail Success  Video viewed over 15.000 on the first weekend  The Facebook fan page is significantly growing since the campaign is online (Facebook global fan page increased 20% for a current total of 490.000 fan)Image Credit: YouTube Go watch the video: http://bit.ly/qU263j AGENCY Why we liked it… E2  Some of us would say that this campaign is a copy and paste of the coca cola happiness vending machine  However, the Yahoo! Purple Mailbox is different through its personality, the mailbox interacts with passers-by and goes beyond a simple promotion June 2011Image Credit: YouTube
    12. 12. FOX AT PLANETA TERRA by Volkswagen or how to become the top trending topic on Twitter... Whats the story…  Volkswagen sponsored the Planeta Terra Festival in São Paulo  The festival provided VW with the perfect platform to introduce their new trendy Fox to its target demographic Find the Fox and punch your event tickets…  VW hid tickets for the festival in 10 different places within the city. In order to find theImage Credit: brand.gamania.com tickets fans had to tweet #foxatplanetaterra  The more tweets, the closer the zoom got to the location. The first one to arrive at one of the 10 ground zero’s won a pair of tickets Success  The race went on for 4 straight days  #foxatplanetaterra became the top topic on Twitter in São Paulo in less than 2 hours and remained there for the entire length of the competition reaching the entire city – regardless of age groupImage Credit: misterviral Go watch the video: http://bit.ly/ig8qnh AGENCY Why we liked it… AlmapBBDO  Success! How to keep your brand as the top trending Twitter topic while as the same time create an excellent brand experience February 2011Image Credit: brand.gamania.com
    13. 13. Havas Sports & Entertainment MiamiPredictions for 2012
    14. 14. Social Media Effectiveness ‘Beyond Fans and Likes’ After heavy flirting with social media in 2011, brands will go beyond merely looking at Likes and Fans, and start caring and measuring engagement and community building The value of a meaningful relationship will be properly appreciated to build strong communities, CRM programs, loyalty and integrated transactions To prove the effectiveness of social media campaigns, brands will develop more sophisticated measurement algorithms to prove the ROI, more commonly to be known as ROSS (return on social spend) Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/owenwbrown/4857593259/ By the end of 2012, successful brands in social media will have focused more upon increasing their levels of engagement with fans, than the number of fans
    15. 15. The Social Olympics 2012 London 2012 will be swamped in social media More Tweets, shares, Likes, posts, comments, views will take place in 1 month, than ever before News, scandals, records & exclusives will all be read on Twitter first. Then on the news channels and papers. Footage we aren’t supposed to see, we will. Thanks to Facebook, bit.ly and YouTube There will be more Likes and friends for London 2012 than any other sporting event, ever. It will remain one Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons of the top 5 trending topics in Twitter globally, for 1 http://www.flickr.com/photos/31808226@N05/6130296771/ month During the 100m final there will be more messages, images and videos shared via social media, than at any other time since the dawn of the world wide web
    16. 16. Confidence not fear Federations, athletes, brands and celebrities will embrace the new digital and social landscape with more confidence Those that are un-prepared, under resourced and schizophrenic will continue to fear the new world of communities and communications Athletes will be seen to check-in, update, upload and respond pre, after and even sometimes during a sporting event. Digital devices and applications will relay a kaleidoscope of information about the athlete, in real time, direct to fans and desktops Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/caguard/6094723130/ The ability for a fan to get closer to their hero, will present an enormous opportunity for communities and brands
    17. 17. Million Dollar Bloggers Cyber PR will become more challenging across online influencers who traditionally would blog or tweet about a campaign for free. This will change in 2012. The world’s first million dollar blogger will be created Already in LATAM, and especially in Mexico, it is not un- common for a blogger to request $15,000 for a Tweet or blog post mentioning or linking to a brand. This emerging trend will spread across the globe Accessing a blogger, will in some instances require contacting a blog management agency. Blog networks will manage the syndication of posts across a diverse Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons range of interests and passions http://www.flickr.com/photos/suzanneandsimon/1746100681/
    18. 18. Sports Subscriptions Sports federations will face a huge challenge in 2012: “How to evolve their (traditional) broadcasting rights package, when many of their audience are no longer tuning into traditional broadcast channel, and in some countries don’t even own a TV anymore?” With more and more fans watching mainstream and niche sports on the web; on social networks; on mobile devices, successful federations will embrace the opportunity Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/mikecogh/6123331851/
    19. 19. Sport & Technology Sport will continue to become more scientific, and technology will bring the most dramatic imagery and revelations to both big screen and little screen Enjoyment of sport, even from an armchair, will become a thrilling experience. No longer a lean back and enjoy, but lean forward and immerse. Sports cam technology will bring footage to our screens that we’ve never seen before. From 3D to 4D; slow motion to split screen; helmet cam to ball cam; adrenalin sensors to heart monitors… Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/pe5pe/3242342574
    20. 20. Agile content : more relevant, less costly Campaigns will be created in days and weeks, not months or years. Real time listening, creation, and distribution will mean a trending topic is acted upon, to create the long tail effect of relevance, overnight Traditional production and content costs will go down, but licensing costs will go up, benefiting bedroom content creators Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/walmartcorporate/5793422190/
    21. 21. Fan Sourced Singles Artists are increasingly asking their fans to not only suggest or create their album artwork, but to contribute to the actual audio that is released on the single or album. During 2012 we predict an increase in fan sourced management. Fans are already able to participate and take control of the artist selection process before they become famous. We suspect this trend will strengthen within the coming year. Brands and artists will embrace this collaborative opportunity. A fan will be supersaulted from his Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons bedroom to the 02 or Wembley stage. Royalties will http://www.flickr.com/photos/mwiththeat/3712998374/ take this fan from a 1 bedroom apartment, to a beach front bungalow.
