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Havas Sports & Entertainment Russia, Review of 2011 and Predictions for 2012


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A review of 2011 looking at all best case studies in social media, PR, experiential, branded content, guerrilla marketing, street marketing, brand activation, advertiser funded programming.

Some of campaigns were created by Havas Sports & Entertainment Russia, or agencies across our network (from our 30 offices in 20 countries). Many of these campaigns were created by other marketing agencies which we recognize as having produced work that we find inspiring and innovative. We encourage and recognize great ideas from anywhere, and anyone.

This document also contains some of our predictions for 2012 across PR and branded content, live and experiential marketing, digital and social media. These predictions were compiled by Ivan Sisnyov and Jez Jowett, our Global Head of Social Media and Digital, also known as @Jezmond.

We hope you find our review of 2011 and predictions for 2012 inspiring and thought provoking. We hope you enjoy the ideas and opportunities they might prompt you to think. If you would like to be inspired face to face then please contact:

Ivan Sisnyov
Executive Director


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Havas Sports & Entertainment Russia, Review of 2011 and Predictions for 2012

  1. 1. Havas Sports & Entertainment RussiaReview of 2011 and predictions for 2012
  2. 2. OUR SELECTED EUROPEAN CASE STUDIES IN 2011 SOCIAL MEDIA/DIGITAL  Viral Marketing  Community management  Advergaming  Mobile Marketing  Seeding  Blogger relations  Social Media PR & CONTENT  Media relations  Influence Marketing  Editorial content  Live Measurement  Celebrities endorsement  …  E-influence  Lobbying  Social MediaEXPERIENTIAL  Media partnerships  Branded TV programs Live events  Cross media strategies Grassroots programs  Product placement Hospitality  Brand TV channels POS animations  Radio programming Street Marketing  Web channels Product sampling  Advertiser Funding Internal incentives Programs Creative/ OOH  … Guerrilla Marketing …
  3. 3. NIKE TAKE MOKUM CAMPAIGN by Nike or how to re-launch a sport… Whats the story…  Nike was determined to reset runner’s minds in the Netherlands. Youngster think that running is boring, so Nike devised a plan to have people “Run Unleashed,” making running light hearted, playful and enjoyable and, thus, attracting a whole new target group of young urban runners A new way to run…  Nike created a revolutionary Facebook application that let runners draw a graffiti running route over theImage Credit Geomarketing map of Amsterdam. They could color the graffiti by going out running, registering the run with Nike+ and filling the graffiti with their actual KM’s run.  The graffiti made them run in completely new way. It shifted from being focused on schedules and minutes to expressing creativity while running. And it attracted the young, urban runners who started designing creative graffiti’s turning the map of Amsterdam into a virtual canvas  A Nike Runhouse pop-up store was opened close to Amsterdam’s most famous urban park where Nike further engaged youngsters in the Run Unleashed experience with events, runs and free product trials Success  They converted over 9,000 new running membersImage Credit Amsterdam Ad Blog  The online running club was visited 183,275 times  220 graffiti’s were created on top of the Amsterdam grid within 6 weeks time (colored with 1,268 Nike+ kilometers) Go watch the video: AGENCY Why we liked it… Boondoggle  It was a creative way to attract the youth population to a sport that is all about routine, lacks heroes and is actually pretty boring June 2011Image Credit Expression that Inspires
  4. 4. THE FANWAGEN by VOLKSWAGEN or how to communicate tradition via Facebook… Whats the story…  Volkswagen is inviting its fans in the Netherlands to vote for their all-time favorite VW model - and win the vehicle as a reward in a social media campaign Volkswagen Facebook Fans create the “Fanwagen”Image Credit Harrisburg VW  Not only were consumers invited via Facebook to create unique historical models, SoMe features will be integrated in the product itself  These social media features will make the so-called Fanwagen ‘the most social car ever’. Clearly designed for the social network-obsessed, the car includes a license plate that shows your relationship status, and the ability to print your newsfeed on the dashboard  This unique model will find a new owner on Facebook as part of a lottery Success  More than 20,000 Facebook users registered for the Fanwagen lottery (the VW page in the Image Credit AdZag Netherlands jumped from approximately 10,000 fans to 42,000 fans within 3 weeks)  50,000+ Youtube views  Huge online press coverage AGENCY Go watch the video: Achtung! Why we liked it…  VW successfully connects the old and traditional with the new and trendy by focusing on their iconic models and combining them with Facebook features and Facbook online actions November 2011 Image Credit SpicyTec
