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Marketing Trends 2016


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Marketing Trends 2016

Published in: Marketing
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Marketing Trends 2016

  1. 1. 2016What will 2016 bring to us within marketing world?
  2. 2. Pazarlamasyon, which was first published in March 2011, provides the latest and original information about marketing, business and digital world to its followers. ABOUT PAZARLAMASYON
  3. 3. Necip Murat I reserved my thoughts and next year’s predictions to digital. Do you remember the era of microsites and Facebook applications whenever there is a new launch? Huge companies make huge campaigns with huge cost of money and obtain huge amount of prizes. Did you realize there is no shadow of former campaigns? Also I can ask a question, which digital campaign do you remember? Please pay attention if your answer is “don’t remember”, I have few words. The interaction, which brands were paying thousands of liras to make, could occur with a simple tweet or creative microsite. Hence, perspective of brands to digital has been totally changed. Brands have learnt digital is numeric oriented business, not a social science. Number of “likes” is not a metric, how many people affected from the content and how many of them takes action is the main metric for brands from now on. Because of that evolution and realization, Adwords budgets are increasing while microsites are about to be forgotten and Facebook applications are history. These changes have pointed a new world, where analytical brands dominate. The world we will live in 2016 is going to be like that. Let’s see how the brands will lead this world... I wish 2016 will be a year with full of love and share.Founder Pazarlamasyon B r a n d s u n d e r s t o o d digital. Now, next step is deeply analyzing the data and providing analytical solutions. “ #2016TrendRaporu “ After 2015…
  4. 4. Necip Murat Founder Pazarlamasyon Markalar dijitali anladı. Şimdi veriyi iyi analiz edip analitik çözümler üretme zamanı. “ #2016TrendRaporu “ Mustafa İçil Marketing Approaches The communication chaos, which was created by competition and advertising pollution, has started to make people tired. The result is there is so many ad blocker applications. Marketers should be more consumer/customer oriented in 2016. Consumers are more aware about picking the right content out of big data, but marketers should be more helpful to them. As a result, we will not only see simplification in ads, but also in content strategies. OmniChannel strategy, which is smarter connector of different channels with customer oriented approach, will be preferred in 2016 rather than MultiChannel strategy, which is overexpose with multi-channel communication. Marketing Tools We have talked so much about analyzing and using Big Data in 2015. Unfortunately, many firms could not understand the context yet. In this sense, marketing tools which provide deep analysis and solutions of Big Data to take action for firms will be on the top of the marketing agenda. Another 2016 trend is Video, which is both advertising and content platform, will be a more active player in marketing world. Marketing Organizations Hiring and integrating digital marketing professionals to marketing teams is a trend for almost whole business, but 2015 was a year where some top management roles created in organizations such as CDO (Chief Digital Officer). In 2016, we will be a witness to more CDO positions will be available in companies and hiring more professional digital guys to the positions. Execution of digital change can occur only with clarifying the marketing strategy and implementing it to the DNA of the company. Strategic Marketing Speaker, Trainer and Consultant “ #2016TrendRaporu “ Execution of digital change can occur only with clarifying the marketing strategy and implementing it to the DNA of the company.