    22. 22. PR in the media and marketing mix There will be a continued integration of PR in the marketing, advertising and customer service mix. Every campaign will have a strong role for PR and this will lead to a stronger and more strategic place for PR professionals around an integrated planning table. Silo’s will continue to be broken down. Earned media, paid media, owned media and shared media will become standard categories for all PR professionals to consider how they plan and integrate campaigns. Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commonshttp://www.flickr.com/photos/42931449@N07/6088751332/ Developing relationships with bloggers in ‘earned media’ will no longer be a speciality of a digital team or agency. All PR agencies will offer this outreach.
    23. 23. Infographics and story telling through imagery 2011 saw an explosion in the use of Infographics to decipher an analytical story. More than 500,000 Infographics were created. 2012 will continue this trend, but with the addition of video Infographics. Infographics will evolve with he ability to click through multiple layers of content, creating a rabbit hole of data visualization. Agencies will create presentations leveraging these new formats. PowerPoint presentations will reduce in the number of slides, with more and more information being displayed creatively on one slide. Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/ibikefresno/5892802181/
    24. 24. Personalized Content Content will be more customized for each target audience based upon location, profile, interests and their networks. Smart filtering and customization will make content more shareable and rewarding. Sharing content across a consumer’s peer groups, will provide another layer of rewards for the consumer. Great content will continue to be viral and shareable. An increase in mobile content, delivered direct to a consumer’s handset will create connections all through the day, the night, and weekend. Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/sanjoselibrary/2944498979/
    25. 25. PR accountability PR will become more accountable and more accurate in measuring the ROI. Traditional media monitoring agencies will integrate buzz monitoring services and metrics to provide more accurate qualative and quantative results. Every PR agency will provide as part of a campaign evaluation : reach, sentiment, influencer analysis and equivalent media value (through an updated media evaluation tool). Accountability and campaign evaluation will become Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/cambodia4kidsorg/3290848259/ more accurate and enable more accurate campaign planning and re-optimization. Clients will request greater accountability and performance related pricing models.
    26. 26. PR and the role of Influencers Influencer marketing will not just mean inviting a high profile celebrity to an event. Much of the influencer engagement and marketing will take place online. Influencer identification tools will enable the PR industry to more accurately identify and engage with powerful online advocates. These influencers will be leveraged to not online feature and talk about a campaign, but to be involve din the planning, ideation and evolution of a campaign. Each agency will create their own rating system to identify the most important influencers pertinent to Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons their objectives http://www.flickr.com/photos/9382228@N08/4836210531/
    27. 27. Digital Amnesty Day 1 day a year, everything will shut down, almost. Companies will ask all their staff to ‘switch off and unplug for 24 hours’. At first employees will be scared and confused. They will scratch their heads wondering how they can perform their job or task, without a digital connection. After 3 hours a smile will spread across their faces. It will be a beautiful day or real relationships and friendships the old fashioned way, face to face. We will re-discover social skills, beyond Facebook. We will put into perspective the role of digital. It will become a Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons yearly event. http://www.flickr.com/photos/brook/33496825/
    28. 28. Location Based Entertainment (LBE) Sporting venues and stadiums are the second most checked-in places worldwide. The most popular checked-in places are airports Brands, sponsors and rights holders will leverage this opportunity to geo target fans with compelling and shareable content and promotional messages. Having identified a physical fan, data will provide an on-going and customized relationship back to their home 2012 will see a huge increase in the connections between these attending fans, virtual fans and brand messages. 2012 will become the year of social currency Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons – more shareable, more entertaining and more http://www.flickr.com/photos/da_belkin/6462640765/ personalized
    29. 29. Live events get greener Stronger corporate social responsibility, combined with increased consumer awareness of recycling and the need for a cleaner environment, will result in more environmentally friendly events. Sponsors will require event producers to have committed to make the event as carbon neutral as possible. Sponsors will consider this ‘green score’ just as much as the number of attendees and media value. Recycling will have high visibility at each event and be a creative and entertaining activity that attendees warmly embrace. Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/zoetnet/4212133196/
    30. 30. Pop Up Events and Experiences Whilst large scale events will remain a key feature of a brand’s yearly outdoor calendar, increasingly brands will take to the streets, beaches and parks with impromptu pop up events. There will be equal investment in large scale one offs with small socially promoted flash mobs. Mystery and intrigue will be created in the run up to a pop up event, but only announced in the last 48 hours through social media. Thanks to Flickr.com- creative commons http://www.flickr.com/photos/vdrg/5458584580/
    31. 31. For any question, comment or request, please contact us: Manuel Reis Managing Director Manuel.Reis@havas-se.com http://www.havas-se.com
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