  5. 5. LONDON FASHION WEEK #TWEETWALK by BURBERRY or how to give a masterclass in digital marketing to boost both image and sales… Whats the story…  For their Spring Summer 2012 show on September 19th, Burberry partnered with Twitter to provide their half a million-strong community of followers exclusive behind-the-scene looks before even people sitting on the front row could get a glimpse at the collection : it was the first ever TweetwalkImage Credit “There’s a Twitter-savvy brand for you!”  Creating the #Tweetwalk hashtag on Twitter to gather all their exclusive tweets, they added to their now usual HD live stream experience through Facebook and  They also gave the control of the brand’s Instagram account to the most-followed user on the app : photographer Mike Kus, who publicized the event to his 126,000+ followers SuccessImage Credit Nubry  According to BBC London Radio, Burberry had over 80 million sign-ups from all over the world  Burberry achieved trending hashtags on the worldwide twitter stream with “#Burberry”, “Christopher Bailey”, and a record-breaking mention’s per minute. AGENCY Go watch video : In-House Why we liked it…  Burberry has been known to stage Holographic 3D shows, provide shoppable livestreams and broadcast their catwalk show straight onto a 32-metre high billboard in Picadilly Circus during previous fashion weeks  They are established as a pioneer brand in the new media communications space October 2011Image Credit
  6. 6. THE LIVING SOCIAL TAXI by LIVING SOCIAL or how to surprise... Whats the story…  Unsuspecting passengers who took the taxi found themselves in a show-like game environment offering various real experiences “Driving you to surprising and delightful experiences”  In the hope of creating some buzz and showcasing many great discounted things you can getImage Credit Adweek from LivingSocial, they decided to deck out a cab with a mystery take-it-or-leave-it challenge  Passengers could continue to their destination, or "roll the dice" and embrace an unexpected, exciting new experience. The outings included chess boxing, pole-dancing fitness classes, chef master classes, a speedboat ride up the Thames, and the chance to feed a tiger up close and personal Success  45,000 viewed on the official YouTube video  Hundreds of blogs in the UK and all over the world have covered the operation and createdImage Credit My Virtual Scrapbook awareness Go Watch the video : Why we liked it?: AGENCY  The hidden-camera taxicab format is not a new one, but here it works well in showing Mind’s Eyes Media rather than telling the simple, straightforward brand promise September 2011Image Credit Randy Matheson
  7. 7. MAKE SOME NOISE by Coca Cola or how to test national football team supporters’ fervour Whats the story…  The Argentinian enthousiasm for football is known by the whole world. Coca Cola has come up with a campaign that encourages supporters to make more and more noise throughout the televised viewing of the match ... If there isn’t noise, no match “No sound, no match”  Several giant screens dispersed in Buenos Aires aired the Argentina selection’s CopaImage Credit Trends2you America 2011 matchs  The aim of this operation was to test the south american fervour for football. If viewers weren’t playing an active part in supporting their team, the match was no longer displayed on the screens  Thanks to sound level measurement instruments, during all the match, the match was seen… or not Success  Over 15,000 video views on Youtube  Many ad specialized blogs relayed the operation.Image Credit Shotmcn’s blog Go watch the video: AGENCY Why we liked it… OgilvyAction  A brand gave consumers the ultimatum, “give something otherwise you’ll get nothing” resulting in an advertising operation that was innovative and interactive July 2011Image Credit Lavart Collective
  8. 8. THE HANGOVER MONSTER by Guronsan or how to make a boring product awesome… Whats the story…  Guronsan, the perfect remedy for hangover identified the party-goers as their primary target, faced the problem of not reaching them, as they don’t often go to pharmacies… Guronsan had to find a way to bring pharmaceutical products to them…by making it cool Kill the monster, have a guronsan !  Guronsan created the hangover monster, a big green creature that shows up in the morning whenImage Credit Coisa Semanal people have drunk too much. Equip with a sledge hammer, the monster wreaks havoc  The monster hangs out where people are likely to party: summer music festivals, college parties, and night clubs  The monster is on Facebook too and has daily interaction with fans that could invite him to their own parties  Online presence on youtube guaranteed to document the Hangover Monster high jinks Success  The Facebook page was the number 1 health page in Portugal and number 10 among allImage Credit Facebook businesses with more than 3 million pages viewed on the social network  Generated tons of user content  More than 22,000 likes on Facebook Go watch the video: AGENCY Why we liked it… Lowe Ativism  Guronsan managed to make its product fun and reached its goal of being recognized as the 1st remedy for hangover by all the party-goers  The ultimate aim was to kill the hangover monster but as it was cool, some would prefer to have him hung around! April 2011Image Credit AdBeat