  5. 5. W H O I S C H I E F D I G I T A L O F F I C E R ( C D O ) ? CDO (Chief Digital Officer) is the top manager who is direct reports to CEO or General Managers and responsible for every digital works and strategies of the company and also experienced in many functions such as information technologies, sales, marketing, strategy and business development. • Here are CDO’s job descriptions: • Mapping out the digital strategy of the company • Tracking the digital strategy of the company • Creating support systems to gather information for general strategy and business development • Clarifying the cloud system and integration • Creating the system of business intelligence and decision support • Centralizing and developing whole digital actions • Creating systems such as Big Data, data mining and cross-sales • Creating the infrastructure of customer management and experience Source: CDO Turkey, Gartner, InformationWeek
  6. 6. Marketing Holmes! Number of Brands Understands the Big Data Will Increase Brands were suffering make the Big Data more understandable and reliable way and use. However, these days we can say that brands could make it more understandable. I can predict the brands will carry the three-year old trend, making consumer more valuable, to another step of evolution. Internet of Things Is Coming To Change Your Life I liken the Internet of Things to the social media of ten year ago. Although, the speed of technology is making to see the future more blur, decreasing cost of production and ease to reach to technology will bring us to an era to find ourselves in the technology ocean. 2016 will be root for the technology and devices we cannot live without after 5 years. Wearable Technologies Are More Than Just Technological Toys We can say the wearable technologies are not babies, they become children. The market is getting bigger via not only with the velocity of big companies such as Samsung and Apple, but also the efforts of small and middle companies. Also these efforts are messenger of new comer technologies in 2016. These technologies are more than toys for marketers to deeply understand the consumer. Evolution of Payment Systems Will Shape Many Sectors As a result of these developments, payment systems will be reshaped within 5 years. With decreasing need for cash and increasing technological penetration, also big companies investments to this area are the key messengers for the evolution. I think we will see some consequences of the investments in 2016. Sherlock of Marketing Consumers are acquiring immunity to advertising day by day and only way to catch them is understanding them well. 2016 will be the year of brands which understand. “ #2016TrendRaporu “
  7. 7. Top 3 Digital Campaigns According to Pazarlamasyon 1 2 3 In the global oriented campaign “Delightful Stories”, hundreds of “the dreams coming true stories” has been collected all around the world. Four of them was selected and adopted into a video format. These videos were watched more than ten million times. And, this leads us to the strategy of “tell your story, not your brand”. In the global oriented campaign “Delightful Stories”, hundreds of “the dreams coming true stories” has been collected all around the world. Four of them was selected and adopted into a video format. These videos were watched more than ten million times. And, this leads us to the strategy of “tell your story, not your brand”. While no brands use the data that collect from their consumers, Yemeksepeti has created a superior preference campaign from the data that can steer us with our past preference of eating. This makes Yemeksepeti is on the top of the list. ANADOLU SİGORTA
 Bizim Aile
 Delightful Stories
 Fakat İyi Yedik

  8. 8. Serra Yılmaz 2016 Will Be the Year of Wearable Technologies Wearable technologies and virtual reality devices, which were published in 2015, will occupy a significant role in 2016. We can say companies which want to be differentiated from competition in terms of customer/consumer experience will put aside a significant amount of the marketing budget in 2016. In terms of experiential marketing, Virtual Reality (VR) will have a vital role next year. 4.5G Will Provide Many Opportunities Internet of Things (IoT) is a growing trend which is told so much recently, but there is no use in practical way yet since the insufficient infrastructure in Turkey. After april 2016, we will be able to use 4.5G infrastructure and this opportunity will provide new technologies come to the life. New coming technologies such as Smart Home, Smart City, Smart Production (Industry 4.0) are giving hope to us. The ultra-speed of mobile data transfer of 4.5G technology will be a world-shaking news for video oriented data consumption. While mobile video watching time is increasing, live broadcasting and TV/cinema applications will have a new era. Next coming year’s basic need will be Content Production in both wearable and mobile technologies. There is a big opportunity lying in front of companies and agencies which can adapt itself to the coming changes easy. Digital Change Will Affect Organizational Charts The digital change era, we live in it, will have an effect on changing the organizational charts while identifying how a work is done. In the change period, companies will have a huge need for leaders and professionals, a.k.a CDO’s. Especially in the second half of 2015, CDO positions and job description were discussed almost in every big company. I expect that 2016 will bring the new appointments to CDO positions.Head of Enterprise Business Marketing Samsung Türkiye “ #2016TrendRaporu Wearable technologies will occupy significant place in marketing budget. “