  9. 9. CRUSH HOUR by Europcar or how to use a hidden camera to make an impact… Whats the story…  Europcar wanted to prove a point – that purchasing a car is very risky, and if something ever happens (like your car is crushed into a 4x4 box) that you are “up the creek without a paddle”…instead of explaining the risk Europcar made it come to life! You’ve already lost your car, now get ready to loose your cool…  Helpless consumers who left their car in a parking lot came back from shopping to find that their car had been selected randomly for the ‘car elimination’ program and that their car was a now aImage Credit Advert Lover pile of scrap metal  Luckily a phone number was available to call and find out what happened, irate consumers called in unbeknownst to them that they were actually being broadcast live on radio Success  The campaign received over 2.5 million views on YouTube (5th most viewed channel of the month) along with thousands of tweets and views on Facebook  The campaign was covered on news outlets and through a partnership with NRJ radioImage Credit Today is Your Happy  In total the campaign received more than 1M€ of free media and a 300% increase in traffic on their website (resulting in an 83% increase in subscriptions) Go watch the video: AGENCY Why we liked it… Ogilvy  The campaign was an incredible success and had real results on the companies business  Great mix of traditional outlets such as TV and radio with social media January 2011 Image Credit Decision Marketing
  10. 10. OBERMUTTEN by the mayor of Obermutten or how a small village can reach global press coverage… Whats the story…  Switzerland has many lovely little villages in the Alps, such as Obermutten, but sadly nobody knows them. For that reason, the major of the small town Obermutten decided to create a Facebook page with a special promise “Grüezi” to Obermutter  The campaign started with a video, featuring the mayors promise that anyone who liked the villages facebook page would have their profile picture put on the Obermuttens notice board.Image Credit Page Online de  Soon, the notice board was so full that the profile pictures had to be put on houses.  In addition to the profile pictures posting, the campaign engaged its fans with more video postings and a contest for one lucky person to win a scarf knitted by the mayor’s daughter. Success  Almost 15.000 Facebook Fans  4 out of 5 Fans interact with the page  Fans from 32 countries  Approximately 60 Million people have read or heard about Obermutten worldwide thanks to the Facebook campaign and the press coverage around itImage Credit 24 heures  Costing about 10,000 Swiss francs, the campaign has reportedly brought in 2.4 million francs in earned media AGENCY Go watch video: Jung von Why we liked it… Matt  A village of 79 inhabitants creates a campaign that reaches 60 Million and generates more fan engagement than Lady Gaga. A good example for “THINK BIG” December 2011Image Credit Browse
  11. 11. THE TAILOR SHOP OF MR.LEE by Playstation Whats the story…  To announce its brands new video game (DC UNIVERSE ONLINE), in which you can design your own super hero, Playstation created a real-life tailor shop. Gamers could go in and have their personal super hero suits made “Mr. Lee is all about confidentiality…”Image Credit Nerd Bastards  An original truly integrated campaign where you can make your suit a reality and live the same experience as the game in the off line world  The shop opened in the heart of Madrid, near the majority of comic shops. Undoubtely, it received lots of success and soon there was a long waiting list to get tailored. Book yours and try your chances to make your crime fighting alter-ego a reality Success  It was the most successful campaign launch for Playstation yet and Mr Lee Taylor Shop isImage Credit Creative Review more sought – after than the Batcave! Go watch the video: AGENCY - They brought to life the charaters in the game with a real life opportunity to be tailored Leo Burnett like your superhero. How could is it to go into a tailor shop and walk out with your bespoke superhero costume! - Too often the gaming expereince is consumed solely in a players bedroom or living room. This campaign enabled the whole family to experience and be informed about the world of DC universe online [and offline] April 2011Image Credit D2D