  9. 9. W E A R A B L E S What are the common functions of wearable technologies? What is the common use for wearable technologies? Source: Fjord
  10. 10. Cemal Büyükgökçesu User focus will be more and more important Brands will understand deeply the importance of creating user oriented contents to be sustainable. Brands which focus on long term sustainability will have domination over brands which focus on short term gain. The rules of game will continue to be written by consumers, and also 2016 will be the year that we will that obviously. Enhancing the consumer experience in little screens will be important Firstly, I want to talk about the description of use mobile, laptop and tablet more in 2016. Talking about the size of screen rather than the device will be more meaningful. Although brands which want to understand the size of screen for each device will increase, the capable professionals numbers will not increase at the same level. That inadequacy will make the professionals who understand the correlation between consumer experience and screen size unique and valuable. Brands will go towards to make more user test, A/B test, mobile and web optimizations. With the help of increase number of brands which have better service level in terms of consumer experience, new expectations will arise. Brands, cannot serve better, will begin to lose. Brands which can take right actions with right computation will be differentiated from competition Not much, only 5 years ago, users were connecting to the internet with only one device. Today, it became little bit more complicated. Within last three years, smart phone usage in Turkey has been tripled. In 2012, only 14% of users had smart phone, but in 2015 the percent is 56%. With the rise of smart phones and tablets, users have interaction with. The biggest challenge in 2015 was evaluate the users with multiple screens; it will continue to be the biggest issue in 2016. However, with the evolution of Analytics and other measurement tools, brands will breathe a sigh of relief. User oriented measurement systems will rise. Analytics & Conversion Consultant Google We will be witness to more loyalty programs and efforts to involve consumer to brand contents. In that manner, brands which serve value to the consumer will win while others will lose. “ #2016TrendRaporu “
  11. 11. 1 2 3 Top 3 Online Video According to Pazarlamasyon A signature campaign for Özgecan with a remarkable performance of Mert Fırat... It was clear cut work of the year. While you are giving a role to one, who is “one of us”, both he teaches something to consumers and it will all relate to the brand. It was one of the great works of the year. While you are giving a role to one, who is “one of us”, both he teaches something to consumers and it will all relate to the brand. It was one of the great works of the year. CHANGE.ORG
 Özgecan Yasası
 Mahmut Abi İle Halay Öğreniyorum

  12. 12. Güven Borça We will launch Brand Council (Association of Brand Consultants and Brand Managers) in the beginning of 2016. We have already launched the association, but growing will take time till 2016. If everything will work as we expect, we will talk about “brand” in public sector too. Independent to the association, I assume that the brand concept and brand incentives will rise in public sector. For instance, Turquality program will have more space in our agendas and it will provide acceleration to our brands more. Possible consequences are; • Branding will be on the top of the list. • There will be consensus in public sector and government. It will be enlightenment. • Municipalities will implement more accurate and qualitative branding programs. • There will be more rational projects for development agencies. In addition, my predictions for 2016 are; • There will be branding works in agriculture. As a result, geographic pointing will have a significant role. • It will be the year of middle size and/or local brands, while worldwide monsters are losing. • Especially in the food and beverages industry, Turkish local brands will play to global sector. • Especially BIM, Beko, LCWaikiki are rising stars. If there are surprise players, I won’t be shocked. • Basketball will rise, football will fall in sports. • There are more merge and acquisitions between traditional advertising agencies and digital agencies. Founder Markam It will be the year of middle size and/or local brands, while worldwide monsters are losing. “ #2016TrendRaporu “
  13. 13. Brian Solis Quite honestly, we’ll see more of the same patterns we’ve seen in previous predictions…new platforms, new ways to engage, new data sources and tools to improve accuracy, metrics, frequency and reach. My prediction is more of a clarion call for marketers to take a step back and learn more about the role marketing can play in shaping the customer experience in every moment of truth. There’s marketing as we know it (broadcasting, a lot of talking, shiny object chasing, vanity metrics, etc.) and marketing as a form of engagement and community building (listening, learning, context, culture, targeting, collaboration, co-creation, etc). Brands don’t mean what they used to mean. They’re now experiential. Customers need to be reminded why they should care about brands throughout the journey and the lifecycle. That means more specific content that answers questions and provides answers in the ways and networks they’re relevant and needed. That means understanding people, interest graphs and behaviors/ preferences. That means conversations that yield mutually beneficial results. That means social engagement and overall efforts that improve the experience and the affinity in every relationship. Digital Analyst/ Anthropologist, Author of X, The Experience When Business Meets Design Consumer experience is a must for brands “ #2016TrendRaporu “