  12. 12. KEEP COOLER by Vinicola Aurora Whats the story…  25 years ago, Keep Cooler was one the most hippest drink in Brazil. As time passed, both market shares & popularity decreased due to competition. The brand is now starting over and is fighting to regain the awareness it deserves “Draw a meme!”Image Credit Vimeo  The main challenge was to overcome its link with the aging population of its original core target (former young adults that are now in their fifties) in order to gain credit among young Brazilians  Jumping on one of the most popular bandwagon online, the brand ingeniously created ‘Meme Maker’, a very easy-to-use virtual tool which creates personal & virtual ‘Meme’, while the campaign was promoted with a competition by influential Brazilian blogger, Cauemoura Success  Very quickly, Meme covered bottles started to fill all department stores. As a result, the Rap song by Cauemoura encountered massive success with a stunning 2 million views andImage Credit Salon 170.000 cartoons created on the website.  In addition, the brand was mentioned 130.000 times on social networks and did 40 entries in national & international on & off line medias! Go Watch the video : AGENCY - Keep Cooler managed to catch up with the new generation and revamp the brand with a Digital ZOO single but clever campaign - Digital played a crucial role and proved, once again, that good content and is a powerful communication tool when it involves the audince and motivates participation - By leveraging lifestyle interest and passion through music and informal art it made the brand resonate with the hip and relevant audience Image Credit Pimp My Space December 2011
  13. 13. “MAGIC DINO MORNING” by DANONE …or how to create a unique kids program on TV Whats the story…  Danone product “Rastishka” is a well-established kids brand with a strong awareness among the target audience. The brand has unique and well-known brand mascot – Dino. Yet, it has become less appealing to mums and kids than in the past.  Danone challenged us to find a non stadrard solution to increase Rastishka brand attractiveness & the awareness of the brand mascot Dino, making it more popular, up-to-date and interesting to kids, while not alienate mums Creation completely new own brand content for TV called “Magic DinoMorning” where Dino plays a central role  We have created the 15 minute TV program for children broadcasted on one of the TOP 5 Russian channels on theImage Credit Videomore time slot most popular among kids (Sunday, 08:15)  We used one minute at the beginning of the program and one minute at the end, where Dino appeared and had a breakfast with Rastishka. In the middle of the program Dino’s voice have been telling some interesting stories to the team.  Mascot’s name was integrated to the title of the program, which called “Magic DinoMorning” Success  About 3 000 000 unique contacts (66% of the audience) between the kids audience with brand mascot Dino and the branded content during the projectImage Credit Videomore  “Magic DinoMorning” TV program was very popular among kids and became - #1 program with a 29% share in 8:15-8:30 time-slot on Sundays - 94.5% of kids who viewed the TV program liked the show and the characters ** - 78% of respondents (unprompted)** memorized that dinosaur Dino was the main character of the program AGENCIES MPG Russia/ HS&E Russia Why we liked it… Because we created successful branded content and broadcasted it on one of the TOP 5 Russian TV in the conditions of legislative restrictions for communication with kidsImage Credit Videomore Sept. – Nov. 2011 Go watch the video:
  14. 14. “SHIKHAN” FAN ORIENTED …or how to boost image through fan movements Whats the story…  Shikhan is the regional Heineken beer brand. The Shikhan brewery is the main enterprise in Bashkiria region of Russia.  Bashkiria is the motherland of the champion of Russian Ice hockey champion – HC “Salavat Ulaev” and all Bashkiria people are very proud of it.  There are strong legislative restrictions in alcohol advertising which makes sport sponsorship ineffective  Shikhan challenged us to raise positive attitude towards the brand Creation of a strategy which engaged ice-hockey fans through a series of events, and demonstrated the brand’s and fans’ shared feelings towards the Bashkiria pride - HC “Salavat Ulaev” and, therefore, built a closer relationship with fans.Ice hockey tournament I We offered the brand TA not a common sponsorship project, but a series of events especially organized for the fans and which were positively appreciated by the brand TA.  During the events, exclusively organized for the fan-club members, all types of branding was possible, including the branded prizes, souvenirs and free beer. In order to enlarge the audience, the PR materials were published in the regional Press, TV and Internet resources Success  The sponsorship of the fan-clubs events was highly appreciated by the fans, which was confirmed by letters of gratitude from both fan clubs and positive comments in blogs  Over 360 000 unique contacts in the regional audience have been reached.  Almost 3000 people have attended Shikhan events and 4000 people took part in the contests.  The fan count in the branded group in the “Vkontakte” social networking site increased up to 97 000Beauty contest  Taking into account that Shikhan has had a high brand awareness though since August 2011 the brand awareness has shown a 5% increase. In total, since January 2010 the index has risen by 3%  Sponsorship awareness has risen by 4% since August 2011 without acquisition of sponsorship rights. AGENCIES Why we liked it… MPG Russia/ HS&E Russia The strategy helped the brand to develop positive attitude towards the alcohol brand despite the legislative restrictions.Fan club meeting March. – Dec. 2011
  15. 15. Havas Sports & Entertainment RussiaPredictions for 2012
  16. 16. Social Media Effectiveness „Beyond Fans and Likes‟ After heavy flirting with social media in 2011, brands will go beyond merely looking at Likes and Fans, and start caring and measuring engagement and community building The value of a meaningful relationship will be properly appreciated to build strong communities, CRM programs, loyalty and integrated transactions To prove the effectiveness of social media campaigns, brands will develop more sophisticated measurement algorithms to prove the ROI, more commonly to be known as ROSS (return on social spend) Thanks to creative commons By the end of 2012, successful brands in social media will have focused more upon increasing their levels of engagement with fans, than the number of fans
  17. 17. The Social Olympics 2012 London 2012 will be swamped in social media More Tweets, shares, Likes, posts, comments, views will take place in 1 month, than ever before News, scandals, records & exclusives will all be read on Twitter first. Then on the news channels and papers. Footage we aren’t supposed to see, we will. Thanks to Facebook, and YouTube There will be more Likes and friends for London 2012 than any other sporting event, ever. It will remain one Thanks to creative commons of the top 5 trending topics in Twitter globally, for 1 month During the 100m final there will be more messages, images and videos shared via social media, than at any other time since the dawn of the world wide web
  18. 18. Confidence not fear Federations, athletes, brands and celebrities will embrace the new digital and social landscape with more confidence Those that are un-prepared, under resourced and schizophrenic will continue to fear the new world of communities and communications Athletes will be seen to check-in, update, upload and respond pre, after and even sometimes during a sporting event. Digital devices and applications will relay a kaleidoscope of information about the athlete, in real time, direct to fans and desktops Thanks to creative commons The ability for a fan to get closer to their hero, will present an enormous opportunity for communities and brands
  19. 19. Sport & Technology Sport will continue to become more scientific, and technology will bring the most dramatic imagery and revelations to both big screen and little screen Enjoyment of sport, even from an armchair, will become a thrilling experience. No longer a lean back and enjoy, but lean forward and immersion Sports cam technology will bring footage to our screens that we’ve never seen before. From 3D to 4D; slow motion to split screen; helmet cam to ball cam; adrenalin sensors to heart monitors… Thanks to creative commons
  20. 20. Agile content : more relevant, less costly Campaigns will be created in days and weeks, not months or years. Real time listening, creation, and distribution will mean a trending topic is acted upon, to create the long tail effect of relevance, overnight Traditional production and content costs will go down, but licensing costs will go up, benefiting bedroom content creators A fan at a sporting event will get rich quick, over the course of the weekend, at the press of a button. His unique content will be viewed (YouTube giving him advertising revenue for his page), licensed (broadcast Thanks to creative commons revenue) and used without permission, winning a liable case
  21. 21. PR in the media and marketing mix There will be a continued integration of PR in the marketing, advertising and customer service mix. Every campaign will have a strong role for PR and this will lead to a stronger and more strategic place for PR professionals around an integrated planning table. Silo’s will continue to be broken down. Earned media, paid media, owned media and shared media will become standard categories for all PR professionals to consider how they plan and integrate campaigns. Thanks to creative commons Developing relationships with bloggers in ‘earned media’ will no longer be a speciality of a digital team or agency. All PR agencies will offer this outreach.