  14. 14. Consumer experience will outrival over product and price in 2020 in the decision of brand. OF C ON SUM ER Consumer experience will outrival over product and price in 2020 in the decision of brand. 66% of B2B brands lose their customers as a result of bad experience in interaction between. 66% of B2B brands lose their customers as a result of bad experience in interaction between. Source: McKinsey, Dimensional Research, CEI Survey E X P E R I E N C E
  15. 15. Michael Stelzner The year 2015 started an era of live casting with the introduction of new technology such as Periscope, Facebook Live and Blab. 2016 will take some of these live broadcasts to an entirely new level with the introduction of live 360 degree broadcasts that will allow people to move their mobile phones and experience the action as if they were actually present and moving their heads. In addition we'll see the wide scale adoption of cost effective virtual reality devices that will enable fully immersive 3D experiences that are live. Much of this will be enabled by low cost 360 cameras like the Ricoh Theta combined with economical devices like Google Paper that transform the smart phones everyone already owns into a virtual reality device. This represents an entirely new opportunity for marketers to give factory tours and any other form in- person experience the mind can imagine. Founder Social Media Examiner We'll see the wide scale adoption of cost effective virtual reality devices that will enable fully immersive 3D experiences that are live “ #2016TrendRaporu 360 Degree Live Video Experiences “
  16. 16. Haydar Özkömürcü Agency World On the contrary to traditional, digital trends and habits are changing very fast. 2016 will be the year of content. Applications, such as .gif supports, 360 degree videos, Hyperlapse or Meerkat, show us we ought to invest on content. Interest on macro projects gave his place to micro projects. This shift will continue to minor and special micro projects. As a result, many of digital agencies will shut down or become narrow. Many of agencies capacities and culture are not ready for the change. Year of Start-ups While big agencies which have over 200 employees shutting down, global tools will rise. The biggest role in the scene will be placed for marketing automatization systems. Mobile marketing and programmatic is not players of the year. We will hear wearable technologies and Internet of Things so much, but the market is not enough to make money yet. So, we need to think the investments over them as middle term investments. Marketing Approaches With developing Big Data, we will face with Relationship Marketing term. We can be witness to an era of brand advocates have so many gifts. Of course, I mean real brand advocates. The era of people who have million followers is over. We can see an increase in Virtual Reality and marketing strategies in 2016. In 2015, the rising star was Instagram over social media tools. With reaching the maturity level in Instagram, we will see Snapchat wherever we look at.Managing Partner Pazarlamasyon 2016 will be the year of many agencies will close. “ #2016TrendRaporu “
  17. 17. Cemil Hayri Durgun Experience Economy We have face with experience economy in last years. Some brands has understood the importance of it, some has not. As a result, the brands which understood could have a chance to be differentiated from competition. In 2016, all brands will have to look at themselves and their way of business and shift their attitudes towards their consumers. Experience economy will be a rising star over marketing world. Content Management Content and its management were getting bigger and important issue in 2015. The Turkish marketing world gave us some good examples such as Onedio. Onedio has taught us the conept, “content is the key”. With these learning, brands were shaked and began to take an extra role in addition to their job descriptions. Every marketer and brand manager should and will be a good content manager in 2016. In addition, while marketers becoming content managers, they should make their content related with their consumers’ needs. In other words, contents should serve experience to the consumers’ needs. Otherwise, it will only spin one’s wheels. Wearable Technologies Wearable technologies are coming to help us to make our life easier, of course. However, if it does not include consumer experience, it won’t fulfill the needs of consumer as well. Counting heart rate or steps, shooting with an eye blink... They should be related to any experience or need of consumer. Also, I hope the wearable technologies will be cheaper in 2016 that final users can afford. That will lead us to a new era of space age of 1900s’ science fiction movies. Maybe our childhood dreams will be coming true as a result. Product Manager Pazarlamasyon Experience economy will rise in 2016 “ #2016TrendRaporu “
  18. 18. HAPPY 2016