  22. 22. Infographics and story telling through imagery 2011 saw an explosion in the use of Infographics to decipher an analytical story. More than 500,000 Infographics were created. 2012 will continue this trend, but with the addition of video Infographics. Infographics will evolve with he ability to click through multiple layers of content, creating a rabbit hole of data visualization. Agencies will create presentations leveraging these new formats. PowerPoint presentations will reduce in the number of slides, with more and more information being displayed creatively on one slide. Thanks to creative commons
  23. 23. Personalized Content Content will be more customized for each target audience based upon location, profile, interests and their networks. Smart filtering and customization will make content more shareable and rewarding. Sharing content across a consumer’s peer groups, will provide another layer of rewards for the consumer. Great content will continue to be viral and shareable. An increase in mobile content, delivered direct to a consumer’s handset will create connections all through the day, the night, and weekend. Thanks to creative commons
  24. 24. PR accountability PR will become more accountable and more accurate in measuring the ROI. Traditional media monitoring agencies will integrate buzz monitoring services and metrics to provide more accurate qualative and quantative results. Every PR agency will provide as part of a campaign evaluation : reach, sentiment, influencer analysis and equivalent media value (through an updated media evaluation tool). Accountability and campaign evaluation will become Thanks to creative commons more accurate and enable more accurate campaign planning and re-optimization. Clients will request greater accountability and performance related pricing models.
  25. 25. PR and the role of Influencers Influencer marketing will not just mean inviting a high profile celebrity to an event. Much of the influencer engagement and marketing will take place online. Influencer identification tools will enable the PR industry to more accurately identify and engage with powerful online advocates. These influencers will be leveraged to not online feature and talk about a campaign, but to be involve din the planning, ideation and evolution of a campaign. Each agency will create their own rating system to identify the most important influencers pertinent to Thanks to creative commons their objectives
  26. 26. Digital Amnesty Day 1 day a year, everything will shut down, almost. Companies will ask all their staff to ‘switch off and unplug for 24 hours’. At first employees will be scared and confused. They will scratch their heads wondering how they can perform their job or task, without a digital connection. After 3 hours a smile will spread across their faces. It will be a beautiful day or real relationships and friendships the old fashioned way, face to face. We will re-discover social skills, beyond Facebook. We will put into perspective the role of digital. It will become a Thanks to creative commons yearly event.
  27. 27. Location Based Entertainment (LBE) Sporting venues and stadiums are the second most checked-in places worldwide. The most popular checked-in places are airports Brands, sponsors and rights holders will leverage this opportunity to geo target fans with compelling and shareable content and promotional messages. Having identified a physical fan, data will provide an on-going and customized relationship back to their home 2012 will see a huge increase in the connections between these attending fans, virtual fans and brand messages. 2012 will become the year of social currency Thanks to creative commons – more shareable, more entertaining and more personalized
  28. 28. Pop Up Events and Experiences Whilst large scale events will remain a key feature of a brand’s yearly outdoor calendar, increasingly brands will take to the streets, beaches and parks with impromptu pop up events. There will be equal investment in large scale one offs with small socially promoted flash mobs. Mystery and intrigue will be created in the run up to a pop up event, but only announced in the last 48 hours through social media. Thanks to creative commons
  29. 29. OUR SOURCES OF INSPIRATION                                               
  30. 30. “OUR SOURCES OF INSPIRATION                                                              
  31. 31. For any question, comment or request, please contact us: Maria Gavrilova Ivan Sisnyov Managing Director Executive